Hollywood Couples Who Have Been Together For Years Now

Queen Elizabeth & Prince Philip – 71 Years Together

Queen Elizabeth 11 and her spouse, Prince Philip, are considered as the couple having the longest marriage among all the British sovereign. They had their anniversary celebration in November 2018. They were acquainted at the Royal Navy College, which ignited their love life. After the encounter, they further exchanged letters. The two have never been seen holding each other’s hand in public since they hold the stoic principles of their generation, following the royal biographer, Gyles Brandeth. Gyles also added that Prince Philip considers himself a pragmatist more than romantic, which works well for this couple’s dynamic way of living.

Kirk Douglas & Anne Buydens – 65 Years Together

If you are a movie lover, then it is no news to you that Kirk Douglas is 102 years old. But most of us do not know that his wife, Anne Buydens, had also attained the century mark in April 2019. When Douglas was interviewed, he made it public that Anne was his soul mate. Who wouldn’t believe it based on the fact they have been married for 65 years. It gives the truth away! In his book Kirk and Anne, Douglas shared that he had numerous affairs with Hollywood maidens back in the day, such as Patricia Neal and Rita Hayworth, mentioning that this was not enough for Anne to leave him since he never hid them from her. This was because Anne understood that it was not realistic to have a full-fidelity in matrimony.

Jeffrey & Ina Garten – 50 Years Together

We couldn’t be happier for Jeffrey and Ina Garten when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in December 2018. The two have always been the cutest couple even when they were camping as newlywed couples in France back in the 70s to become the most joyful co-stars on the Food Network. Jeffrey, who is a celebrity chef and everybody’s adored Barefoot Contessa met Ina when she was visiting her brother at his university. The two kept in touch through love letters before they eventually tied the knot in 1968.

Danny Devito & Rhea Perlman – 47 Years Together

Are you wondering who Danny DeVito is? He is the guy who acted as Penguin in Batman Returns. If you also do not know his wife, I will tell you. She is Rhea Perlman, and she is connected to acting in Hollywood movies. The two met each other in 1971, and they decided to stay together for two weeks after their first encounter. They did not get married until after more than ten years of meeting each other. Even though the two do not stay together anymore and have avoided engaging divorce papers in their decision, we can still say they have been married for more than thirty years. Rhea explained their choice to live separately and added that they were still very much close since they still see each other regardless of their decision. We believe their love still exists.

George & Norma Strait – 47 Years Together

George Strait is a famous country music singer, and he has known his wife Norma, since his childhood. The two grew in the same neighborhood, and they dated on and off for some time until they decided to elope in 1971. They gave life to their first child, who was a baby girl in 1972. They named the baby Jenifer. Their next child was born in 1982, and he was a boy named Bubba. At age 13, Jenifer passed away due to a car accident, which made her family sad. To honor their daughter George and Noma set a foundation. The couple has been together for more than forty years now, and they are proud grandparents to Harvey, who is six years old. George’s 30th album, Honky Tonky Time Machine, was released in March 2019.

Wolf Blitzer & Lynn Greenfield – 46 Years Together

Wolf Blitzer has been able to make a name for himself as a German American political journalist by hosting The Situation Room on CNN. Wolf wedded Lynn Greenfield in 1973. The two have been together for 46 years, and they are blessed with a daughter Ilana Blitzer Gendelman. Ilana was born in 1981. In 2012 rumors came that the couple was going through a hard time, but Wolf denied this emphatically. He claimed the rumors were for young people and not old couples like himself and his wife. The couple lives quietly in Bethesda, Maryland. Currently, Blitzer is the lead political anchor for CNN.

Jeff Bridges & Susan Geston Bridges – 45 Years Together

Bridges are popular for acting, and Jeff Bridges is no exception since he followed his father’s steps by becoming an actor as well. Today, he is an acclaimed actor, and this is because of the artistic DNA in him plus his hard work. Jeff Bridges even won an Oscar for Top Actor in 2009, where he made a speech to honor his wife of thirty years, Susan. The couple met during a movie shooting in Montana. They later got married in 1977 after dating for a few years. What is incredible about these two is that their engagement was as short as five days since they later walked down the aisle the same week. Their marriage is blessed with three daughters. Recently Jeff narrated and produced the documentary; Living in the Future Past.

