Golden Age Stars You Forgot Are Still Alive – Seems They’re Getting Better With Age

At one moment, you can be on top of the world and be at the other end the next- that is just how life works. This is especially true for famous celebrities who rule television and movies at the height of their popularity, only to slowly see their fame wane as the years go by.

If they are lucky, they would have managed to earn a fortune in the process to settle themselves comfortably in retirement. Nevertheless, some stars do not retire even if they earn a lot of money through their years and stay in the game for its fun. Let us take a look at these veteran celebrities’ present lives who are still very much alive.

Norman Lloyd – 104 years old

Norman Lloyd is well recognized for appearing in several Alfred Hitchcock’s iconic thriller movies, such as Spellbound, Saboteur, and of course, the cult-favorite Television show Alfred Hitchcock Presents. Nevertheless, he has actually worked in just about every medium of entertainment throughout his many decades in the industry. Norman is still acting, as last seen in the 2015 movie Trainwreck, regardless of being 101 years old then. He is 105 today and will hopefully turn 106 in November 2020. He was married to Peggy Craven from 1936 till her death in 2011 and has two children.

Janis Paige – 97 years old

All through her long career, actress and singer Janis Paige vacillated between Broadway and Hollywood and enjoyed massive fame in both until she decided to retire. In spite of having lived a private life for many decades now, she still makes headlines occasionally. In early 2000, it was reported that Paige was in recovery for colossal damage to her precious vocal cords; however, she has since recovered completely. Paige also came out in support of the #MeToo movement in 2017, where she claimed that she was assaulted when she was 22 years old by businessman Alfred Bloomingdale.

Carl Reiner – 97 years old

Comedian and actor Carl Reiner is famous for his work in  The Dick Van Dyke Show; The Russians Are Coming, just to name a few. He is still a prolific actor today and was even credited as a major cast member of the Ocen’s Trilogy. At 97, Reiner also holds the distinction of being the oldest superstar active on Twitter. Carl started his career in 1947. He was also a part of the famous comedy duo 2000 Year Old Man, with Mel Brooks. Before that, Carl also served in the army in Special Services, where he performed to entertain troops stationed in places such as Hawaii, Jimo, Iwo, and others.

Glynis Johns – 95 years old

Glynis Johns enjoyed numerous Oscar nominations in her prime for her roles in The Sundowners and Many Poppins. She is maybe most praised for creating her role in A Little Night Music, where she played Desiree Armfeldt. She also received a Tony award, which is probably more precious than the impressive fortune she built up over the years. Glynis has undoubtedly earned the comfortable retirement that she enjoys today.

Peggy Stewart – 95 years old

Spaghetti  Westerns were very famous in the 40s, ‘50s, and the ‘60s. Possibly its most famous and visible heroine is none other than Peggy Stewart, who was recognized for her Western B movie roles. She was in iconic films such as Ride, Ryder, Ride, and Life, and Legend of Wyatt Earp, among others. She still acts in small roles today, usually on TV.

Angela Lansbury – 94 years old

Dame Angela  Lansbury is now 92 years old; however, she is still very much visible in the public eye and still very well recognized by many. This mainly a result of her long-running series, Murder, She Wrote. Nevertheless, her fame can be traced even further than that to the early 40s when she debuted in Gaslight. Through the decades, she has enjoyed many accolades, including the much-coveted dameship from the Queen of England and a large bank account. Most recent estimates say Angela is worth $70 Million.

Eva Marie Saint – 94 years old

Eva Marie Saint became a celebrity overnight as a young girl when she starred in iconic films such as On the Waterfront and North by Northwest. Typically her personal life is also as successful as her career in movies. Marie married Jeffrey Hayden, a director, in 1951, and they remained together until he died in 2016, which is quite a feat in the entertainment industry with stories of divorce. 

Arlene Dahl – 93 years old

Arlene Dahl was on the correct path when she was cast in the original Journey to the Earth’s Center. Just as Dahl was on the cusp of stardom, nonetheless, she chose to leave the industry and go into the lingerie business. Sadly, she was not successful, which forced her to change careers yet again; this time, she ventured in advertising.  Luckily, she enjoyed much success this time.

