The Most Beautiful Celebrity Houses – They Surely Live A Super Luxurious Life

Beyonce and Jay-Z: ~ $88 million, Bel-Air

Beyonce and Jay-Z make the most powerful and wealthy couple in the music industry with a $1.2 billion net worth. Thus, the endless supply of money is no limit for the two, and they barely batted an eyelash to buy their Bel-Air home. The estate is valued at $88 million and has 8 bedrooms, several swimming pools, a basketball court, and a committed quarter for the staff.

Eddie Murphy: ~ $85 million, Hollywood Hills

Eddie Murphy is a successful Hollywood actor and has a 16-acre, resort-style property to show for it. Initially, Eddie acquired the property for just $20 million, but he has upgraded it with numerous renovations over the years since then. Today the value has skyrocketed to $85 million! The huge main house, together with several pools, separate guest houses, tennis court, and horse stables, is well worth the price tag, too. He has reconnected with all of his ten kids, which made it challenging for his work over the years. They are now all enjoying this palace.

Duke and Duchess of Sussex: ~ $80 Million, Apartment 1, Kensington Palace

The royal wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle happened on May 19, 2018, and with it came the new title, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex. Before then, Prince Harry used to live in Nottingham Cottage inside the Kensington Palace grounds. Rumour has it that the newlyweds will reside in Apartment 1 in Kensington Palace. We are all excited to see what facilities Meghan will add to the place that is including 21 bedrooms.

Brad Pitt: ~ $55 million, Long Island

This 41-acre estate was only rented out by the Jolie-Pitt family, before the divorce of Brad and Angie. The acting pair had its palatial 20,000 sq. Ft mansion which has a list of long features and facilities. From 4 guest houses and a spa to a waterfront and fallout shelter. It has got everything! The house interiors are done in Tudor style, adding a dash of royalty to the place. The property was last listed on the market for approximately $55 million.

Jon Bon Jovi: ~ $42 million, New York


The frontman of the band Bon Jovi, Jon Bon Jovi, is a long-time New York resident. He owns a Soho loft currently valued at a whopping $42 million. Spreading across 3,100 square feet of floor space hosts features such as chef’s kitchens, five bedrooms, and 11-foot ceilings. $42 million might feel like a lot of money for a loft; however, it is the high standards of living that can be expected in New York.

Jerry Seinfeld: ~ $32 million, Hamptons

For several years, the wealthy set has run off to Hamptons to luxuriate in their choice locale for a vacation. In these parts, the main holiday season was summer and spring break. People saying they have a home are letting everybody know that they are a big deal. Well, among the people who have acquired mansions are comedian Jerry Seinfeld and his wife, Jessica. They go there with their kids. They bought the deluxe mansion at a whopping $32M and said they did not change the decoration since they already needed it. From June 2016 to June 2017, Jerry’s salary was $69M.

Mark Wahlberg: ~ $30 million, Beverly Hills

Actor Mark Wahlberg’s mansion is a familiar one since it was used to shoot Entourage, a TV show that Mark produces. It rests on over two acres of land and includes a seven-bedroom house. Being a movie star who loves to work out frequently, apart from a movie theater, Mark also had a two-story gym complete with a boxing ring, and a pool-like resort with a waterfall. Hosting house parties must be real joy in such a place. In 2013, Mark sold the house in 2013, but it currently hit the market again for $30M.

Tommy Hilfiger: ~ $27.5 million, Golden Beach

Tommy Hilfiger, the world-renown designer’s love for art, goes beyond just accessories and clothes as he designed his spectacular estate in the Golden Beach area of Florida. Tommy is one of the most successful designers of this generation, as many of you possibly already know. The 14, 079 square property gives a real kick to the senses with its colorful art, fixtures, and memorabilia. Once you see the house, you might require ample recovery from the sensory overload. But, in 2017, Tommy did list this beach home for a price of $29.

Rihanna: ~ $22 million, Barbados

Riri might be a huge star all over the world; however, the singer remains close to her native Barbados, where she owns a villa that overshadows the magnificent Caribbean. The five-bedroom estate has a gym, pools, tennis courts, a golf course, a spa, pools, and direct access to the beach. According to sources, Rihanna has also spurged on 24/7 staff availability and full security. She released her last album in 2016, titled Anti. She then followed the release with a world tour, but as an actress, she was active more currently and was in Buava Island, in 2019.

