6 Biggest Properties Around the World

There is no shortage of big properties in the planet. Besides, you have a lot of rich people who like to buy things to take themselves to a whole new level. If they have a big house, that would symbolize the amount of power they have.

Here are some of the biggest properties around the world:

1. Biltmore Estate

This property is over 8,000 acres. With a property that big, you would guess there to be many things in the mansion and you are right. The gardens there are so big that your kids can play hide and seek. In fact, visitors may lose themselves there and they may need to use GPS to get back to the main road. There is a winery and it is safe to say the family won’t run out of wine anytime soon. Good thing, the public finally got a taste what it was like to live in a property as big as that when it was opened to the public in 1930. Of course, you can’t spend a night in one of the mansion’s bedrooms but it does have a hotel complete with all the needed amenities.

2. Safra Mansion

The Safras are no strangers when it comes to having good-looking properties. They did a good job of making things private between themselves though. There has been no photos of the mansion that has been posted on social media. Thus, nobody has been able to know what is actually inside the mansion. The only thing you will know is what it looks like from the outside. One thing is for sure though, it has two pools with one being indoors. The outdoor one looks excellent so it would be safe to assume that the indoor one looks great too.

3. Buckingham Palace

It is also known as the home of the queen as there are more than 700 rooms. It is understandable how all the rooms are not used all the time so some of them would probably be too dirty. However, they have staff that clean the rooms regularly. There are also a lot of corgis roaming around the home. It is great how the corgis live a better life compared to some of the people of London. After all, they have a big house and they can make a bold claim about that.

4. Witanhurst London

Can you believe this home actually has a movie theater in it? That does not mean anyone can go there and watch the latest movies while eating popcorn though. It is like a shopping mall because there is also a massage parlor and a sauna along with several parking spaces. It is no secret a lot of people come to this house all the time to enjoy all the facilities it has. It also as a huge swimming pool that is good enough for the owners to do laps.

5. Versailles

The Seigels built this home with the vision of living in a dream home. There is no doubt that happened since it has 32 bathrooms. Thus, it is certainly a place where you will spend a lot of time when you decide to live in this place. There were actually plans to build an indoor skating rink but those plans folded. It would have been awesome if a house actually has its own skating rink.

6. Villa Leopolda

There is a lot of history in this house as it was built back in the day. It is 50 acres and there are a lot of bedrooms inside too. In fact, walking around the hallways of this magnificent house will give you enough exercise. The country’s leaders were the ones who lived in this place and they saw to it that the place gets cleaned regularly in order to maintain its beauty. While all the owners of these houses are obviously rich, they did not get there by magic. They worked hard to get to where they are right now. This should serve as a motivation to work hard every single day. You never know what will happen tomorrow so you can’t take today for granted. After all, it would feel great if you would come home each day to a huge house.