Cicely Tyson – 93 years old

Cicely Tyson was undoubtedly a scene-stealer in the 2011’s award-winning The Help. Nevertheless, this was not, in any way, her first brush with success. Actually, the veteran actress has been enjoying popularity and a massive fortune since the 70s. Not only that, but she also spent some time as legendary musician Miles Davis’ wife, despite the union ending in an untimely divorce.

Marcy McGuire – 93 years old

Marcy McGuire is arguably Hollywood’s initial ‘teen queen.’ She is famous for starring opposite A-listers such as Frank Sinatra and Lucille Ball, among others. Nevertheless, she retired after just two decades into her career in the entertainment industry and has lived a sectretful and peaceful life away from the limelight since then. McGuire was active between 1942 and 1963.

Cara Williams – 93 years old

Cara Williams’  career in film was a notable one as she starred in films such as  Pete and Gladys and Defiant Ones. Nevertheless, her tumultuous love life appeared to overshow much of her success since many of her high-profile relationships failed. Cara finally found her happy ending when she married Asher Dann and went into retirement.

Richard Erdman – 93 years old

Richard Erdman is a true Hollywood success story. He was only a paperboy when he was provided his first film role. He ended up enjoying a career as one of the industry’s most bankable matinee idols,  starring opposite superstars such as Bette Davis. As his fame waned, he soon began taking on jobs as a director. Nonetheless, his acting career is enjoying a renaissance of sorts when he became a regular cast member in the popular sitcom, Community.

Jane Withers – 92 years old

Jane Withers began acting in 1929 at the tender age of three, and she enjoyed top child celebrity status, second only to Shirley Temple, for the next decade. In her adulthood, Withers was relegated to acting TV commercials and was renowned for her advertising work for Comet Cleanser, for which she played the recurring character Josephine the Plumber. Withers still occasionally gets acting credits today, and the most recent of which was lending her voice for the animated movie The Hunchback of Notre Dame.

Mel Brooks – 92 years old

To this date, people are still speaking of the many contributions of Mel Brooks to the comedy genre. He was a real jack-of-all-trades in his prime since he has been a prolific comedian, actor, director, producer, and writer, giving us films such as  Robin: Men in Tights and Get Smart.  Not only did Brooks amass a huge fortune throughout the decades, but he is also one of the few artists ever to win all four of the industry’s top awards.

Terry Kilburn – 92 Years Old

Terence E. Kilburn was one of the first child celebrities to become so popular, and even though he was born in London, he emigrated to the United States when he was just ten. Quickly, Kilburn talent was noticed, and as a child, he became famous for appearing on  Goodbye, Mr. Chips, and A Christmas Carol. Both movies were released way back in the ‘30s. His acting career on-screen lasted until the’60s when he played in his last full movie, 1962’s Lolita. He then partly retired, while still occasionally appearing on stage lays. Kilburn also served as the Meadow Brook Theatre’s head for more than two decades.

Marilyn Knowlden – 92 years old

Marilyn Knoelden was just a child superstar when she held her own opposite big celebrities like Humphery Bogart, Katharine Hepburn, and Bette Davis, to name only a few. She could have had a prosperous career in adulthood; however, she chose to retire to earn her university degree. Nevertheless, she is still enjoying the spoils of her massive net worth since she soon became a successful writer.

Tony Bennett – 92 years old

Tonny Bennett is undoubtedly one man whose popularity is still widely acknowledged today, even by younger generations, as he still performs with no plans of retiring any time soon. This is very impressive, considering he is already 92 years old and has been a hitmaker since the mid-40s. Most impressively, he also enjoys moderate success as a painter on the side and has had many exhibits. Bennet has also published a book of his artwork.

Cora Sue Collins – 91 Years Old

Like Terry Kilburn, Cora Sue Collins was one of the first child stars in the globe. As a child actress, Collins appeared in 47 productions until she justify the industry when she turned 18. Though by then, she had gathered enough money to make some early-retirement investments. Collins is well known for her roles on Anna Karenina, The Unexpected Father, and All This. And even though she justify the industry decades ago, she makes occasional public appearances, even though not so often anymore. Collins’ last film was in the 1945 production, Week-End At the Waldorf.