Henry Winkler & Stacey Weitzman – 41 Years Together

It is abnormal in Hollywood to have a lasting relationship. Nonetheless, Emmy Winner Henry Winkler and his wife Stacey Weitzman have been married for over 40 years. The couple wedded in 1978 after meeting at a clothes store in LA, and they have two kids. They have faced a lot of difficulties over the years, but they have also managed to overcome all of them. One of the hardships being Stacey’s cancer diagnosis, but they are now enjoying life together. Both Winkler and Stacey enjoy fishing together as a hobby. Winkler will be a voicing character in the coming Disney animated series known as Monster at Work.

Meryl Streep & Don Gummer – 40 Years Together

Merly Steep was first married to John Cazale, who died in 1978. This justify Streep single, but she met Don Gummer and married him the same year. They now have a daughter named Grace Gummer. Currently, Grace has been making appearances in television shows and also played a forlorn FBI agent in Mr. Robot. Streep triumphed as the Best Actress for Julie & Julia during the 2012 Academy Awards. During the event, she gave a memorable speech by starting off with giving a shout out to her husband. In her speech, Streep made it known to Gummer that he provided her with everything she values most in their lives and thanked him. What a sweet way to begin an acceptance speech?

Denzel & Pauletta Washington – 40 Years Together

Denzel and Washington are both in the movie industry, and they celebrated their 36th anniversary in June 2019. As private as this couple is, they can still share thoughts on the secret behind their successful relationship over the years. In an interview with The Guardian, Denzel said there is no secret necessary to having a perfect marriage since everyone has their ups and downs. The movie Flight star added that what kept them together was their spiritual foundation and background. Denzel has four different films and is currently working on A Journal for Jordan.

Samuel L. Jackson & LaTanya Richardson – 39 Years Together

One of the renowned names for decades in Hollywood is Samuel L. Jackson. What made him more famous was when he started playing Nick Fury in numerous Marvel films. Samuel met LaTanya Richardson while he was a student, and they eventually got married in 1980. The pair has a daughter named Zoe, who is now a grown woman. Samuel and LaTanya support many charitable organizations. It is believed that Samuel’s love for his wife despite the many years of marriage, is the secret behind their successful, long-lasting relationship.

Heath Richards & Patti Hansen – 39 Years Together

The Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards met his wife on the 23rd birthday of Patti Hansen at Studio 54. During the time, Patti was a famous model, and Keith was an international rock star. They tied the union in 1983 at Los Cabos, Mexico, and their only witness was Mick Jagger. They both share two children in their union. The couple has a beautiful property in the Caribbean is where they like to spend their holidays. Richard cleaned up his own act by cutting down on alcohol. The Rolling Stones released their most recent album dabbed Blue & Lonesome in 2016 when Pattice walked for Michael Kors during the New York Fashion Week.

Angela Bassett & Courtney B. Vance – 38 Years Together

Angela Basset and Courtney B. Vance are one of the power couples in Hollywood. They met each other in the earlier years while they were still students at Yale School of Drama. The two did not start dating until much later. They bumped into each other 14 years in 1994 later after school, and this was the start of the magic between them. They tied the knot in 2007, and they are blessed with twins. Vance was part of the cast in Uncorked, and Angela was part of the stars in the blockbuster superhero movie Avengers: Endgame, which is equally a 2019 movie.

Sting &Trudie Styler – 37 Years Together

Sting and Trudie met in 1982 and waited for a whole decade before tying the knot. Sting believes the key to their successful marriage is friendship. He once shared with ITV’s Loose Women that his wife, Trudie, has the physique of a 22-year old. The two were born in the late ’50s; however, it is reported that Trudie is about three years younger than Sting. The soul mates take great pleasure in having similar nostalgic moments. Also, they reminisce about a jingle that they both remember or television shows they both loved.

