Stars Who Underwent Amazing Physical Transformations – Take A Deep Breath Before You See Them

When you are a superstar, life can sometimes become difficult because of the number of unwanted comments you get from people that you do not even know. Physical appearance is something that people always notice, and this is the reason celebrities, mainly from the entertainment industry, usually get criticized for their weight. Luckily, losing weight is something that is readily achievable for many celebrities. The majority of them have already gone through some transformations over the years. Let us take a look at how these people were able to shed unwanted weight successfully.

Abby Lee Miller – Gastric Sleeve Surgery

Dance instructor Abby Lee Miller, who starred in Dance Moms, wanted to lose 100 pounds, reshape her figure, and make substantial changes in her life. But she found herself in prison for eight months, and while there she lost quite a lot of weight.
However, her weight loss bid actually started when she underwent surgery in 2017. Abby had planned to do some surgeries on her tummy and breast as well; however, in April 2018, she received a diagnosis for cancer of the lymphatic system for which she began to undergo treatment.

Adele – Diet & Exercise

Adele undeniably is one of the best singers today. She used to be on the heavier side when she was starting out. But many will agree when we say she looks fabulous these days. Adele has apparently shed pounds by consuming more plant-based meals. A personal trainer known as Pete Geracimo was reportedly the one who was responsible for helping her get into shape. Cutting down her tea intake also assisted her to shed unwanted pounds. Adele parted ways with Simon Konecki, who was her husband for over seven years in April 2019.

Alison Moyet – Diet & Exercise

Alison Moyet gained fame for being a part of the synth-pop duo known as Yazoo. She eventually started solo work and is still active today. Moyet’s most recent release was her 2018 live album, The Other Live Collection. She used to be quite heavy; however, she became super petite during the late 2000s. Her intense diet program was what made her lose weight, but she later realized she had shed too much weight. She eventually made it a goal to add some weight so she could be healthier. She is already 57 years old today, but she is sporting a fantastic physique.

Anna Gunn – Pilates

Anna Gunn is an actress who is famous for her award-winning performance as Skyler White in the Breaking Bad show. She experienced some weight gain at some point as a result of cortisone treatment she had to receive. Gunn later wanted to shed the pounds, and one of the things that assisted her in attaining her weight loss goals was Pilates. The actress took Pilates sessions and was later able to lose 40 pounds, getting back into shape. Anna Gunn was seen in a new TV movie titled Deadwood in 2019.

Anne Rice – Gastric Bypass Surgery, Diet, & Exercise

Talented author Anne Rice is well recognized for being the brains behind The Vampire Chronicles. If you see Rice today, you might not believe that she was once quite heavy. Rice started her weight loss journey by getting gastric bypass surgery. However, she did not want to put the surgery to waste, so she later changed her lifestyle as well. By eating right consistently and becoming more active, she has maintained her slim physique all these years. Rice still writes these days, and her latest work is Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat (2018).

Anthony Anderson – Diet

Anthony Andrson is famous for his roles in movies such as Scary Movie 4, Agent Cody Banks 2: Destination London, and Kangaroo Jack. Anderson is one of the celebs who really had to do something about his weight because of a Type 2 diabetes diagnosis. Anderson reportedly lost at least 40 pounds after consistently eating right and exercising. His healthier lifestyle will truly let him keep on doing many acting projects in the coming years. Anderson starred in a movie known as Beats in 2019.

Britney Spears – Healthy Eating Habits & Workout

Britney Spears rose into popularity in the 2000s, and she managed to stay in the spotlight. Spears always took care of her shape, but she did go through a rough patch and somehow gained some unwanted pounds. Once she finally realized that she could not keep on living an unhealthy lifestyle, Spears started putting in the work. She consistently hit the gym and followed healthy eating habits. Today, she is back to having a fantastic figure. Currently, Spears is reportedly taking a break from her career since her father is very ill.