Tippi Hedren – 90 years old

Veteran actress Tippi Hedren did not only establish a formidable acting legacy with iconic roles in films such as A Countess from Hong Kong and The Birds, but she is also the matriarch of a great acting family that includes granddaughter Dakota Johnson, who is one of today’s most bankable young actresses and daughter Melanie Griffith.  Tippi might be vicariously living through Dakota’s popularity today; however, she certainly has not been idle in recent years since she tirelessly works with various charities. Tippi was last seen in The Ghost and the Whale, in 2015.

Christopher Plummer – 90 years old

People will always see Christopher Plummer as the iconic Captain Von Trapp in The Sound of Music; however, he has been responsible for bringing to life other similarly memorable and even award-winning characters in the decades since. At age 90, he claimed another major Oscar in 2019 for his role in All the Money in the World. He was most recently seen in 2019  in Knives Out again with a marvelous performance. Christopher is also a regular on a TV show known as Departure and was also seen in The Last  Full Measure.

Jane Powell – 90 Years Old

Jane  Powell was a little girl when she was noticed in Portland’s hometown, performing as a dancer and singer. She later moved to Los Angeles, where a deal with MGM helped her appear in movies such as Royal Wedding, A Date With Judy, and Seven Brides For Seven Brothers. Following her early success, her career slowly declined in the late ‘50s and early ‘60s, and she rapidly went to appear in numerous stage productions, including two Broadway plays. Even though the last film she appeared in was the 1958 Enchanted Island, Powell’s stage career continued until the mid-2000s; she is now 90 and is not officially retired.

Bob Newhart – 90 years old

You will possibly recognize Bob Newhart for his recurring role as Professor Proton in Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory. Nevertheless, his career began in the ‘50s, 1958 to be exact when he made waves with his stand-up monologue, The Button-Down Mind of Bob Newhart. The ‘deadpan’ style of comedy is credited to him since Bob performed in  Newhart, The Bob Newhart Show, and many others. Bob was also in The Rescuers, ER, Elf, and others. Bob is ninety now and has four children with his wife Virginia Quinn; he married in 1963.

Conrad Janis – 90 Years Old

Conrad Janis became very famous as a young and talented actor, having played in Get Smart, The Brasher Doubloon, and Margie. Nonetheless, he will always be remembered for starring in Mork & Mindy, the timeless Television series that aired in 1978 and ended in 1982. He is also a huge jazz music enthusiast, and he has played in many bands as a trombonist. Janis has claimed that he wishes to preserve traditional jazz music, and following his retirement from acting, he formed many bands which attained significant success. Janis’s last role was in the 2012 horror film, Bad Blood.

Peggy Dow – 90 Years Old

Pegg Dow’s name may not ring a bell to you; however, she could have become a Hollywood icon under other circumstances. Dow initially worked as a model until she signed a 7-year contract with Universal. During her three year career, Dow appeared in nine films, with her last being the 1951 movie, I Want You. Dow later married an oil tycoon named Walter Helmerich III and ventured in business. They stayed together until he died in 2012. She has now committed herself to the preservation of libraries and many other humanitarian causes.

Ed Asner – 89 Years Old

Ed Asner is a legendary star in the field of entertainment, and he has enjoyed a very successful and long career. His most notable role was the one of Lou Grant on The Mary Tyler Moore Show and its spin-off, Lou Grant. He is famous for having played on El Dorado and Elf. Asner’s success as an actor helped him become the head of the Screen Actors Guild from 1981 to 1985. He collaborated with director Nicole Zwiren in the early 2010s to release a film regarding HIV awareness. It was the documentary dabbed, Behind the Fear, released in 216. Anser is now 89 years old and very healthy.