Joy Behar & Steve Janowitz – 37 Years Together

Joy Behar, one of the cohosts of the talk show The View, had previously failed in her marriage to a professor that ended in divorce in 1981. Joe shared a daughter, Eve Nehar, with the professor. Luckily, Joe was fortunate to get another shot at love. She started dating Steve Janowitz in 1982. In 2009, they announced their engagement, which was later called off three months later. They eventually married in 2011. Joy has a character of her own in The Amazon series, Crisis in Six Scenes, which is directed by the legendary Woody Allen.

Bono & Alison Hewson – 36 Years Together

Bono is famous for being the frontman of the band U2. Another thing he is famous for is his global charity work. Bono has been married to Alison Hewson, who is an activist for more than 36 years today. The two were teenagers in Ireland, their native land, and eventually got married in 1982. Their union has been blessed with four children. Bono explains how often they go together to red carpet events to be an essential part of their relationship. The With or Without You singer made it public that this has somehow brought them closer over the years. In 2019 U2 continued with the fifth leg of their The Joshua Tree Tour in Australia.

Phoebe Cates & Kevin Kline – 35 Years Together

Phoebe Cates gained popularity as an actress and a model in the 80s because of her work in the films Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins. On the other hand, Kevin Kline is a theatrically trained actor who became a celebrity after starring in the film Sophie’s Choice. The duo met in 1989, fell in love and later got married. They currently reside in the Upper East Side of New York City and are blessed with two children. Phoebe has been paying more attention to her boutique known as Blue for over a decade. She has not been giving much attention to working in the industry. On the other hand, Kevin is working on a movie known as The Starling.

Bryan Cranston & Robin Dearden – 34 Years Together

Bryan Cranston met his wife Robin Dearden, an actress in 1984, while filming Airwolf. The two were still seeing other people. Cranston and Robin bumped into each other again after a year, and that is when the love magic happened. They eventually tied the knot in 1989. Cranston became an international celebrity after playing the lead role of the critically acclaimed television series known as Breaking Bad. He was also given an A-list status in the business after the show became successful financially. Cranston is said to star in an upcoming movie, The One and Only.

Oprah Winfrey & Stedman Graham – 33 Years Together

Oprah Winfrey and Stedman Graham started dating in 1986 and announced their engagement in 1992. Oprah made it clear that she had no intention of exchanging marital vows with anyone anytime soon. This only means we would not be seeing the couple walk down the aisle any time soon. According to Oprah, her meaning of being a wife and Graham’s interpretation of being a husband would have been very traditional, and she could not have fit into that role. Thus, they decided not to go through the marriage since they would most likely not have ended up together if they did. Oprah had a voice role in the movie, Crow: The Legend, in 2018. 

Tom Ford & Richard Buckley – 33 Years Together

Tom Ford, a top-notch fashion designer, fell in love with his journalist husband Richard Buckley more than three decades ago. This happened when they crossed paths at a mutual friend’s fashion show on New Year’s Eve of 1986. According to Ford, it was nothing short of love at first sight at the Jess Cagle Interview interview. The couple shares a six-year-old son named Alexander John Buckley Ford. They are still growing stronger in their 33 years relationship. Ford told Vogue that what kept their love strong through the years is respect for each other.

Tina Turner & Erwin Bach – 32 Years Together

Tina and Erwin have been dating as girlfriend and boyfriend since the ’80s until they decided to get married in 2013. This was after Tina felt she was ready to become Erwin’s bride. If you think that this sounds like quite a very long time of courtship; the reality is with many other celebrities on this list, dating does not always end up in marriage. The two met while at a record label in London in 1986. Back then, Tina was touring her Private Dancer album. It is incredible to note that Erwin Bach, who is a German music executive, is sixteen years younger than his wife. The couple started as friends until they became lovers the following year before eventually tying the knot in 2013.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus & Brad Hall – 32 Years Together

Julia Louis-Dreyfus and Brad Hall first crossed each other’s path at Northwestern University in the early 80s. Brad was making a theater production while Julia had come for auditioning for the production. During Craig Ferguson talk-show in 2013, Julia said that she knew right there and then that she had met her match. They hitched in 1987, and they are now parents of two sons, Henry and Charlie. Brad Hall supported his wife faithfully while fighting breast cancer in 2017, which proves how supportive they are of each other.

