The Jobs That Make The Most Money

If you still don’t know what career to study or what profession to pursue, you’re in the right place. No doubt we all like money, and we will always choose a decent job, a job that we like but nevertheless, that also generates a good amount of money.

Nowadays there is a wide range of professions that, believe it or not, generate more money than you thought.

It should be noted that for these jobs you need years of study, or simply have high technical knowledge of the area you want to work.

Here is a list of the jobs that pay the most money:

1. Medical

It is a professional career that requires years of preparation, however a doctor never finishes his studies or his duties since every day new technologies, new medicines and sometimes new diseases are created.

The life of a doctor may not be easy, because he always needs to refresh his knowledge, but without a doubt this effort is rewarded with a very good amount of money. That is why this profession is number one.

Moreover, we are all aware that the work of a doctor is essential in this world, as they safeguard people’s lives.

  • Approximate annual salary: $212,000.

2. Stockbroker

This is a profession where time should be spent to understand finances. But if you are good with finances, business and relationships, this job is for you.

This job is often difficult, as a stockbroker must always act in the right way and make the best possible decisions.

This is a very well paid job, although the pay will depend on the worker’s ability to perform as many operations as possible.

Also, it depends on the country situation, since not all countries have the same approximate income.

  • Approximate annual income (USA): 131,000 Dollars
  • Approximate annual income (Chile): 28,500 Dollars
  • Annual income approx. (Brazil): 15,000 Dollars.

3. Software development

Software development is undoubtedly the future of all modern technology. This is because technological needs change frequently or need some updating or repair. It is a highly recommended field for people who like to work in the field of software.

You could say that software is already part of everyday life. From applications to learn anything, make a call, send messages, use the alarm to remember events, all this is done through software, we can already notice how important this is.

  • Average annual income (USA): 130,000 Dollars
  • Average annual income (Mexico): 17,400 Dollars.

4. Architect

Architecture is a very beautiful, interesting career and also one of the professions that generates the most money.

We are always going to need an architect to carry out correctly any plan, because every day new buildings and infrastructures are made, among other things.

For this career you need to have an excellent capacity in terms of analysis to be able to solve any problem in minutes. That said, it is a race that requires good preparation, but with excellent rewards. The salary will always vary according to the years of experience and the capacity to operate several buildings.

  • Approximate annual salary (USA): 121,000 Dollars.

5. Pharmacist

Medicine, pharmaceutics, health care and people concept – Happy female pharmacist giving medications to senior male customer

This is a profession that some people may find strange, but it certainly makes a lot of money.

A pharmacist or chemist is a professional who has a great responsibility, and that is to take care of the manufacture of medicines, vaccines and any other pharmaceutical product. Therefore, in order to practice this profession, one needs very good knowledge and preparation.

More generally, a pharmacist is an expert in the area of manufacturing, research and preparation of medicines.

  • Average annual salary (USA) $115,000.
  • Average annual salary (Chile): 22,000 Dollars
  • Average annual salary (Mexico): 20,500 Dollars.

6. Hardware Engineer

As we know, being an engineer is a big attribute. However, not all engineers earn equally, some more than others.

The hardware engineer has a clear and precise objective: to design, develop and manufacture in terms of hardware any computerized system. So this profession has numerous areas to work, especially in robotics, processors, and communication devices among many others.

The engineer must have (like all engineers) high knowledge because their equipment must be efficient and safe. Usually, this work is done together with a software developer.

Average annual income (USA): 100,000 Dollars.