Barbara Walters – 89 years old

Barbara  Walters has been a popular figure in the industry of journalism and TV presenting. She hosted iconic Television shows like ABC Evening News and The View, 20/20. Her career began back in the early ‘60s, and she worked hard until 2013 when she retired, even though she subsequently made multiple guest interviews and appearances.  Walters is 89 years old, and she looks stunning; however, she has definitely put a lot of effort into this. In 2010, Walters revealed that she faced heart problems, and she later underwent a successful heart procedure.

Barbara Eden – 88 years old

Barbara brought to life one of the most enduring and iconic characteristics in television history- Jeannie of I Dream of Jeannie. This pretty much cemented her reputation as both a feminist and a Hollywood icon. Barbara’s career started in 1955, and she is still active, taking on roles on big screen and Television, here and there. Recently she appeared in My Adventures with Santa in 2019. She also recorded several musical numbers as a singer, including Rebel, in 1967.

Rita Moreno – 88 Years Old

Do we even need to introduce Rita Moreno? Following her appearance in The West Side Story and The King And I, Moreno became a Hollywood essential and is one of EGOT (Emmy, Grammy, Oscar, and Tony Award) winners. She has also been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, which is the highest honor a civilian can get. Moreno, who now has a net worth of $25, revealed that Elvis was anything but a good lover in an interview in 2018. Moreno used to date Marlon Brando for eight years, was married to Leonard Gordon from 1965 to 2010, his death, and has one child.

Jackie Mason – 88 years old

Jackie Mason ranks 63rd in Comedy Central’s 100 best comedians of all-time list, mainly because of his 1986 one-man film, The World According to Me. The show was awarded a Special Tony, an Emmy, Outer Critics, and an Ace Award and was nominated for a Grammy. Today, Mason lends his voice to various animated movies and television shows, including The Simpsons.

John Astin – 88 years old

The loved and iconic characters of The Addams Family were first introduced in the 60s. One of which is Gomez Addams, who was brought to life by veteran actor John Astin. There have been many Gomez versions through the years; however, none as unforgettable as the original. Nevertheless, John has long since relinquished the role in favor of other roles until he retired in the 90s.

Mitzi Gaynor – 87 Years Old

Mitzi Gaynor was a very famous actress back in the ‘50s.  Her most recognized role was her role on There’s No Business Like Show Business, a movie that featured celebrities like Marilyn Monroe and Dan Dailey. She is also famous for South Pacific, and the last time she acted was in the 1963 movie, For Love And Money. Still, Gaynor, who definitely takes good care of her well-being to look stunning, has not justify showbiz, and she now mostly participates in soundtracks as a songwriter. That is why in 2017, she found a spot in the Great American Songbook Hall of Fame.

Leslie Caron – 87 Years Old

Leslie Caron is a talented dancer and actress, and her magical dancing skills earned her roles to some of her time’s greatest, including Gene Kelly and Fred Astaire. Caron is popular for having played in An American in Paris, The L-Shaped Room, Gigi, and many more, and she is one of the most acclaimed French-American superstars. If you want to know more about her life, in 2016, her biographical documentary titled Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star was launched at Toronto’s International Film Festival. And regardless of the years going by, Caron appears never to lose her perfect smile.

Angie Dickinson – 87 Years Old

There is no way you are not familiar with Angie Dickinson and her memorable acting performances.  She landed her breakthrough role in the 1956 film Gun the Man Down, and later, she appeared on Rio Bravo. This earned her a Golden Globe and increased her salary tremendously. Angie Dickinson is famous for starring in Dressed to Kill, Police Woman, and many more when it comes to television. Nikki, Dickinson’s only kid, committed suicide in 2007 after suffering from mental issues, including Asperger’s syndrome. Despite Dickinson’s attempts to assist her, she ended her life by suffocating herself in her apartment.

Darryl Hickman – 87 Years Old

Darryl Hickman was a toddler when Paramount Pictures discovered him. Hickman ended up studying at the company’s school, and in 1939, he got his big break when he joined the cast of Bing Cosby’s upcoming film, The Star Maker. He was the number one selection out of 1,000 children. Hickman became a famous child star in The Human Comedy, The Grapes of  Wrath, and many more. Since the ‘60s, he has mostly made his money by working as a producer and executive director. In 2017, Hickman released an acting-coaching book titled The Unconscious Actor: Out of Control, In Full Command, which rapidly became a huge hit.