Kyra Sedgwick & Kevin Bacon – 31 Years Together

When it comes to preserving relationships, you can always count on Kevin Bacon and Kyra Sedwick to be the best at that. The couple has been married since 1988. They are best at making a tall tree of lemonade out of the lemon’s that life throws at them. When asked the secret to their thirty years union on Entertainment Tonight, Kevin said that he never confides in celebrities for marriage advice. It was the same answer that Sedgwick gave CNN’s Piers Morgan when interviewed in 2012. This makes it evident they are in synchronization with each other.

Michael J. Fox & Tracy Pollan – 31 Years Together

The Family Ties lead-actors Michael J. Fox and Tracy Pollan got married in 1988. The two of them have remained committed to each other since then, even in health and sickness. The couple remained strong also after Michael was diagnosed with Parkinson’s condition in 1991. He was just 29 years old then. Since Back to the Future, which made Fox an iconic Hollywood star, they did not stop having date nights. Some of their date nights involved trips to the Emmys and the Oscars for over three decades. The lovebirds have made it a priority to enjoy each other’s presence wherever they go, either while watching television on the sofa and in a different country.

Rita Wilson & Tom Hanks – 31 Years Together

Rita Wilson and Tom Hanks have been married for more than three decades, and they are happy in their union. Tom Hanks was initially married to Samantha Lewes, but they had a divorce. Hanks, who is a celeb in Forrest Gump, married Rita Wilson a year after the finalization of their divorce. Rita had worked with Hanks on the 1985 comedy flick known as Volunteers initially. Earlier March this year when Rita got her own Hollywood Walk of Fame. Hanks cheered for her to show how supportive their relationship is. Hanks has had his own star since 1992. Actually, he is the one who brought Rita into the limelight by giving everyone a rundown of his gorgeous wife’s accomplishments and achievements in music together with acting. 

Rachel Zoe & Rodger Berman – 29 Years Together

Rachel Zoe is a famous fashion designer who married Rodger Berman in 1996. The two started dating a few years before they got married. On their respective social media, the couple dedicated beautiful words of love to each other as a memorial of their first date. The couple met when they were students. Rachel is very hardworking, and she has managed to build an empire for herself over the years consisting of her own reality TV, clothing line, and a free daily newspaper known as the Zoe Report. Rachel never stops reinventing herself and her business intermittently. One of the things that have ‘t changed over the years in her marriage is her husband’s support. Bustle Digital Group reportedly took The Zoe Report under its wing via an acquisition in 2019.

John Travolta & Kelly Preston – 28 Years Together

During the 70s and 80s, a lot of girls had a crush on John Travolta. But the only lady that was able to capture his heart eventually is Kelly Preston, an actress and they wedded in 1991. The marriage was blessed with a son, Jett. Jett had seizures in 2009 and sadly passed away. The time Jett passed away was very sad for both John and Kelly, and all they had was each other to support through the difficult times. The couple also had consolation in their other two kids. Travolta made it public that they had gone through various marriage counseling, which has assisted sustain their marriage until now. John starred in a movie that explores the life of mafia boss John Gotti titled Gotti.

Steven Spielberg & Kate Capshaw – 28 Years Together

Steven Spielberg and Kate Capshaw met at Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom movie in 1984. Steven was filming the movie, and Kate was chosen to play the lead role from the start. At the time, she caught the attention of Spielberg, but he was married. Steven is also an E.T filmmaker. Spielberg got divorced in 1991, and he and Kate fell in love, and they tied the knot. They have seven children, and they are still very much in love with each other. To date, Steven is always fond of calling his wife his leading lady. Lately, West Side Story directing and production has gotten Steven busy.