Bubba Sparxxx – Diet & Exercise

Ms. New Booty song was what placed rapper Bubba Sparxxx on the map. Sparxxx always loved food; however, when he saw that he was already 290 pounds, he knew he had to make some changes in his life. Sparxxx changed to healthier eating habits, and he would exercise twice in one day. The amount of weight he eventually shed was around 80 pounds. In spite of entering the industry in the early 2000s, Sparxxx has still been making new music to this day. Sparxxx was able to release a new album, dubbed Rapper From The Country, in September 2018.

Chaka Khan – Vegan Diet & Regular Exercise

Chaka Khan began making a name for herself in the music scene back in the 1970s. Khan was the frontwoman of Rufus, and she eventually earned the title, Queen of Funk. Khan was once heavy, and it took a lot of hard work for her to lose a substantial amount of weight. What worked best for her was her vegan diet. She also began working out regularly. Everything was worth it because of the result: her fabulous figure. Khan will not be retiring anytime soon. In February 2019, she released a new album known as Hello Happiness.

Chrissy Teigen – Diet & Exercise

Chrissy Teigen used to show off her amazing shape when she posed for the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue. Her body later started changing after she had kids with her husband, John Legend. Teigen gave birth to their first child in 2016, and despite gaining a lot of weight, she was later able to slim down with the help of dieting and trainer. In 2018, Teigen and Legend welcomed their second child, and so Teigen gained some weight. In 2019, she revealed that she has come to embrace her current shape and that she just loves food too much.

Drew Barrymore – Followed Kimberly Snyder’s Diet & Exercise

Sasha Pieterse is an actress who is well known for playing Alison DiLaurentis on Pretty Little Liars. She continues to play the character in the show’s new spin-off known as Pretty Little Liars: The Perfectionists. Staying fit was always a challenge for Pieterse; however, joining Dancing with the Stars back in 2017 helped her lose some pounds. She also started to alter her eating habits. Despite losing weight, Pieterse eventually added weight in recent months due to her polycystic ovary syndrome. She has shared that her condition makes her add weight even though she is eating right and exercising.

Fergie – Low-Calorie Diet

Fergie is another personality in Hollywood who you would not really expect to add weight. Well, motherhood is apparently the main reason why Fergie experienced gaining weight at some point. After having her son in 2013, Fergie knew she had to put in the extra effort to shed unwanted pounds. Thanks to her working out regularly and low-caloric meals, she got back to being slim in no time. In 2018, it was confirmed that Fergie would no longer be a part of The Black Eyed Peas.

Forest Whitaker – Became Vegetarian & Exercised

Actor Forest Whitaker is well known for his outstanding performances in movies like Bird, The Last King of Scotland, and Lee Daniels’ The Butler. Whitaker used to consume anything he wanted no matter how fattening it was.  Today, Whitaker is 100 percent vegetarian! He also started exercising regularly, which is very effective for him. In recent years, you might have seen Whitaker in shows such as Godfather of Harlem and Empire. He is set to star in an upcoming movie known as Jingle Jangle, a musical about a toymaker.

Garth Brooks – Diet & Exercise

Garth Brooks is a highly accomplished singer who is famous for mixing rock and country music together. He takes credit for being the only singer who has seven diamond albums in America so far. Brooks is not only successful in his career, for he has also been great at getting his weight under control. Brooks was already able to lose weight once naturally, and many people noticed the change. Unfortunately, people have also observed that he has been gaining weight again recently. We hope Brooks will take action before it is too late.

Jack Osbourne – Exercise

You might have seen a young Jack Osbourne on his family reality TV show known as The Osbournes back in the 2000s. Today he truly looks unrecognizable because of how much his appearance has improved over the years. Osbourne is not as big as back then since he decided to change his diet to a healthier one. Apart from working out, he apparently also did a lot of rock climbing and Thai kickboxing. In more recent years, you must know Osbourne for starring in the reality show known as Ozzy &Jack’s World Detour.

James Corden – Hired A Nutritional Therapist & Worked Out

Famous talk show host James Corden was also able to get assistance from nutritional therapists like Sam Smith. Cutting out unnecessary snacking had assisted Corden a lot, and he ensured he stayed away from sugar and bread. He also became more active, and he apparently loved doing the Plyjam workout of superstar trainer Jason Layden. These days Corden looks dapper, and he definitely exudes more confidence now on television. He continues to host The Late Show with James Corden which is already in its fifth season.

