13 Celebrities With Highest Net Worth: Their Bank Balance Is Tough To Handle

Elon Musk: Technology Entrepreneur – $20 Billion

Elon Musk is undoubtedly one of the brightest minds in the technology scene who has earned millions over the years. Musk is well-recognized for being the CEO of the automotive and energy company known as Telsa Inc. Musk is also the brains behind SpaceX. Other companies that he co-founded were OpenAir, Neuralink, and Paypal. He can even afford anything he likes since he is worth a whopping $20 billion today. Through the Musk Foundation, he donated about $480K in October 2018 to assist those affected by the Flint water crisis.

Kylie Jenner: Reality Star & Businesswoman- $900 Million

You must know who Kylie Jenner is because she is one of the biggest names in Hollywood today. Jenner first gained fame for appearing in her family’s popular reality TV show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. She started Kylie Cosmetics, and this typically just escalated her fortune like crazy. According to Forbes, her wealth is almost $1 billion, which makes her soon to be the youngest self-made billionaire in the world. Kylie Jenner is only 21, but she is already a mom of an adorable daughter, Stormi Webster. The father is her boyfriend, Travis Scott.

Madonna: Musician – $850 Million

Another music icon that is featured on this list is Madonna. Madonna, also known as the Queen of Pop, has been a big star since the 1980s, and you possibly know her famous songs such as Vogue, Like A Prayer, and Like A Virgin. Madonna had also endeavored into acting, and she had the award-winning performance in the movie Evita. She said to be worth almost $600 million these days; however, she has no plans to retire. Madonna released an album in 2019 titled Madame X, which is her fourteenth studio album so far.

Tom Brady & Gisele Bündchen: NFL Player & Model – $580 Million

New England Patriots Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen and quarterback Tom Brady are wealthy couples with a mixed net worth of $580 million. Gisele brings home more bacon with an individual net worth of $400 million, whereas Tom is not doing too bad with his $180 million net worth. With more than half a billion dollars in their account, the duo can afford an opulent lifestyle without sweat even if they both work hard in their fields. The couple spends a huge chunk of their fortune on real estate and healthy living. They also spend time doing philanthropic work.

Beyoncé: Musician – $500 Million

Beyonce has been living in great affluence for a long time now, and we do not really think people will ever get tired of listening to her music. She became famous for being a part of Destiny’s Child. Beyonce eventually became an even bigger star when she went solo. Even though she has remained close to Destiney’s Child’s Michelle Williams and Kelly Rowland all these years, the singer would even bring them out during her performances from time to time. Beyonce released a concert film featuring her 2018 Coachella performance dabbed Homecoming in 2019. She performed in the recent animated movie titled The Lion King Remake.

Bruce Springsteen: Singer – $500 Million

With an approximated annual salary of $80M, Bruce Springsteen’s is swimming in money with a half a billion net worth. A talented songwriter and singer, his fortunes will not dwindle any time soon as he keeps on selling out shows after almost five decades in the game. Springsteen is featured in a new documentary, Rock n’ Roll, Asbury Park: Riot, Redemption, hitting theatres worldwide on May 22 and May 29, 2019. The Born in The United States singer splurges on luxurious homes in various states. One of the properties under his name is a 200-acre horse farm in New Jersey.

Ellen DeGeneres: TV Host – $450 Million

Even in the 1990s, Ellen DeGeneres was already someone who was usually seen on Television. She first appeared in her own self-titled sitcom; however, she eventually became more successful when she got into hosting. Her talk show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, has been airing since 2003. Nowadays, the program is already in its sixteenth season and counting. DeGeneres’ other ventures, such as a production company, lifestyle brand, and record company, all help her grow her fortune in the bank even more. Today, she is worth a jaw-dropping $450 million.

Cristiano Ronaldo: Football Player – $450 Million

When you are a celebrity like Cristiano Ronaldo, you will enjoy having a huge annual salary. Ronaldo is one of the most famous footballers in the globe. He has been playing for Portugal’s national team since 2003. Ronaldo also got to play for Real Madrid and Manchester United for several years; however, since 2018, he has been playing for Juventus. He is undeniably a good-looking man, and this is possibly why many brands love getting him various endorsements. Ronaldo is approximated to be worth $450 million today.

