13 Female Stars That Have Aged Flawlessly – Some Of Them May Leave You In Awe

Olivia De Havilland – Gone With The Wind, Born in 1916

When veteran actress Olivia De Havilland’s birthday came around in 2018, she had the rare pleasure of turning 102. Her most celebrated film role is in the legendary movie, Gone with Wind. For Olivia’s talented acting, she won a couple of Academy Awards. In 2017, Britain conferred on her the honor of Dame Commander of the Order of British Empire. Olivia lives in Paris, France, where she has been since the 1950s and mainly after retiring in 1988. Even until today, she still looks simply stunning. Her well-being is obvious. It is a testament to the chances of aging gracefully if one puts some effort into it.

Dame Judi Dench – James Bond, Born in 1934

During her era, Dame Judy Dench was mostly recognized for her role in the James Bond films. However, with her wealth of roles over the decades, including BBC’s On Giant’s Shoulders, she is among the most lauded actresses ever. Dench’s 2019 production is a movie adaptation of the Play Cats, in which her role is Old Deuteronomy. However, her career is not only a fantastic thing, since Dench at 85 has managed to look significantly younger. In the ’90s, she was active in a number of causes and is a patron of almost 200 charities. For Dench, retiring is out of the question at this time.

Maggie Smith – Harry Potter, Born in 1934

Even though well-recognized actress Maggie Smith has had a long and distinguished professional career, her most famous role is maybe Minerva McGonagall, a professor from the Harry Potter films. She is among the UK’s most distinguished talents and has won a couple of Academy Awards over the years. For quite some time, she has been acting on the Television show Downtown Abbey as Violet Crawley. Smith will be reprising her role in the 2019 film version of the TV show, which is now being filmed. Depending on the large viewership of the said show, the film should be a good investment.

Julie Andrews – Mary Poppins, Born in 1935

The veteran actress, Julie Andrews, at 83, is classed as another ageless beauty. But she is not achieving this through surgical enhancements. She has only had surgery in 1997 to mend her vocal cords that were at the time making her voice hoarse. Julie deemed the surgery to be necessary since her voice was partly how she earned her salary. However, apart from the beauty salon’s time, Andrews has apparently identified an incredible beauty method. For her role as Mary Poppins in the movie, thus titles, she got an Academy Award decades ago. She was the voice for the character Karathen in the high-grossing film, Aquaman, in 2018.

Jane Fonda – Klute, born in 1937

Today, people are a little more liberal about surgery for beauty’s sake. Thus, actress Jane Fonda is not as reluctant to talk about her time under the knife to remove some sagging. The areas along her jaw and her eyes were done to obliterate that droopy look.
And Fonda can well afford this, with a fortune of $200M. However, apart from getting some assistance in this department, her lasting looks come from working out regularly and eating right. Her book, Prime Time, outlines this.

Dame Diana Rigg – The Avengers, Born in 1938

Actress Diana Rigg showcases the new kind of eighty and showcases that there is nothing to fear about the aging process. Rigg became famous playing Emma Peel in the comedic action television show, The Avengers. She also played the sole Bond girl (out of the more than seventy) who married James Bond in the films. Back to the subject of her staying youthful, she says she simply basks in living and has not ever counted her good looks for anything. She says no to cosmetic surgery since life is so much more than one’s attractiveness. She delivered an acclaimed performance on Broadway as Mr. Higgins in Fair Lady in February 2018.

Martha Stewart – Martha Stewart Living, Born in 1941

The TV personality, businesswoman, and author, Martha Stewart, officially became a billionaire way back in 2000 when her wealth was estimated at 1 $billion. Martha built a business empire and founded Martha Stewart Living and her company, Omnimedia. She might have sold the latter in 2015; however, she is still going strong. In 2018, Martha became a judge in Food Network’s cooking competition, Chopped. Apart from being able to afford generally every luxury she has ever wanted, she obviously had the credit cards to purchase whatever she wished to use to care for her skin. However, she does look wonderful at 77 years old.