Jason Segel – Diet & Exercise

Jason Segel was never a typical hunk in Hollywood; however, he still caught many people’s hearts through his performances. His most famous role so far was that in the show, How I Met Your Mother. If you had seen the whole series, you would notice that Segel was slimmer in the later seasons. This was because Segel was able to change to a healthy lifestyle over the years. Segel did everything the natural way, and now, he has such a fantastic body to show off. 

Jennifer Ellison – Diet

In the early 2000s, actress Jennifer Ellison was popular for her role as Emily Shadwick in the soap opera, Brookside. She is also popular for playing Meg Giry on The Phantom of the Opera movie back in 2004.
In 2014, when Ellison gave birth to her third child, she reached her heaviest weight. It has taken years of hard work; however, Willison is definitely on the right track today. She has been smart with her meal choices, and she also exercises regularly with a personal trainer. Ellison has no upcoming projects yet; however, in 2018, she appeared on Sleeping Beauty.

Josh Peck – Diet & Exercise

Actor Josh Posh had one of the most magnificent weight loss transformations. This is because Peck was always the big teenager during the years he starred in the popular Nickelodeon show known as Drake & Josh. He was able to shed weight by eating healthy meals and exercising with a trainer. Even better, Peck has remained consistent in taking care of his health and fitness over the years, and that’s why he is still fit today. His most recent project was his guest role on Fuller House in 2018.

Kate Winslet – Diet & Exercise

Kate Winslet is an actress who is famous for her performances in movies such as Titanic, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Reader. There was a time when Winslet was bigger than usual; however, it did not really last long. Winslet says she does not check how much she weighs, and this attitude has worked wonders for her. As to how she lost unwanted pounds, it seemed that she did things naturally by following a proper diet plan and exercising. She is set to star in an upcoming movie known as Blackbird.

Kathleen Turner – Clean Diet

Actress Kathleen Turner is well known for her roles in Romancing The Stone and Prizzi’s Honor. As soon as Turner realized she had rheumatoid arthritis, she began to take action towards becoming healthy. Lessening her consumption of alcoholic beverages and consistently following a clean diet plan worked for her. Even though it appears like Turner has not been able to keep the weight off because she has gained some of it back. She is still a busy actress today, and she will appear in an upcoming movie dubbed Lovestruck.

Kathy Bates – Mindfulness of Food Intake

Award-winning actress Kathy Bates is popular for her performances on The Late Shift and Misery. Bates lost around 60 pounds earlier in 2019, and this did wonders for her figure. Bates already beat cancer twice. What she did was to become ‘mindful’ of what to eat and when to eat. Bates’ niece told her that the sigh she experienced after eating for a while was apparently her stomach and brain telling her that she had eaten enough already. She also stopped consuming junk food and soft drinks. In 2019, Kathy Bates starred in a new movie known as The Highwaymen.

Kelly Clarkson – Balanced Diet

Kelly Clarkson is famous for winning American Idol back in 2002. Since then, she has remained popular in the music industry. Clarkson has worked on her physique a lot over the years, and her weight loss secret is generally just a balanced diet. Eating right already assisted her to lose 40 pounds at some point. Clarkson is a mother of two and going through motherhood made her add some unwanted pounds in recent years. Clarkson began hosting her own talk show known as The Kelly Clarkson Show in September 2019.

Kelly Osbourne – Diet & Exercise

Another Osbourne on this list is Kelly Osbourne. Like her brother Jack, Kelly also became popular for starring in the Osbournes with her family. She became an even more recognized TV personality over the years and appeared like she was able to work on her physique as well. Even though she had the means to take a shortcut and just go under the knife, Kelly still trusted that she could shed weight naturally. She altered her eating habits and started working out. As a result, she reportedly lost at least 70 pounds. Her most recent TV appearance was on Drop The Mic in 2019.