Tommy Hilfiger: Fashion Designer – $425 Million

Anybody who is a mastermind of a successful brand is sure to possess a massive bank account. Just take a look at Tommy Hilfiger; the fashion designer is worth $425 million these days. In the mid-1980s, Hilfiger founded his own, self-titled premium clothing company. In spite of still being with the company, Hilfiger is not the main owner anymore. In 2006, Apax Partners bought the company from Hilfiger for $1.6 billion. Philips-Van acquired the company for a whopping $3 billion, in 2010. In 2016, Hilfiger released a memoir dabbed American Dreamer: My Life in Fashion and Business.

Shaquille O’Neal: Basketball Player — $400 Million

Celebrity Shaquille O’Neal was regarded as a very formidable opponent from the beginning of his basketball career. Having a height of 7’1′ put him among the tallest and heaviest basketball players in the NBA league. Shaq became one of the most outstanding center players on the planet. For this reason, he has made lots of money as a basketball commentator and player. In 2018, Shaq played Big Fella on Uncle Drew, and on show Dogs, he also voiced Karma.

Jackie Chan: Actor – $370 Million

Movie star from Hong Kong, Jackie Chan, is widely recognized for starring in various hit comedy and action productions inclusive of Rush Hour movies and Drunken Master movies. Chan became a millionaire primarily as an actor; however, he also made a fortune as an entrepreneur, producer, comedian, stunt master, martial artist, screenwriter, and filmmaker. Chan and Chris Tucker might be reuniting for the filming of Rush Hour 4, following a CNN report. Chan, who confessed to carrying huge amounts of money at some point, had no problem with spending. He has spent millions on extravagant gifts, private jet, wine crates, watches, and food for other people.

Keanu Reeves: Actor – $360 Million

Actor Keanu Reeves has been generating money in the acting scene since the mid-1980s. Some of the most recognized roles he had in his career were in John Wick and The Matrix movies. Keanu is set to reprise both those lead roles in both movie series in the upcoming sequels. Keanu keeps on expanding to other mediums, and he will also be appearing in an upcoming video game titled Cyberpunk 2077. Today, Keanu’s fortune is said to be at $360 million, even though he donates most of his money all the time.

Jessica Alba: Actress – $350 Million

In the early 2000s, Jessica Alba became a famous young star in Hollywood, thanks to her role in the show known as Dark Angel. She eventually started booking big-screen roles, and many of you possibly remember her for starring in Fantastic Four, Sin City, and Honey. Alba has also been earning money from being an entrepreneur over the years. She is among the founders of the consumer good company called The Honest Company. This should explain why she has been able to grow her fortune.

Katy Perry: Musician – $330 Million

The album known as One of the Boys was what launched singer Katy Pinger to popularity in 2008. She later released very successful albums such as Witness, Prism, and Teenage Dream. The amount of money that Katy Perry had made between 2014 to 2015 was around $135 million. Today, Perry is worth $330 million. Perry is often seen on TV today since she is one of the celebrity judges of the famous singing competition, American Idol. She reportedly earns around $25 million from being a judge. Perry got engaged to actor Orlando Bloom in February 2019.

Will Smith: Actor – $300 Million

Will Smith is another actor who has been paid well over the years. Smith has found success in both the big screen and TV projects. His first ever notable portrayal was his starring role in the sitcom The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. Most of Smith’s movies achieved box office earnings that were more than $150 million. Some of the most impressive performances were in films like Ali, The Pursuit of Happyness, and Concussion. Smith is still in-demand today, and he is set to star in Bad Boys for Life and Alladin.

Lady Gaga: Musician – $300 Million

Lady Gaga has become such a notable artist in the music industry over the years. She first became famous after her album The Fame became a hit back in 2008. She later went on and had successful albums such as Born This Way and Artpop. It is also safe to say that Gaga has an impressive acting portfolio today. This was because of the laudable performances she gave on American Horror Story: Hotel and A Star Is Born. In 2019, Gaga was busy performing in her concert residency known as Lady Gaga Enigma.