Elton John & David Furnish – 26 Years Together

Elton John and David Furnish officialized their relationship in 1993. This was after being together for 12 years. The two entered this civil partnership, which was recognized by England. They have conceived two boys, Zachary and Elijah, through the same surrogate mother. Other than being the public face of love beyond genders, the Canadian filmmaker and English musician are also involved in the Elton John AIDS Foundation. Their foundation has raised over $400M to finance HIV related programs across the world. You can confidently refer to the two as a power couple.

Bruce Springsteen & Patti Scialfa – 26 Years Together

Bruce Springsteen, a famous musician, met his wife Patti Scialfa when she was backing up for his band in the 80s. At this time, Bruce was married, and he did not make any romantic appearance with Patti until he was divorced in 1988. He got married to Patti in 1991. Bruce and Patti are blessed with three children, and they have been happily married for over two decades. Patti has supported the Born in the U.S.A rocker during hard times. The two lean on each other for everything all the time. Patti gave Bruce all-out support when he released his latest album known as Western Stars in June 2019.

Michelle Pfeiffer & David E. Kelley – 25 Years Together

David E.Kelley, a writer and behind the success of television shows like Big Little Lies, is married to Michelle Pfeiffer, an award-winning actress. One of the fun facts about this couple is the fact that they met on a blind date in 1993. There is no doubt that the date was a success since the couple celebrated their nuptials later that same year. In 1993, Pfeiffer adopted a baby girl called Claudia Rose Pfeiffer. When they got married, Kelly welcomed Claudia with open arms and adopted her as his own. Their biological child is called John Henry. In the scene of the film industry, Pfeiffer is still very much active. She is set to star in the upcoming Disney film, Maleficent: Mistress of Evil.

Ted Danson & Mary Steenburgen – 25 Years Together

The romance of this lovely family in Hollywood is worth telling all the time. In 1994, on Pontiac Moon’s set was when the love story of Ted Danson and Mary Steenburgen was triggered. Mary confessed years after how she could be stuck watching him on cheers all the time, as she used to show as an escape during hard times and mainly when she was dealing with her father’s health issues. In 1995 Ted and Mary got married. Before they tied the knot, they were both in their 40s, and they both already hard tough experiences regarding marital affairs. Their past experiences were the main reason they bonded well, and they have been happy ever after. Currently, Danson is one of the stars in The Good Place, which is a Netflix series.

Al Roker & Deborah Roberts – 24 Years Together

AI Roker and Deborah Roberts met in 1990, thanks to being in the same job industry. Roker is one of the most adored weathermen, and he has had a long career at NBC. Today he works for the Today show. The duo wedded in 1995. Deborah is a reporter at ABC News, and she has been married to Roker for 24 years. She has stood with Roker through different health issues.

Lisa Kudrow & Michel Stern – 24 Years Together

Lisa Kudrow is popular as Phoebe Buffay on NBC’s hit comedy sitcom Friends by everyone. Lisa and Michel Stern, who is a French ad executive, got married in 1995. Initially, Michel was dating Lisa’s French roommate back in the ’80s. That is how they got to know each other, and they did not have their first date until after six years of meeting. Just like any other marriage, the couple has had a series of problems over the years. It is clear that they have worked out their problems and settled their disagreements since they are still together. Lisa made it known that their relationship is getting stronger. Lisa has remained versatile throughout the years. Her most recent role was the character she played as Shree and Grace and Frankie.

Steve Carell & Nancy Walls – 23 Years Together

The love story of Steve Carell and Nancy Walls is an incredible one to share. Nancy took Steve’s improv class in Chicago, and this was where they first bumped into each other. They later became friends and flirted with each other for a while since they were too nervous and scared to ask each other out. As you would guess, Steve made the first move, and they later tied the knot in 1995. The couple works together on some projects even as they raise their two children together in their home in California. Nancy had a recurring role in The Office, which is a show by Steve. Currently, Carell is busy working on an upcoming web series called The Morning Show.