Kelly Price – Eating Right & Working Out

Singer Kelly Price has been very open about the challenges she has had with her weight. Her sister died in 2014, and her sorrow caused her to add a lot of weight. Price eventually got a reality check and realized that she could not live an unhealthy lifestyle anymore. She decided to change to a healthier diet program, and she also became more active. It appears like she has remained consistent with her new lifestyle to this day and is confident with her figure. Price and her company, known as Sang Girl Productions, were sued in 2018 after Price reportedly kept her talent fee from a gig she ended up missing.

Kelly Rowland – Diet & Exercise

Singer Kelly Rowland is yet another popular celebrity who experienced weight gain when she became a mother. Rowland is best known for the success she had with the popular girl group, Destiny’s Child. In 2014, Rowland gave birth to her son with her husband, Tim Weatherspoon. Despite gaining weight, Rowland did not intend to stay that way. She impressively lost 70 pounds in a span of four months. She attained this by eating right and working out with a trainer. Rowland appeared on a new show known as American Soul in 2019.

Khloe Kardashian – Diet & Exercise

Most of you recognize Khloe Kardashian since she is a Kardashian-Jenner clan member, one of the most famous families in Hollywood. Khloe was quite bigger when she first started appearing on Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Over the years, she started prioritizing her shape. She easily shared her weight loss journey on her social media accounts, which was why she was a fitspiration to many people. In February 2019, Khloe made headlines when it was revealed that her then-boyfriend Tristan Thompson cheated on her with Jordan Woods, who was the best friend of her sister Kylie Jenner.

Liz Torres – Weight Loss Supplements

Back in the 1990s, actress Liz Torres was famous for the role she had on The John Larroquette Show. She later became even more famous for playing Miss Patty in the show, Gilmore Girls. In 2016, people were amazed when Torres lost a whopping amount of weight. Reports had claimed that Torres took weight loss supplements and just made healthier choices in her daily life. There were also some rumors claiming that Torres had surgery. Either way, it appears like she is happy with how much her shape has changed. Her most recent acting gig was her guest role on One Day at a Time in 2019.

Miranda Lambert – Diet & Exercise

Miranda Lamberts has been a famous country music singer since the mid-2000s. She is renowned for her songs, such as Kerosene, Gunpowder & Lead, and Me and Charlie Talking. Lambert looks fabulous these days, but you might remember that she was quite on the heavier side back then.
When she split from Blake Shelton, Lambert decided to focus all her energy and time on improving her figure. Lambert eventually lost more than 20 pounds by exercising and following a healthy diet. She got married to Brendan McLoughlin in 2019, an NYPD police officer.

Missy Elliott – Balanced Diet & Exercise

Missy Elliott has been very famous in the music industry since the late 1990s. Her wealth increased tremendously, thanks to her music career, and she managed to treat herself to so many delicious meals over the years. Her figure suffered when all the eating had gotten out of hand. She later decided to do something about her weight gain since being overweight could cause serious health risks. Through eating right and working out, Elliot was able to slip into a new and improved physique. In 2019, it was confirmed that she would be releasing a new album.

Pauline Quirke – Diet

Many people can remember actress Pauline Quirke for starring in the British sitcom Birds of a Feather as Sharon Theodopolopodous. She also had a remarkable performance in a miniseries called The Sculptress. In recent years, Pauline has been noticeably slimming down. As it turned out, osteoarthritis and other conditions had really pushed her to change her eating habits. She also cut down her sugar and alcohol intake. She looks very happy these days with her new physique. Pauline Quirke’s most recent appearance on TV was an episode of Loose Women in 2018.

Penn Jillette – Diet & Exercise


Well recognized magician Penn Jillette used to pay no attention to what he consumed, and his unhealthy lifestyle eventually caught up with him, causing heart problems. After Jillette realized how serious things were getting, he decided to alter his lifestyle. He started working out consistently and eating right. His hard work helped him lose 100 pounds. Today Jillette is way healthier, and he looks better on the red carpet. Jillette continues to host the podcast known as Penn’s Sunday School. In 2018, he released a jazz album dubbed The Show Before the Show.