Faye Dunaway – Bonnie And Clyde, Born in 1941

Rumor has it that actress Faye Dunaway, who is now 78, has done plastic surgery and used Botox for her youthful-looking skin. It is a common practice among actresses, so we guess she is just trying to keep up with the competition. Even though some people do not like it since they say that her features are totally transformed now, and she does not look like herself anymore. It is their opinion that she was already lovely, and the surgeries were not necessary. Dunaway will be playing Katherine Hepburn in the Broadway production, Tea at Five.

Lola Falana – Las Vegas Shows, Born in 1942

This stunning lady who used to turn every man’s head is 76-year old Lola Falana. As a singer, dancer, and actress, Falan, with her perfect smile, earned a tidy sum of cash gracing the stages of Las Vegas. And it was all with the help of the late actor, dancer and singer, Sammy Davis Jr. She was so successful that she was eventually called the Las Vegas queen. She retired in 1997 and has been living a much quieter life. Lola has been sharing her spirituality and word of hope. She started an apostolate to give help to orphaned kids. In 2019, her net worth was $10M.

Mia Farrow – Rosemary’s Baby, Born in 1945

Actress Mia Farrow was formerly in a relationship with director Woody Allen. During this time, Mia was cast in thirteen of his movies. She was also the star of the horror movie, Rosemary’s Baby, for which she gained critical acclaim. Mia is deeply involved in charity projects and is the goodwill representative for UNICEF. She is now 75 but looks much more youthful. It cannot be stated what she might be using or doing to look this young. However, it more than likely costs a lot. Nonetheless, her $60 million should make it really affordable for her. In 2016, Mia appeared in Documentary Now! An IFC mockumentary show.

Diane Keaton – The Godfather films, Born in 1946

Have you noticed actress Diane Keaton’s penchant for wearing hats? It is because she developed basal skin carcinoma when she was twenty-one. So since some sunscreen and a hat are definite must-haves for Keaton. The sun’s UV rays can be harmful to your skin anyway, so it is not a bad practice. Keaton desires to allow nature to take its course as long as her aging is concerned. She prefers her hands, which tell the real age of a woman, to match her face; thus, all she does is work out. The treadmill is a favorite of Keaton. The American Film Insitute honored her with a Lifetime Achievement Award in 2017.

Susan Sarandon – Thelma & Louise, Born in 1946

When actress Susan Sarandon was once interviewed by Vogue, she revealed that her method of looking lovely is enjoying herself and remaining on the go. If this is what actually has her skin looking the way it does at 73 years old, we should all be doing it. And, we all know that Sarandon really is active. In ’99 she became a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF and, in 2017, she starred in the film, A Bad Moms Christmas. She also appeared in Feud, the FX anthology show, playing Bette Davis in 2017.

Sally Field – Smokey And The Bandit, Born in 1946

And while we are talking about cosmetic surgery, let us point out that actress Sally Field is also among those who are said to have probably had several procedures done to get rid of wrinkles and look young. It came up since, at 72, she is looking so much more juvenile than what is the norm of her age. Additionally, a neck lift is another procedure she has thought to have had. A two-time Academy Award winner, Field, recently played Dr. Greta Mantleray in the TV miniseries, Mania, in 2018. Field was presented with her Walk of Fame Star in Hollywood in 2014.

Barbara Bach – The Spy Who Loved Me, Born in 1947

Formerly a Bond girl on The Spy Who Loved Me, actress Barbara Bach is also the wife of the famous Ringo Starr. She proved she definitely has a handle on getting older when she was spotted shopping in London. Celebrity news reports that a happy marriage is her method of maintaining a radiant glow at 71. This is not shocking when you think about it since a contented life begins with a contented wife. Bach and Ringo got married in 1981 and have maintained their relationship. Perhaps her frequent shopping trips and a fortune of $20M also helps.