Mark Consuelos & Kelly Ripa – 23 Years Together

Kelly Ripa and Mrk Consuelos shared their honeymoon photo in 1996, and many people considered the picture to be adorable. Kelly and Mark met while they were working on the All My Children show. Eventually, they fell in love. Even though there have been tough times in their relationships since there was a time, they had to split for a while. However, they are back together for good, and they have even eloped. Kelly is one of the best-paid hosts on television, and currently, she is also co-hosting Live with Kelly and Ryan. On the other hand, Mark is starring in Riverdale. They live together with their children in a multi-million-dollar mansion in New York City, which they bought with their earnings.

Hugh Jackman & Debora-Lee Furness – 23 Years Together

The marriage between Hugh Jackman and his wife Debora-Lee Furness is another Hollywood union that has been able to last long. The pair met while on the set of Australian drama in 1995, and it only took two weeks for them to know they were meant for each other. Apparently, they were right all along. According to Hugh, they made a deal to always communicate with each other, which has been their secret to a long and healthy relationship. Whenever they were at a crossroads, they did what is best for their marriage and their family. With Jackman’s current tour dubbed The Man, The Music, The Show, it proves that the Wolverine star is crossing over to the concert scene currently.

Tim Mcgraw & Faith Hill – 23 Years Together

This duo has one of the most solid relationships in the industry today. They have proved again and again after 23 years of their marriage since 1996 that they are the real deal. Music is the most vital part of the relationship since it has been what united them over the years. They go on tour together with their three daughters—the couple like keeping their spaces and have their private dressing room during concerts. In 2017, The Rest of Our Life was released, which is a collab album of the two.

Sarah Jessica Parker & Matthew Broderick – 22 Years Together

Most of us loved the character played by Sarah Jessica Parker, where she made sense of her dating as Carrie Bradshaw. Behind the scenes, a real-life love story was developed. This real-life love story is between Sarah and Matthew Broderick. The lovers have been together for more than two decades. The two got married at a surprise wedding ceremony after knowing each other for two years. The National Enquirer had reported that the couple had erupted at each other before celebrating their 22nd anniversary in May 2019. As early as she could, Parker made a statement on Instagram, saying that the news was false.

Robert Duval & Luciana Pedraza – 22 Years Together

Robert Duvall has built his career for over six decades. When he starred in the film The Godfather, it became one of the greatest highlights of his time in the industry. Since when he was young, he has been a successful actor. But regarding his personal life, it is a different story altogether. He had been married three times, and it all failed before he met Luciana Pedraza. Robert later married Luciana in 2005. It did not cause any issues for him being 41 years older and Luciana 47 years old. Luciana Pedraza is an Argentinian actress and director. The couple created the Robert Duvall Children’s Fund with their love and charity. The charity purposes of supporting families in need in Northern Argentina.

Colin Firth & Livia Giuggioli – 22 Years Together

The matrimonial between Colin Firth and Livia Giuggioli can be accredited to Nostromo, a Television miniseries in 1966. Colin and his Italian wife became fond of each other almost immediately that they wedded the following year. This can easily be considered as love at first sight. Due to the so dubbed cheating scandal on Livia’s part, some of their marital problems were aired in 2018; however, in the end, they smoothed everything out. Livia had a brief affair with her former boyfriend while she and her husband were separated. But they have reunited, and they are stronger than before.

Felicity Huffman & William H. Macy – 21 Years Together

We can all agree Hollywood is lucky to have these two talented performers as their true representatives of true love. Thes soulmates, William H. Macy and Felicity Huffman met coincidentally through a New York City theater company. The two are famous for their amazing appearance and poses on the red carpet. They were reported to have dated for fifteen years before tying the knot. Felicity Huffman, who is also one of the Georgia Rule celebrities, made it public that she loves doing anything as far as her husband is also participating. This includes dining at Pizzeria Mozza, their favorite restaurant for date nights in Los Angeles, and going for a run. Macy shared with Closer Weekly that they often find a hotel to stay at for a weekend.

Cindy Crawford & Rande Gerber – 21 Years Together

As a supermodel, Cindy Crawford has achieved a lot in her career, and she is an envy of every other model with her accomplishment. Rande Gerber was also once a model before becoming a businessman. Most of us are interested in finding a love similar to what Cindy and Rande have. Cindy and Rande celebrated their 21st year anniversary in May 2019. The two are very much fond of each other even after the many years of their marriage. We can confirm this through the throwback photographs of each other they published on their social media accounts during their anniversary celebration.