Perez Hilton – Diet & Exercise

Perez Hilton is one of the renowned celebrity bloggers in America. If you search for Hilton’s old photos, you will see that he was quite big back then. But he looks like a different person these days due to all the weight that he has lost. Some people might presume that he went under the knife; however, Hilton apparently just followed a healthier diet program. He also made sure that he started exercising regularly. In 2018, Hilton got to work with Tyra Banks and appear on Life-Size 2.

Rachel Frederickson – Strict Diet & Workout

Rachel Fredrickson was one of the many people whose lives were transformed after joining The Biggest Loser. The tough workouts and strict meal plan they follow on the show really pushes them to their limits. While in Frederickson season, she actually did well so that she eventually ended up winning the show. Even though many people commented that she might have lost too much weight, Frederickson later decided to gain 20 pounds and was able to attain her ideal weight. Today, she handles a t-shirt company that donates a part of its revenue to help animals in need.

Rachael Ray – Diet & Exercise

Rachel Ray is popular for her career as a celebrity chef, thus being surrounded by delicious food was normal for her. Ray eventually added weight until she started to dislike how she looked. So she chose to turn her life around by following a low carb diet. She also exercised a lot, and her results were impressive. Unfortunately, Ray has gained some weight again since her weight loss success, even though she appears to have already embraced her body. Ray continues to host her self-titled show, which was renewed for a fourteenth season in January 2019.

Renée Zellweger – Ate Only Healthy Meals & Exercised

Actress Renee Zellweger is well known by many for starring in the Bridget Jones film franchise. Zellweger actually had to put on some pounds for her starring role. This was not an issue for her since she typically ate a lot of good food. She only stayed heavy for the movie, so after filming was done, she whipped herself back into shape. To lose weight, Zellweger ate right and exercised a lot. She is already 50 today; however, she is still in great shape. 

Ricki Lake – Atkins Diet

If you have been researching effective weight loss methods used by celebrities, you might already know that the Atkins diet works wonders. Actress Ricky is one of the celebs who will agree to that. Lake is best known for starring in the Hairspray movie back in the late 1980s. Sadly, she eventually gained some weight back afterward, but she is doing her best to get back to shape. Lake has not been actively acting lately; however, she did compete on The Masked Singer in 2019.

Robbie Williams – Diet & Exercise

Robbie Williams has been a busy name in the music industry since the late 1990s. He has always found it difficult to keep his weight under control, and we have seen his weight fluctuate a lot over the years. Today, Williams is in great shape, which is a result of how he has become more disciplined with his lifestyle. Eating right and hitting the gym are part of his everyday routine these days. Williams was known for being a judge on the X factor in 2018. He also became the newest ambassador of Weight Watchers that same year.

Roseanne Barr – Gastric Bypass Surgery

Actress Roseanne Barr became famous in the late 1980s after she starred in her eponymous sitcom. Barr has significantly shed weight over the years. Losing weight naturally was just really hard for her after she reached around 350 pounds, so she chose to go under the knife. Roseanne had gastric bypass surgery, and the amount of weight she shed made her look like a completely different person. In 2018, a revival of Roseanne began airing; however, it ended up getting canceled after one season due to a controversial tweet Barr had made.

Sally Struthers– Unknown Methods

If you loved watching All in the Family or Gilmore Girls, then you certainly know who Sally Struthers is. She has been consistent with her acting projects over the years. Many people have noticed that she has been shedding weight, but she has never revealed her method. We are guessing she just did things the natural way. Struthers definitely looks healthier than ever, and she is ready to take on more acting projects. Following her IMDb page, Struthers will be playing a girl named Leona in a new show known as In-Security.

Sam Smith – Hired A Nutritional Therapist & Personal Trainer

If you have been a Singer Sam Smith fan from the start, then you would know how big he was. Smith always struggles with his weight, and he was even bullied for it when he was younger. His life transformed when he hired a fitness and therapist. Everybody noticed that he first slimmed down back in 2015, and it appears like he has stayed in great shape ever since. Smith is even comfortable enough to post shirtless photos of himself on his Social Media Accounts. Smith’s most recent Single was Dancing with Stranger, which was released in January 2019.