Meryl Streep – Manhattan, Born in 1949

Meryl Streep has been called the most talented actress of her era since she is adaptable for on-screen productions. As a result, she received a special Golden Globe award in 2017-the Cecil B. DeMille Award. With all the money Streep makes, you might believe a significant chunk of that is going towards expensive beauty products to maintain that glowing skin that is free from imperfections. However, she does not spend a cent on her beauty habit since it is easy: she does not touch her face with her hands. She believes this results in infections through bacteria transference. She is another actress who avoids the stiff-faced look and thus has not had any facial procedures done.

Jessica Lange – King Kong, Born in 1949

Actress Jessica Lange was born in 1949; however, the years have been so kind to her that we would think she was born in 1959. She is the celeb from the 1976 King Kong movies. Lange appears to be investing heavily in anti-aging supplements and other products, which are clearly working wonders.Jessica is also a photographer and author. She played Constance Langdon in the 2018 television series, American Story: Apocalypse. In 2017, she was presented with the Pell Award by the Trinity Repertory Company, acknowledging her lifetime accomplishments.

Pam Grier – Foxy Brown, Born in 1949

Director Quentin Tarantino has claimed that actress Pam Grier might have been the very first female to play a starring role in an action film. You might be surprised to know that she is 69, as she looks like she is 59 at the most. She was diagnosed with stage 4 cervical cancer in 88. The doctors informed her that she only had a short time justify to live. Nonetheless, like a miracle, she recovered and has been in remission. She is in the 2019 film Poms, which is now in post-production.

Morgan Fairchild – The Seduction, Born in 1950

The actress Morgan Fairchild is quite popular for her many roles and looks, which has not changed throughout the decades. Morgan is now seventy years old, and she has been active since 1967. At one point, she said in a television program that she paid and earned the face she has, bearing in mind her age.Her explanation was her payment was either effort, anguish, beauty products, or surgery. That makes sense. Morgan was recently seen in All Good Things, My Perfect Romance, and others, while in 2019, she was on Worst Cooks in America.

Cybill Shepherd – Moonlighting, Born in 1950

After appearing in the number of high-grossing Television series and films during the 1870s and 1980s, actress Cybill Shepherd became quite popular. She did television series such as Moonlighting and Heartbreak Kid. In 2017, Shepherd played the title character, Rose, in the drama film of the same name. Shepherd was also a singer and a model back in the day whom several famous men found to be very stunning. She briefly went out with the King n Roll himself, Elvis Presley, and stopped since she could not deal with his drug abuse habit. It is said that Shepherd declined to date the famous actor, Robert DeNiro. At 68, she is still a stunner.

Jane Seymour – Live and Let Die, Born in 1951

If you are a James Bond fan, you most possibly saw Live and Let Die, where actress Jane Seymour was the Bond girl. You might also have seen Seymour in the films East of Eden and Somewhere in Time. Jane continues to earn millions for her $90 million-strong bank account.The reason for her continuous fabulous looks is a secret she holds close to her chest, but we wish we knew it. In 2018, she appeared on the situation comedy, Let’s Get Physical, and did a photo shoot for a men’s magazine at 67. It is the third occasion that she has done it. However, now she is the oldest woman to do so.

Jenny Agutter – Walkabout, Born in 1952

Actress Jenny Agutter was popular way before her role in The Railway Children and even before she frolicked in the water in the movie, Wallabout. She is a beautiful 67-year-old actress. Nonetheless, in an interview, Jenny said that she is not that young lady everybody fantasized about. She has had her weight challenges in the bulge; however, she did not let it consume her life. For years, she would wear the same clothes. If they became too snug, Agutter would shed a few pounds, and the problem would be solved, it is that simple.

Chaka Khan – I Feel for You, Born in 1953

Almost five decades have gone by since Chaka Khan started her career as a lead singer of Rufus’s band in the ’70s. She has been named the Queen of Funk and has won many Grammy Awards, having sold over 70 million records globally. Chaka’s biggest hit was definitely the album I Feel for You, which was made platinum. The sixty-something Khan has been very passionate about her music, and she recently released her new album known as Hello Happiness. Chaka was also on a summer tour of the United States in 2019, together with Michael McDonald.