Justin Bieber: Musician – $285 Million

Justin Bieber became a huge celebrity at such a young age, which enabled him to become financially independent instantly. As Bieber got older, he was known for spending his earnings on flashy vehicles and some nice houses. At 26 years old, Justi Bieber possesses a fortune estimated at $285 million. He is also off the market since he has been married to Hailey Baldwin since 2018. Bieber has been on a hiatus and has not performed in a long time. However, he surprised his fans in April 2019 when he joined Ariana Grande on stage during the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

Rihanna: Singer – $260 Million

Riri is undoubtedly one of the most commercially successful music artists in the world. Besides, she also runs profitable side hustles that include endorsements, acting, a lingerie brand, and a makeup brand known as Fenty Beauty. All these give her sufficient income to indulge in many luxuries, including buying million-dollar homes, hiring private chefs, and more. It remains unclear why Rihanna missed out on the 2019 Met Gala, robbing us of the opportunity to feast our eyes on the outfit she would have rocked. Rihanna’s Instagram, however, suggests that she was in the UK launching her beauty products.

Mark Wahlberg: Actor – $255 Million

In the early 1990s, Mark Wahlberg attempted to make it as a rapper. Wahlberg had his own group known as Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch; however, he eventually just shifted his focus to acting. He proved he was skilled in acting through the impressive performances he had on The Fighter and Boogie Nights. He had also found success as the producer of Entourage. Wahlberg has also been making big investments; he is one of the owners of the Wahlburgers chain of hamburger joints. Wahlberg is set to star and produce The Billion Dollar Man.

Kanye West: Rapper – $250 Million

If you are a fan of West, then you must be aware of how opulent his lifestyle is. Kanye West became successful through his rapping career; however, he has proven that he is a man of many talents. He has a famous collaboration with Adidas, dubbed Yeezy. West decided to branch out to architecture as well in 2018 and later named it Yeezy Home. West is also the founder of DONDA, which is a creative content company. His current fortune is approximated to be $250 million. In April 2019, West took his now-famous Sunday Service to the annual Coachella Walley Music & Arts Festival.

Leonardo DiCaprio: Actor – $245 Million

Leonardo DiCaprio is a producer and actor who has done well for himself. Throughout his career, DiCaprio has amassed a $245 million net worth. He started off with television roles as a child, appearing in commercials before starring in several box office hits. These include Romeo+Juliet, Titanic, and Catch Me if You Can, and many others. If you have not yet seen it, Leonardo was featured in the music video of the Lil Dicky song, Earth, and many other celebrities. With his heft bank balance, DiCaprio spends his money on things like fast cars, lavish properties, and exotic pets.

Denzel Washington: Actor – $220 Million

Since the 1980s, Denzel Washington has been giving us impressive on-screen performances. Most of you might remember Washington from his roles like Malcolm X, Glory, and Training Day. He has also grown a portfolio as a director over the years. His movie, known as Fences, earned a Best Picture nomination at the Academy Awards. Washington is said to be worth around $220 million as of today. He starred in The Equalizer, in 2018. Washington’s IMDb page says that he will be starring as Lord Macbeth in an upcoming Macbeth movie.

Sandra Bullock: Actress – $200 Million

At 55, Sandra Bullock has created a concrete place for herself in Hollywood. Many people lauded her acting skills and chemistry with co-star Keanu Reeves in her breakthrough movie Speed. Nevertheless, it was not until 2010 that her talents got a fervent nod of approval when she won the Blind Side’s Academy Award. The Star’s film, Gravity, got Sandra another nomination, while also minting $700 million at the box office. A great deal with the producers made her over $70 million from this film alone. No wonder Sandra features on the list of Hollywood’s highest-paid actresses of all time.

Lionel Richie: Musician – $200 Million

Lionel Richie began pursuing music in the late 1960s when he joined the Commodores. In the 1980s, Richie was able to establish himself as a solo artist. Some of these most famous songs were My Love; You Are, and Truly. Today, Richie is making money from being a TV personality; he has been a judge on American Idol since 2018. He is also not done performing for his fans since he announced in March 2019 that he would be having a tour dubbed as the Hello Tour in 2019.

Adele: Singer – $185 Million

Many people will agree that Adele has one of the most incredible voices in the music industry. She became a famous singer after the release of her first album in 2008. The next two albums Adele released in 2011 and 2015 were also very successful. Her album sales alone earn her a lot, so you can imagine how much money she gets from concert tours. Adele has not been releasing new music in recent years; however, sources say she has a new album in the works. News broke out that Adele had separated from husband Simon Konecki, in April 2019.

Miley Cyrus: Actress/Musician – $160 Million

Most of you first discovered Miley Cyrus when you saw her star in the popular Disney show, Hannah Montana. The show made Cyrus such a huge teen star; however, she eventually established herself as a singer as well. Her earnings from endorsement deals alone were approximated to be over $70 million. Cyrus concert sales over the years had apparently made over $200 million as well. As of today, her total fortune is estimated to be worth $160 million. Cyrus married her long-time boyfriend, Liam Hemsworth, in December 2018.