Sara Rue – Consistent Workouts

Sara Rue is an actress who is famous for her roles in Less Than Perfect and Popular. Rue’s figure has really changed for the better over the years. When she was asked how she managed to slim down, Rue said that she just stuck to working out consistently and eating healthy. She looks like she has no plans of ever adding weight again. Rue is still acting these days, and you might have seen her on A series of Unfortunate Events and American Housewife. The actress will be starring in a new show known as Prism.

Sherri Shepherd – Diet & Exercise

Sherri Shepherd became a celebrity for starring in the show, Less Than Perfect in the 2000s. She later got into hosting and was seen on The View regularly for about seven years. When Sherri Shepherd discovered she had Type 2 diabetes, she had to change her eating habits to get her condition under control. Apart from switching to healthier meals, Shepherd also started exercising more. She eventually lost around 40 pounds. She is set to star in an upcoming show known as Mr. Iglesias as principal Paul Madison.

The Big Show – Diet & Intense Workouts

The Big Show, a professional wrestler, and actor lost a total of 70 lbs. And now, he is a smaller version of himself. Commenting on his metamorphosis, The Big Show said he was very committed to altering the poor dietary and physical training habits he had for forty years. In simple words, he changed his body through researching the healthy things for him to eat, working hard, and training hard. Today, he has a new and better way of living. He appeared on Tv on the series Happy! Playing Big Pink in 2019.

Timbaland – Diet & Exercise

Timbaland has been a hardworking record producer in the music industry since the mid-1990s. He had lost track of his weight for so many years; however, in 2015, he finally decided to change his physique. Timbaland really worked hard, and he managed to lose a whopping 130 pounds. Making sure he eats healthy meals and regularly going to the gym are what have worked wonders for him. Timbaland continues to put in the work since he has not attained his weight loss goal. In 2019, he was able to produce songs for Tee Grizzley and Cosha TG.

Timothy Spall – Healthy Lifestyle

Many people remember actor Timothy Spall for being one of the stars of the Harry Potter franchise. If you see him today, you will notice how much weight he has lost over the years. Spall did not go under the knife or anything, but he also never revealed precisely what made him shed the unwanted weight. It appears like switching to a healthy lifestyle can be the main reason why he has been in great shape in recent years. Spall will star in a new mini-series known as the Summer of Rockets.

Tom Arnold – Stopped Eating Junk Food & Exercised

Actor Tom Arnold is well recognized for the roles he had on Happy Endings and True Lies. Arnold never really cared if he was fat or not, so he just ate all the good food he could get his hands on. However, once he became a father, everything changed, and he knew he had to take care of his body so that he could be there for his kids. Thanks to his exercise routine and eating habits, he lost over 100 pounds. In 2019, Arnold appeared in two movies titled 1 Interrogation and Life Support.

Tyra Banks – Diet & Exercise

Tyra Banks always had a great figure during her modeling days. As she got older, it seemed she did not pressure herself that much anymore to stay petite. There came the point when Banks noticeably added some weight. She was later able to shed some pounds by altering her lifestyle. A trainer assisted her with working out, and a nutritionist helped her pick the right food to eat. She is back to looking as fabulous as ever these days. In 2018, Tyra Banks was known for playing Ev again in the Life-Size 2 movie.

Valerie Bertinelli – Fat-Burning Exercise & Better Eating Habits

Valarie Bertinelli is an actress who is frequently seen on TV. She was well known for the roles she had in shows such as One Day at a Time, Hot In Cleaveland, and Touched by An Angel. Bertinelli used to be very big; however, she was able to work on her figure over the years. She did a lot of fat burning exertions and followed a healthy diet every day. Keeping fit has made her look way younger than she is. Bertinelli has not been involved in any acting project since 2015, but she has been hosting her own cooking show on the Food Channel-Valerie’s Home Cooking since 2015. In 2019 she hosted the Family Food Showdown.