Kim Cattrall –S.a.t.C., Born In 1956

Well known as S.a.t.C’s Samantha Jones, Kim Cattrall won a Golden Globe in 2002 for her efforts on the show. She also had well-recognized film parts on Big Trouble In Little China and Meet Monica Velour Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country. Another thing Kim Cattrall is famous for is taking good care of herself and wearing high-end clothes. She is now in her early sixties; however, she could easily knock off some years with her amazing looks. Starting in 2018, Kim has been playing the lead role, Colleen Powell, in the TV show, Tell Me a Story.

Dawn French – French And Saunders, Born in 1957

Dawn French, at 61, is an actress, presenter, comedienne, and author who should undoubtedly be included in this round-up of gorgeous ladies aging well. Fame first found French when she co-starred with comedienne Jennifer Saunders on the comedy show, French and Saunders. She is also famous for The Vicar of Dibley, in which she played Geraldine Granger. From 2018 to 2019, French appeared on stage in Snow White at the Palladium. Sadly, in 2010, French and her former partner, Lenny Henry, underwent a divorce. Before separating, the couple had adopted a daughter named Billie.

Princess Caroline of Hanover – Former Heir Presumptive of Monaco, Born In 1957

Meet Caroline, eldest child of Monaco’s Prince Rainer 111 and Princess of Hanover and actress-turned royal Grace Kelly. Caroline has been married to Prince Ernst August of Hanover since 1999. However, before this, Caroline had been married twice. Her ex-husbands are industrial fortune heir, Phillippe Junot, Parisian banker, and Stefano Casiraghi. It is needless to say that Caroline has aged very well. At 62, she looks better than most women her age. It does not seem that she had any skin procedures to hold her beauty, and she has found a way to age naturally, however slower than usual. We are sure that her luxurious lifestyle also helps. She has a fortune of over $11M.

Charlene Tilton – Dallas, Born In 1958

If you watched Dallas, you would undoubtedly know who Charlene Tilton was since she was the beautiful girl who played Lucy Ewing. Tilton was a regular on the show, so this really helped her grow her bank account. Today, Tilton is 61 years old; however, she still knows how to glam up from time to time. She is fortunate enough to be able to keep on acting to this day. She was seen in a new movie dubbed, Starting Up Love in 2019.

Emma Thompson – Howards End, Born In 1959

Actress Emma Thompson has been nominated many times for professional awards- which usually means bigger paychecks in the future. Included in her most outstanding roles are the ones in The Remains of the Day, In the Name of the Father, and Howard’s End. She will be seen in newer projects in the coming months- such as Late Night and MIB- which we look forward to seeing. In 2018 Emma Thompson was made a Dame Commander of the Order of the British Empire. We must say that she is carrying her age rather well and looks like the quintessential English rose.

Julianne Moore – Nine Months, Born in 1960

Author and actress Julianne Moore prove that age is but a number as far as her looks are concerned. The 58-year old Moore looks stunning. During an interview, she said that growing older does not bother her and that cosmetic surgery such as Botox has no appeal to her. She is a big advocate of yoga, something she does at least three times per week. As for her beauty trick, Moores said she has none. She added that she is also getting older, just like other people, and she is not letting it result in anxiety. Moore had two movies released in 2018. One of which is the thriller Bel Canto.

Kelly Le Brock – Weird Science, Born in 1960

Model/Actress Kelly Le Brock, who used to be a spouse to actor Steven Seagal, is a past contestant on Celebrity Fit Club, on which she shed 31 pounds. She did this by working out two times daily and reducing her dietary intake. Today, Kelly has embraced a curvier body and says her days of being a size over are over. And, considering that she is 58 and has had four kids, she is comfortable with her new look. She uses various fillers like Botox, to maintain her youthful looks. Nonetheless, she draws the line at severe food restriction, which she says will only result in her being miserable. In 2019, her fortune was $3M.