Harvey Weinstein: Film Producer – $150 Million

Harvey Weinstein is famous for being one of the men behind Miramax. The company has worked on popular films such as Shakespeare in Love, Pulp Fiction. Later, Weinstein justify Miramax and put up his own film studio known as The Weinstein Company. Weinstein’s massive income helped him grow his fortune to $300 million at some point. Nevertheless, his fortune plummeted at least half after he was involved in an indecent scandal in 2017. In May 2018, he was arrested, but he was able to post bail.

Reese Witherspoon: Actress – $150 Million

Most of you know actress Reese Witherspoon for her iconic role in the Legally Blonde movies. Witherspoon also caught many people’s hearts through her performances on Sweet Home Alabama, Walk The Line, and Election. Outside of her acting career, she is famous for having her own clothing line known as Draper James. Witherspoon is also the owner of the media company, Hello Sunshine. Her worth is $150 million; however, this will undoubtedly multiply since she continues to grow her acting portfolio for this day. Witherspoon has an upcoming TV program known as The Morning Show.

Drake: Musician – $140 Million

Drake does not need any introduction since he has been such a famous rapper and singer for years. Drake first became popular for acting Degrassi: The Next Generation; however, he later wanted to focus on his music career solely. Some of his most popular albums were Views and Take Care. Drake lives like a true king in an overly lavish estate and has many flashy luxury cars. It was confirmed in 2019 that Drake has a new album in the works.

Charlize Theron: Actress – $130 Million

Charlize Theron became a famous actress back in the 1990s, thanks to the performances she had in movies like The Devil’s Advocate and The Cider House Rules. Theron later won the Academy Award for Best Actress for playing Aileen Wuornos in the movie Monster. Theron’s other popular roles were Young Adult and Tully. She also put up a production company known as Denver and Delilah Productions back in the early 2000s. Theron even gets multi-million dollar earnings from booking endorsement deals. Theron will be beginning in a new project by Roger Ailes in 2019.

Courteney Cox: Actress – $120 Million

Most of you surely know actress Courteney Cox for her starring role as Monica Geller on the famous how Friends. Being cast on the show had really assisted her to grow in wealth over the years since the salary she got was estimated to be at a whopping $88 million. In fact, Cox and the other cast members keep on enjoying royalties from the show’s re-runs (for seasons 9 &10). She also appeared in Scream and Cougar Town. Coxs also co-owns a production company known as Coquette Productions with a former husband. David Arquette. She appears to have no plans of retiring anytime soon. The actress’s most recent role was an episode of Shameless in 2018.

Ed Sheeran: Musician – $110 Million

Ed Sheeran became famous as a singer ever since he released his first album titled + in 2011. Some of Sheeran’s most famous songs were Shape of You, Thinking Out Loud, and The A Team. Sheeran makes a lot of earnings from the numerous concerts he holds across the world. His total worldwide record sales are approximated to be over 150 million to date, enabling him to build his current $110 million fortune. That is not bad for somebody who was once homeless. Sheeran has also done some bit of acting work, appearing on Game of Thrones in 2017.

Conor McGregor: MMA Fighter – $110 Million

Conor Mc Gregor used to be one of the people to beat in the Ultimate Fighting Championship. He is renowned for winning the Featherweight Championship and the UFC LightWeight in the past. Apart from his UFC career, Mc Gregor also ventured into a boxing career. Millions of viewers have watched his matches, and so every match has really done wonders to his wealth. McGregor is reportedly worth around $110 these days. He took a hiatus from the UFC, and so he was dethroned as the Lightweight Champion. In March 2019, McGregor announced that he was going on retirement.

Heidi Klum: Fashion Designer & Model – $90 Million

Heidi Klum began making a name for herself in the modeling scene back in the late 1990s. She is well known for her work with Sports Illustrated and Victoria’s Secret. Klum became even more famous when she was hired to host shows such as Germany’s Next Topmodel and Project Runway. Apart from hosting and modeling, Klum was also able to become a fashion designer. Klum’s current fortune is estimated to be at $900 million. In December 2018, she got engaged to musician-boyfriend Tom Kaulitz after dating for less than a year.