Loretta Lynn – 86 years old

Loretta Lynn is a true legend in the country music scene and has been lavished with many monikers through the years, including ‘The Honky Tonk Girl,’ ‘The Coal Miner’s Daughter,’ and ‘The Queen of Country Music.’ Loretta broke into the Nashville music scene in the 60s and has never justify. President Obama awarded her with the Presidential Medal of Freedom, making her whooping bank account appear like a consolation prize.

Maggie Smith – 85 Years Old

Very few actresses have the acting prowess of the English acting powerhouse named Maggie Smith. Even though younger generations know her for her role as Minerva McGonagall in the Harry Potter series, Smith has appeared in many movies, and stage plays. As a result, Smith was made a Dame by the Queen in 1990, and she took home two Academy Awards and other accolades. Smith appeared in the 2019 film Downton Abbey, based on the Hit Television series, which aired in the mid-2010s, where she also appeared. In spite of being in her mid-eighties, slumping in a retirement home is the last thing Smith desires.

Shirley MacLaine – 85 years old

Just like her brother Warren Beatty, Shirley MacLaine is a formidable name in Hollywood. Shirley has been active in entertainment since 1953 and has enjoyed many prestigious awards since. She took home an Oscar for her role in Terms of Endearment and was nominated a number of times throughout her career. At 85, Shirley’s name still commands respect, and she has still provided great film jobs.

Richard Chamberlain – 84 years old

Becoming a young superstar was not hard for actor Richard Chamberlain to do with his character of Dr. James Kildare from the Television series Dr. Kildare. He also represented the titular roles in the movies The Bourne Identity and Casanova, which only made him more famous. As age caught up with Chamberlain, he chose to take up very few movies and TV guest appearance roles. Chamberlain was last seen in 2017 on the much-loved TV series Twin Peaks.

Roberta Flack – 83 years old

Roberta Flack is one singing star who needs no introduction, providing the incredible vocals for timeless classics like Killing Me Softly with His Song and The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face, just to name a few. Roberta is the only artist who has two consecutive Record of the Year Grammy awards to her credit. Roberta Flack made headlines in April of 2018 when she was rushed off the stage during a performance when she fell unwell. She has been in recovery since. It was revealed that Roberta had a stroke a couple of years before that and told everybody she was fine when she had really recovered.

Donald Sutherland – 83 Years Old

One of the most famous names on our list is Donald Sutherland, whose accomplishments on-screen have been long-known. Sutherland landed roles in some of the most iconic series and fils, including M*A*S*H, Ride & Prejudice, Eye of the Needle, and most recently, The Hunger Games franchise. Age does not appear to slow Sutherland down, who starred in a Television series known as Trust in 2018, while in 2019, he starred in the movie, American Hangman. Donald is definitely not planning to retire any time soon. His son is critically acclaimed actor Kiefer Sutherland. Currency, Donald sits on a $60 million fortune.

Margaret O’Brien – 82 Years Old

Being four years did not stop Margaret O’Brien from acting, and at that age, she already had a contract with MGM. She rapidly gained fame after appearing on Journey For Margaret and  Babes on Broadway; however, her role on Meet Me In St. Louis, opposite Judy Garland, made her an absolute child superstar. O’Brien then won a Juvenile Academy Award, which was unfortunately stolen by her maid. She miraculously found it after 50 years of searching. Even though many would have thought that her retirement would have come decades ago, she is still active. In fact, in 2018, O’Brien did a film known as Impact Event.

Julie Andrews – 82 years old

Julie Andrews is one lady who certainly does not need any introduction. Julie is well recognized for her role as the titular role of Mary Poppins, Maria in The Sound Music, and her many timeless West End and Broadway performances.  Her classically trained soprano voice remains legendary to this day. Nonetheless, she has since begun losing her top notes because of aging, despite seeking medical treatment.