Lisa Whelchel –The Facts of Life, Born in 1963

Born in Texas in 1963, Lisa Whelchel became a popular TV personality ever since she played Blair Warner in the show The Facts of Life for nine consecutive years. She was voted the audience’s favorite after participating in the 20th season of Survivor in the Philippines! We can now see Lisa on MeTv promoting The Facts of Life series. She also hosts her own show known as Collectors Call, about giant collections and the people who have created them. She is also a motivational speaker for Women’s conferences, and we are sure women are always awed by her ageless beauty.

Helen Hunt – Mad About You, Born In 1963

The most well-known work for actress Helen Hunt is the TV sitcom, Mad About You, where she portrayed Jamie Buchman. The work won her a Primetime Emmy Award four times. She also took home an Academy Awards for As Good as it Gets. Her other great productions include Cast Away, What Women Want, and Twister. She has also done work in production, which has raised her investment accounts’ value. The Night Clerk is another of Helen’s films. Helen and her partner, producer, and director Matthew Carnahan, broke up in 2017. They have two children together.

Lisa Kudrow – Friends, Born In 1963

Even though actress Lisa Kudrow’s career started during the ’80s, it was not until she landed the role of Phoebe Buffay on the long-running famous sitcom, Friends, that she really had her breakthrough. In ’96, she won a Primetime Emmy Award for her performance. She has had other outstanding roles, such as in the films Michele’s School Reunion and Lucky Numbers. Lisa’s 2019 film, Booksmart, is now in post-production, which means more money for her and her family. If it were not for a few wrinkles, you would never know she was of a more mature age since she is still holding on her good looks.

Vanessa Williams – Desperate Housewives, Born In 1963

Actress/ singer Vanessa Williams started her career in entertainment during the ’80s as a singer. However, eventually, she transitioned to acting. Do you remember her in the TV funny shows Ugly Betty and Desperate Housewives? In 2016, Vanessa started up V. by Vanessa Williams, a clothing line of her own, for EVINE Live. We have to admit that at 55, she looks amazing. She is very open about what she does to look this way, and it is expensive. She undergoes Botox sessions and indulges in Ultherapy and MicroCurrent therapy for her face care treatment and other areas also. However, with a career worth millions, Vanessa has a lot at stake.

Marisa Tomei – A Different World, Born In 1964

This leading actress, Marisa Tomei, originally became popular on the college-age sitcom, A Different World, as a student known as Maggie Lauten. Marisa has done some outstanding acting since then. Among the movies she has been in are In the Bedroom, My Cousin Vinny and The Wrestler. Even today, at age 53, Marisa keeps on having an inner radiance that you just cannot miss- not to mention her luscious thick locks. She possibly takes her vitamins. Two of her movies that are to be released soon are Spider-man: Far From Home and Frankie. 

Elle Macpherson – Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, Born In 1964

The popular Elle Macpherson still looks every inch the stunning fashion model she did in the ’80s when she began her career. Back then, she did several swimsuit issue covers for Sports Illustrated and attained huge success in the fashion industry. Elle has since created lines of wellness supplements, lingerie, and beauty items. Perhaps she uses her own products, which could partly explain why she still looks young. She hosted Britain’s Next Top Model and was a guest mentor on Australia’s Next Top Model in 2016. Elle and billionaire Jeffrey Soffer joyfully tied the knot in 2013 but separated in 2017.

Yolanda Hadid – The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Born In 1964

Previous model-turned reality star Yolanda Hadid is popularly known for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Nevertheless, in 2018, the mother of three celebrity models- Bella, Gigi, and Anwar Hadid- hosted a series known as Making a Model with Yolanda Hadid. We guess she should know how it is done depending on her and her children’s track records. The fifty-five-year-old Yolanda is still a beauty. Her DNA is working for her and perhaps getting some help as well. If it is, it makes for an all-around very delightful package. The beautiful Yolanda and composer-musician David Foster, whom she married in 2011, sadly separated in 2017.