Jared Leto: Actor & Musician – $90 Million

Over the years, Jared Leto has been earning from the acting and music scene. Leto is famous for forming 30 Seconds to Mars in the late 1990s. Before this, Leto was quite renowned for appearing on My So-Called Life. He eventually got bigger roles over the years. Some of his most notable performances were on Suicide Squad, Requiem for a Dream, and Dalla Buyers Club. With how hardworking Jared Leto is, you can expect that his $90 million net worth will still grow tremendously in the coming years. Leto will be starring in a film known as Morbius.

Chris Hemsworth: Actor – $90 Million

Chris Hemsworth is somebody who is well recognized in the Hollywood scene today, and he has the role of Thor of the Marvel Cinematic Universe to thank for that. You may have also seen him in movies such as Snow White, Blackhat, Rush, and the Huntsman. Hemsworth always gets paid a big, fat paycheck for his roles, so this is the reason he has been able to build his fortune to $90 million. His recent project is his participation in the highly anticipated Avengers: Endgame movie of 2019. Hemsworth is also set to star in Men In Black: International.

Halle Berry: Actress – $80 Million

Halle Berry is a very notable actress since today; she is the only African-American actress who has won the Best Actress Award at the Academy Awards. Berry’s winning performance was the one she had in the full movie, Monster’s Ball. Other famous roles she had over the years were on X-Men installments and Introducing Dorothy Dandridge. Berry is 52 years old already, and her current wealth is approximated to be around $80 million.

Ariana Grande: Singer – $80 Million

Ariana Grande is on the top of her game today, and we bet she will remain a big name in music in the years to come. She got her start at Nickelodeon when she was cast in Victorious. Music was a passion of hers, and she eventually chose to pursue it fully in the 2010s. Today, Grade’s songs are always topping numerous charts. She is only twenty-five years old, but she is already worth $80 million. In 2019, Grande headlined Coachella, and she reportedly received an $8-million paycheck for it.

Selena Gomez: Musician – $75 Million

Similar to Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez began as a Disney star, but she eventually became a big name in the music industry as well. Gomez’s two albums, Stars Dance and Revival, were both very successful. Gomez also earns a fortune from endorsements. Her endorsement deal with Puma alone got her a $30 million paycheck. Meanwhile, her Coach endorsement was approximated to be worth almost $10 million. She also gets paid around $500k to $800k for sponsored Instagram posts. Gomez is set to appear in a film known as The Dead Don’t Die.

Chuck Norris: Actor- $70 Million

Chuck Norris is one of the most iconic action film actors of all time. He first served at the United Airforce and later established various martial art schools. The Walker, Texas Ranger lead had his first debut in The Wrecking Crew film and moved on to take legendary roles in movies such as Way of the Dragon, Hellbound, Missing in Action, and more. Chunk is an award-winning author, film producer, screenwriter, and martial arts experts, having taken home an impressive list of karate titles. Chuck spends some of his $70 million net worth on charity organizations, and recently, he founded a water bottling company with his wife.

John Goodman: Actor – $65 Million

John Goodman became famous in Hollywood in the late 1980s. His first remarkable role was the one in the sitcom, Roseanne. Goodman’s outstanding performance on the show won him the Best Actor award during the 1993 Golden Globe Awards. You may have also seen him in movies such as Argo, The Flinstones, and The Big Lebowski. Goodman is blessed with $65 million today, but it appears like he is not doing that much retirement planning yet. His most current roles were on The Righteous Gemstones and The Conners. John Goodman has a voice role in an upcoming show titled Monsters at Work.

Michael Phelps: Athlete – $60 Million

Michael Phelps is among the most renowned athletes from the United States. He had a fantastic career as a competitive swimmer and took home numerous gold medals from the Olympics. He first retired after the Olympics back in 2012; however, he decided to come back two years later. Phelps was a part of the Summer Olympics back in 2016, but he eventually retired for good August 2016. Nowadays, he is busy raising his family with his wife, Nicole Johnson. The couple welcomed their second son together in February 2018. As of today, Phelps is estimated to be worth $60 million.

Jimmy Fallon: Host – $60 Million

Jimmy Fallon is one of the famous late-night talk show hosts in the Hollywood industry today. He has been hosting The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon since 2014. Before this, Fallon hosted another talk show known as Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. He was also a regular on Saturday Night Live, and he starred in movies such as Taxi and Fever Pitch. The yearly salary Fallon has is estimated to be at $16 million. Fallon is set to appear in an upcoming documentary known as Under the Smogberry Trees.