Jerry & Jessica Seinfeld – 20 Years Together

When Jessica first met Jerry, she was a newly married woman. During that time, she had just gotten back from her honeymoon. It is crystal clear that her married status did not stop their feelings from each other to blossom. The two got married on Christmas Day in 1999. They have been happily married for twenty years and are still waxing strong. They have been blessed with three kids, a daughter named Sascha and two sons Shepherd Kellen and Julian Kal. Based on how their relationship started, most people expected it not to last long. However, they have been able to prove people wrong.

Michael Douglas & Catherine Zeta-Jones – 19 Years Together

Michael Douglas has successfully followed his father’s footsteps by having a lasting marriage with his wife, Catherine Zeta-Jones. When it comes to the script of having a successful marriage in Hollywood, it appears Douglas knows all the secrets. The France Deauville Film Festival that happened in 1998 was the occasion that brought Douglas and Catherine together. The pair has been married for nineteen years.
One of the fun facts about this duo is their birth dates. Even though Douglas is 25 years older than Catherine, both share the same date of birth. They were acquainted with each other by Danny DeVito. They have undergone many challenges together since then, like Catherine’s depression and the bipolar disorder she experienced as well as Michael’s illness.

William Shatner & Elizabeth Anderson Martin – 18 Years Together

William Shatner and Elizabeth Anderson Martin had already been dating for a whole year before Elizabeth donned a wedding dress for their wedding in 2001. Willian was already 70 years old at the time they started dating, while Elizabeth was 40. Shatner is a Star Trek cast member and gave life to Captain James T. kirk. Before marrying Elizabeth, Shatner had already been married three times. Elizabeth co-wrote the song titled ‘Together” on Has Been, William’s album in 2004. Shatner and Elizabeth have both gone through the experience of losing their spouses to death. This grief is what brought them together in the first place. They are also horse trainers.

Julia Roberts & Daniel Moder – 16 Years Together

Julia Roberts and her cinematography husband Danny Moder have successfully kept their marriage private for more than 16 years. However, the tabloids are not having it. In 2018, there were false claims that they were getting divorced. But it is evident that they are still very much happy with each other even after half a year later. In a Harper’s Bazaar cover story regarding the divorce rumors, Robert said that those were fabricated tabloids stories about his relationship aimed to be the latest celebrity news, adding that they hurt his feelings. Further, Julia established that she was happy and proud of their union because both had established happiness.

Viola Davis & Julius Tennon – 16 Years Together

In the early years of the 2000s, Viola Davis prayed earnestly to God to send her heartthrob. Her prayers were answered, and she eventually wedded Julius Tennon in 2003. Am sure we would all agree this is what we call a dream come true. The two have become one of the best Hollywood couples everybody readily waits to watch on the red-carpet events. This is as a result of the special lovingly look that Julis gives his wife, Viola. Not to forget their color coordination, which is often adorable. The couple runs JuVee Productions, which makes many people root for them.

Elizabeth Banks & Max Handelman – 16 Years Together

Max Handelman, a producer and Elizabeth Banks, an actress, met each other while in college. They got married in 2003. Elizabeth explained that she never expected the two would get married when they first met. She then concluded that life turnouts could be funny. She said she was grateful they had met each other, and they now work together. As a way of expanding her work Elizabeth is now dipping her toes into directing. However, she is lucky to have her husband as her producer in this kind of male-dominated industry, and her husband has her back whenever she needs him.

Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi – 15 Years Together

One of the best daytime TV hosts of many people, Ellen DeGeneres, has been in a relationship with Portia de Rossi since 2004 and they wedded in 2008 in the presence of about twenty people. The two tied the knot before gay marriage was eventually validated in the entire United States. Like other celebrity couples, the two have tackled a set of rumors concerning their marriage, from more common divorce rumors to false pregnancies. Portia made it known that she and Ellen do not pay attention to any allegations, including the ridiculous ones.

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