Elizabeth Hurley – Bedazzled, Born In 1965

Omg! What is actress Elizabeth Hurley doing to look so fabulous in a bikini at 53? If we did not know any better, we would think she was still 35. Hurley has been a big advocate of her healthy lifestyle and personal fitness regardless of age, and that has been a great contributor to her figure today. She is well known for the parts she had in the movies Bedazzled and Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery. However, Elizabeth is also famous for being the face of Estee Lauder. She played the lead role of Queen Helena on The Royals from 2015 to 2018. No wonder her fortune was $35M in 2019.

Shania Twain – The Woman in Me, Born In 1965

Shania Twain, the queen of popular country music, is our next stunning lady on this list. She has sold more than one hundred million records all through her career. That is a lot of earnings! In 2004, Shanis had to take a break from her career because of Lyme disease and dysphonia. In 2019, she was the picture of health and beauty. Beauty is one of the features she was always noted for. Even with Shani’s fight against ill health, she still shined. In 2018, Shania undertook her Noe Tour to back up her 2017 album of the same name. Shania launched her exhibit, Shania Twain: Rock This Country, which ran until the end of 2018 on June 26, 2017.

Kristin Davis – Sex and the City, Born In 1965

Adding her classic features to the beauty fest is Kristian Davis, one more actress from S.a.t.C. Kristin was the unassuming Charlotte York Goldenbaltt in the series. She also had a career on Broadway and was part of the play, The Best Man. Her inclusion here is not surprising since, even in her early 50s, her attractiveness is still holding strong. The reason for this is most possibly nutrition, sound, and healthy habits. As a single woman, Kristin has adopted two kids- a girl in 2011, Gemma Rose Davis, and a boy in 2018.

Diane Lane — Unfaithful, Born In 1965

Diane Lane had her debut acting role in the film A Little Romance during the latter portion of the ’70s. However, for Diane Lane, it was her role as Connie Summer in the 2002 film, Unfaithful, that paved the way for her success in the industry. In November 2018, the last season of House of Cards, a famous show on Netflix which stars in, began airing. A film she had in 2018 is dabbed Serenity. Diane has kept her slender frame all these years, and it is because of the appropriate decisions for her lifestyle, proper diet, and nutrition. At 54, you can mistake Diane for a woman ten to fifteen years younger.

Nancy McKeon – The Facts Of Life, Born in 1966

Ventriloquist and actress Nancy McKeon was Val Chmerkovskiy’s partner in 2018 on the famous show, Dancing with the Stars. Popular for starring in The Facts of Life, she could have been the oldest person to enter the contest at 53 years old. She is known to have been taking care of her children at home. However, that is not a problem, since her way of living has always kept her active. Long walks around the ranch she resides on to care for the crops and animals, and yoga gives her all the training she requires. Val must have had a great time lifting Nancy. She has accumulated a net worth of $6 million over the years.

Halle Berry – Monster’s Ball, Born in 1966

This actress looks marvelous! She is no other than Halle Berry. During the ’00s, she was getting some of the biggest paychecks given out to Hollywood actresses. In 2002, Halle Berry became the first African-American woman to win an Academy Award for Best Actress. This Oscar nod was for her performance in the dramatic movie, Monster’s Ball. However, despite the passing years, the now 52-year old actress seems to be laughing in the face of aging. We do not know precisely how. Could it have to do with her being the face of the makeup brand, Revlon, for years? Nevertheless, she is doing it; she is doing a fantastic job.

Cindy Crawford – House Of Style, Born in 1966

She might be a supermodel; however, Cindy Crawford is very smart. She won an academic scholarship to pursue studies in chemical engineering at Northwestern University in 1984. Nonetheless, after one quarter, she gave it up to pursue modeling. Her international modeling successes assisted her in getting into acting. Crawford officially retired from modeling during the ’00s; however, she still gets offered jobs sometimes. In 2017, she was one of the few veteran supermodels who closed the Versace fashion show for the 2018 spring/summer collection. That is how stunning she still is. The show was a tribute to the deceased designer, Gianni Versace.