Morgan Freeman – 81 years old

Morgan  Freeman is another living Hollywood star, who, despite being 81 years old, still stars in blockbuster films regularly. No wonder his fortune is off the charts at $150 million. His career can be traced back to the early 70s when he first appeared in Who Says I Can’t Ride a Rainbow? ; however, this has been overshadowed by bigger roles since.

Anthony Hopkins – 81 Years Old

Next on this list is one of the most influential actors of the 20th century, who keeps on mazing us with his unique acting skills. Anthony Hopkins started acting as a stage actor in the ‘60s; however, since landing his breakthrough role in The Silence of the Lambs, he became a Hollywood sensation overnight. He has appeared in numerous blockbuster films, including Nixon, Instinct, and The Mask of Zoro. Today, he sits on a $160-million fortune.  Age definitely does not slow him down; check out his Instagram account: gimmicks, masks, and a video of himself in April 2018, making funny faces while listening to Latin music.

Ringo Starr – 79 years old


Everybody knows Ringo Starr as the drummer of the legendary band, The Beatles.  Most people do not know that he is also a singer, taking lead vocals for at least one song in all the band’s albums, including With a Little Help from My Friends and Yello Submarine. He has largely been withdrawn from public life lately, even though he still performs occasionally. He is a Roll Hall of Famer and two-time Rock, both as a Beatle and solo artist. In 2018, he also became a Knight Bachelor and was the world’s wealthiest drummer, with $350 million in his pocket.

Lily Tomlin – 79 Years Old

We cannot believe that Lily Tomlin has actually turned 79. Aside from being a spectacular actress, Tomlin also knows how to choose the best anti-aging products, apparently. Tomlin initially performed as an independent stand-up comedian until she played Rowan & Martin’s Laugh-In. Her exposure there made her an instant hit in the Television scene. Nonetheless, her most famous role until today was the one in the 1975 movie, Nashville. Tomlin currently stars in Grace And Frankie, a TV series that began airing in 2015. In 2013, Tomlin married her longtime girlfriend, Jane Wagner.

Loni Anderson – 73 years old

When Loni Anderson starred opposite Steve McQueen in 1966’s Nevada Smith, she became a celebrity virtually overnight. Nevertheless, her acting talent was evident, and she soon got roles in other demanding and big projects. Loni is well known for starring in the long-running sitcom WKRP in Cincinnati, which she took home numerous awards. From time to time, she still acts to this day; however, she is more active in charities.

Dolly Parton – 73 years old

Let us move on to one of country music’s absolute Queens: Dolly Parton. Dolly Parton came from complete poverty to take over the country music industry in the’70s. Today, she has composed and performed some of the most legendary country music tunes, including Jolene, I Will Always Love You, and more classics. Parton currently uses her huge fortune to make real estate investments and support fundraising projects all around the United States. Netflix reported that it would be releasing a series about her life in 2018. Patron will star and executive produce the series. She is 73 years old and still looks fabulous.

Victoria Principal – 70 years old

Victoria Principal was a household name on Television back in the ‘80s. Even though she has played in several series, nothing compares to her role as Pamela Barnes Ewing in the iconic Dallas. Though since leaving in 1987, the Principal’s business plan has transformed a lot. She started her own production company known as Victoria Principal Productions. Principal also founded her own beauty products company. The last time she appeared on-screen was 2004 when she appeared in a Television special for Dallas, titled Dallas Reunion: The Return to Southfork. She has also written three books which became bestsellers, and whereas she has been married twice, she has no kids.

Linda Kozlowski – 62 years old

Linda Kozlowski withdrew from the acting industry as fast as she made her breakthrough. She first became popular in 1986 when she played in the classic Crocodile Dundee, opposite Paul Hogan. The chemistry between Hogan and Linda was evident, and the two stars wed shortly after. Linda then went to appear on Crocodile Dundee in Los Angeles and Crocodile Dundee 11. Crocodile Dundee was the last movie she ever did, in 2001. Linda later justify the industry as she was not satisfied with her roles over the years, while she split from Hogan in 2013. Linda might be 62 years old, but obviously, she does not need any wrinkle treatment.