5 Reasons Why a Degree Doesn’t Matter Anymore

Matching straight into a community college, university, or state university after finishing your A-levels is not for everyone. Joining university is not the be-all or end-all.

Some people go to university for the sake of going. More than 30% of students in the universities did not want to be there. Not that they don’t like studying, doing homework, and taking tests, but being in a university is a chore to them. Going to university is close to something that they last wanted in their lives.

Such people who don’t want to join universities are not wrong. It is just that they know there’s more to life than a degree. Here are some of the reasons why you should not be encouraging your children to go to university.

1. You can do well without a degree

There some jobs that are paying up to $100k without a degree. Some of these jobs include:

  • Air traffic controller
  • Transit driver
  • Nuclear reactor operator
  • Executive chef
  • Web developer
  • Plumber
  • Realtor
  • Court reporter
  • Fire chief
  • Bartender

You don’t need a degree to be successful in life or have a good salary. Life is about looking for your path and following it. Your life should not be a photocopy of another person.

You need to know that you must go to university if you want a biochemist, a doctor, or a lawyer. For jobs in software development, sales, administration, media, and non-profit, and many other areas, you probably don’t need a degree. Job descriptions may claim that you need it, but they might not need it.

Interviewers and hiring managers are no longer asking for a degree. They put the degree requirement statement there because they have to list something in the job description. Some put it there to reduce the number of applicants. If you have the skills and experience they are looking for, they will not care about whether you have a degree or not.

2. University isn’t the only way to learn

We are living in times of technology when you can access as much information as you want online. I’m not suggesting that you shouldn’t learn, but you can educate yourself. The online discussion forums let you exchange ideas with other people interested in the same field. The internet is rich in information including online tutorials and other resources. You can also choose an on the job training where you will be working as you learn.

3. The world needs EMTs, plumbers, and general contractors

Most of the in-demand positions do not require you to have a degree but experience and skills. We need people to drive ambulances, fix our faucets, and renovate our houses.

Technology is changing every field. The white-collar jobs are not available in plenty due to the automation technology. Why go to a university to study something that will not get you a job? Getting a degree is not as difficult as trying to get value from it.

4. The market value of a degree is decreasing

Some years ago, a degree was valuable because they were scarce. The problem is that scarcity is no longer there because 80% of people go straight into universities after graduating from high school. The price of getting a degree now exceeds the value you’re likely to get from it.

Having a degree is not a guarantee that you have the necessary skills. Employers are aware that some universities are no longer offering credible education. Many university graduates don’t have applicable skills. Your future employer will not look at your papers, but what you can do to help his or her organization acquire its goals.

5. Entrepreneurship is paying more

Instead of going for a four-year degree and later start tarmacking looking for a job, why can’t you start your own business and create jobs for those graduates. Most of the successful people did not complete their university education. They started their companies from scratch, but never went from town to town looking for a job. You can also employ yourself.

Children are natural entrepreneurs, but only when allowed to follow their interests. Everyone can develop a business idea. Taking the entrepreneurship path means that you will not go through university struggles, such as being forced to live far from home. Why struggle to work for someone, when you have a chance to make other people work for you?