Emily Blunt & John Krasinski: Actress/Actor – $55 Million

Actors John Krasinski and Emily Blunt are a very cute couple in Hollywood who have been married since 2010. Blunt is famous for her roles in movies such as Mary Poppins Returns, Gideon’s Daughter, and The Devil Wears Prada. On the other hand, Krasinski is renowned for starring in The Office. The duo already worked together and starred in A Quiet Place in 2018. Blunt and Krasinski have a joint fortune estimated at $55 million. We are certain their salary from their acting careers enables them to give their kids a very comfortable life. Currently, Krasinski is producing A Quiet Place 2, where Blunt will be starring.

Kendall Jenner: Model – $40 Million

Just like any other member of the Kardashian-Jenner clan, Kendall Jenner also has a lot of money to her name. However, Jenner has always been a lot different from her sisters, and this is because she is the only one who has ventured into modeling professionally and on a full-time basis. In fact, Kendall is one of the most in-demand figures in the modeling industry today, and she is usually booked by the biggest luxury brands in the world. Jenner is being represented by Elite Model Management and The Society Management. In 2018, Forbes named Jenner as the highest-paid model in the world.

Mayim Bialik – Actress, $25 Million

If you thought excellent acting skills and beauty were all that Mayim Bialik would have- you are wrong. Balik did not just play a nerd on TV- she also has got big brains on her in real life. The actress is a neuroscientist by profession, who got her big break when she was 12 years old. The star celebrity became a regular on the sitcom, ‘The Big Bang Theory,’ and she landed some fantastic co-starts. They all accepted to take a salary cut so Balk could earn more, which made her earn $200,000 per episode on the show. No wonder her net worth is so impressive.

Minnie Driver: Actress – $20 Million

In the late 1990s, actress Minnie Driver became quite famous for appearing in the 1997 movie called Good Will Hunting, whose screenplay was done by Ben Affleck and Matt Damon. Later, Driver went on to star in the Riches, and her performances on the show earned her an Emmy Award and Golden Globe. She has continuously been getting acting projects over the years, which is why her net worth in the bank is impressive. Her most recent acting role was that of Maya DiMeo on the show Speechless. Driver appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show in 2019.

Tony Beets – Television Star, $15 Million

Tony Beets is famous for his mining exploits and teaching Parker Schnabel the tricks of the trade. At the moment, he might be sitting on a fortune worth $15 million; however, the star had very humble beginnings. The tides changed in his favor only after he moved to Dawson’s Creek from the Netherlands. Beets was working as a farmer when the opportunity to feature on ‘Gold Rush’ knocked on his door. Featuring since the second season of the show, he has cemented his position, and it only seems like he is getting wealthier by the day. 

Don Lemon: TV Host – $10 Million

Don Lemon has reportedly earned himself a $10M fortune with CNN, where he has been working as a correspondent for the past few years. Don has also been hosting CNN tonight, earning approximately $124k every year in doing so. Besides having an incredibly busy schedule as a journalist, Don also appeared on The Oval TV series and The Kominsky Method in 2019. It is no wonder he has managed to earn so much money in his life. It was a good year for him since he got engaged to his long-time boyfriend, Tim Malone.

Parker Schnabel: TV Personality – $8 Million

Parker Schnabel used to visit his grandfather’s gold mine when he was a child, and he loved it so much that he also wanted to become a miner. Schnabel got control of his family’s business when he was just sixteen and expanded the operations using his college funds. Thanks to this contribution, Schnabel was able to find precious metals worth $1.4 million when he was still a teenager. His understanding and instincts concerning the process of mining are quite impeccable, and that is the reason he is a fan favorite on the TV show Gold Rush Alaska where he keeps on making several fans along with a few million dollars.

Todd Hoffman – Reality Star, $7 Million

Todd Hoffman is well recognized for the hit reality TV series, ‘Gold Rush,’ where the cast scours the land for hidden gold. Together with six of his friends, Hoffman has documented the excursions from Guyana, Chile, and Peru. The celebrity who sports a rough appearance with a scruffy beard has undoubtedly struck gold when it comes to building his net worth. He has managed to amass $7 million, mostly from his adventures. Hoffman also owns a production house, a small airport in Oregon, many expensive cars, and many mining equipment.