Julia Roberts – Pretty Woman, Born in 1967

Actress Julia can thank her beaming smile as one of the reasons for her popularity. However, of course, it would have been nothing without her amazing talent in acting. With four Academy Award nominations, Roberts’ title role in the movies, Erin Brockovich, finally earned the Pretty Woman Star a win. We can also see her in Homecoming, a Television show on Amazon Video that debuted in 2018. Julia is now middle-aged; however, she could have fooled us. She was named by People Magazine as the world’s most attractive woman five times. With a $200M fortune backing her, we are sure her beauty regimen is solid and costly.

Kylie Minogue – Neighbours, Born In 1968

Australian singer Kylie Minogue became famous as a pop princess with hits such as Can’t Get You Out of My Head and Love At First Sight. After being informed in 2005 that she had breast cancer, she was treated with surgery and chemotherapy. She is now 50 and looks really great. One can not even tell she had cancer. Usually, people who develop severe illnesses change their lifestyle habits and dietary permanently. Possibly, Kylie is one such person. On September 18, 2018, Kylie started her Golden Tour to promote her album by the same name released in 2018.

Jennifer Aniston – Friends, Born in 1969

No one can easily forget Rachel from Friends played by the star actress Jennifer Aniston. It is the role she is most famous for. Besides, she has starred a number of films. However, we have noticed that as time passes by, Jennifer seems to barely age. Maybe it is net worth $200M with a lot of cash in the bank that does it for her. Jennifer has had two marriages that ended; the second one was to actor Justin Theroux. The duo separated at the end of 2017. However, even if she is single again, she still looks stunning. Amazing!

Jennifer Lopez – Love Don’t Cost A Thing, Born in 1969

Here is another stunner who just will not age. She is another Jennifer also. Jennifer Lopes is fifty years old; however, you would not believe it since she looks virtually the same today as she did when she first came on the scene decades ago. We do not understand how she is able to do this. She says she has never had cosmetic surgery and believes it is most likely her expensive skincare method and a healthy lifestyle. If that is the case, then it is undoubtedly working for her. In 2018, Lopez became the first Latin entertainer to win the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Gwen Stefani – No Doubt, Born in 1969

We are truly scratching our heads in bewilderment over what looks like Gwen Stefani’s body’s blatant rejection of the aging process. The 49-year-old singer gained popularity as the lead singer of the rock band, No Doubt, in the late ’80s. Nonetheless, she looks like she has not aged a day since that time. Stefani says that she avoids the sun, terming it as the most treasured bit of advice someone gave her. It appears so indeed. Ona a personal note, she informed the public in September 2016 that she is in a romantic relationship with country music singer Blake Shelton, her fellow coach on the television singing competition, The Voice.

Sofia Vergara — Modern Family, Born in 1972

Sofia Vergara was studying in college to become a dentist when she made a complete turn to acting and modeling. She first appeared in a Latin American Pepsi commercial when she was just seventeen years old. Today, Vergara is a proud 46-year old woman well known to be a charismatic comedian. She has played in movies such as Madea Goes to Jail, Chasing Papi, and more; however, we all know and love her from the Television show, Modern Family. On top of that, she is a proud CoverGirl ambassador, and she has even starred in more Pepsi commercials since.

Kate Winslet – Titanic, Born in 1975

Worldwide, actress Kate Winslet became popular with her part in the hit movie, Titanic. She looks very divine in her early 40s, and we want her to dish on whether or not she had surgery. But no. It is only her diet that has her looking like this. Kate said during an interview that she never consumes salt or alcohol. Many people would struggle to follow this. However, for these kinds of results, it is worth the struggle. Kate started an educational program in the UK for underprivileged women and the National Trust and Lancome in 2018.