George and Amal Clooney: ~ $20 million, London

George and Amal Clooney, the epitome of a Hollywood power couple, had moved into a luxurious mansion in 2014. The property includes a 60-foot pool, tennis court, and a cinema, just to name a few features. Best of all, it has a modern irrigation system that provides the whole estate a positive environmental treatment.

Reese Witherspoon: ~ $20 million, L.A.

Reese is one of the most successful actresses ever, both in popularity and net worth. Reese has been a long-term L.A resident living in a villa that measures 10,000 square feet. The massive mansion has many facilities, including gym, private cinema, infinity pool, just to name a few. The house also has 24/7 security.

Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen: ~ $20 million, Tribeca, New York

Tom Brady, the NFL superstar, his wife, supermodel Gisele Bundchen, are enjoying their success in a luxurious style. As of 2020, Tom Brady owns a fortune of $180m, with 26.5 coming in per year. Thus, naturally, they accordingly luxurious $20 condo. Apart from the lavish shared facilities like a spa suite, 82-feet long pool, and an automated garage, their apartment makes liberal use of marble and onyx and is done up in a contemporary style, with no presence of opulent pieces, wares and over-the-top. Tom and Gisele live with their two children.

Robbie Williams: ~ $17 million, London

Robbie Williams, a singer, and performer has always been extra, and he has proven this yet again when he bought not a house but a whole building with 46 rooms on five floors. He spent almost three years reconstructing this building that is located in West London. He added a gym, cinema, and pool to it. There is no doubt that Robbie’s degree of extra is unparalleled.

Michael Jordan: ~ $15 million, Chicago

The telltale number 23 on the gate clearly tells about who owns this huge estate, which has become a major tourist attraction of shorts in Chicago. Of course, it is owned by the most prominent basketball player of all time Michael Jordan. The palatial property features a wine cellar, nine bedrooms, ponds, pools, a man cave, and all sorts of outdoor sports amenities. It also has an indoor basketball court. For a house like this, we can only shudder and wonder what the home insurance might be.

Novak Djokovic: ~ $15 million, Miami

Novak Djokovic, the superstar tennis player, is currently a Miami resident, enjoying a good life in an exclusive and luxurious building called Eight Seven Park. His unit sits on 4,140 square feet of floor space and features a big terrace with beautiful ocean views. The complex itself has facilities like a bar, spa, gym, and pools. The best part of it is that it offers some degree of privacy from prying eyes.

Salma Hayek & François-Henri Pinault: ~ $13.5 million, Bel Air

The gorgeous actress Salma Hayek and her billionaire husband Francois-Henri Pinault settled in this spectacular estate in Bel Air. The house is reported to feature 7 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms, which is more than enough for a family of three. At the time of the purchase, Hayek was pregnant with her daughter. Salma’s billionaire husband made headlines after pledging to donate over $100 million to renovate the Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, which went up in flames on April, 15th 2019. Pinault made the decision with his 82-years old father to help the renovation of the beloved symbol of Paris.

Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann: ~ $11.5 million, Malibu

Hollywood power couple Judd Apatow and Leslie Mann have resided long in Tinseltown in Malibu beach. The fabulous house is valued at $11.5 M and has three bedrooms and spans of impressive 2,55o square feet. The duo bought the property from Laura Ziskin in 2013 without the need for a mortgage. Judd and Leslie have been married since 1997, and they have two kids.

Ryan Seacrest: ~ $11 million, Hollywood Hills

Not many TV personalities are as successful as Ryan Seacrest. His foothold on American Idol is enough proof of that. Ryan lives naturally as is expected of his stature in a Hollywood Hills palace dabbed as Casa di Pace. The Mediterranean-style villa hosts insane facilities, including a 17-foot vault and a wine cellar that can hold 4,500 bottles of wine. We can’t help but wonder what the electricity bill is like!

Adele: ~ $9.5 million, Beverly Hills

The Grammy Award-winning singer Adele selected the secure and safe Hidden Valley Community in Beverly Hills to settle in a $9.5 mansion house. Resting on 6,500 square feet of floor space, the songstress has more than enough space for her growing family, and some justifyover space to accommodate a large pool, spa, and even a treehouse. Indeed, home insurance must be a hefty one; however, nothing that Adele can not afford.

Britney Spears: ~ $9 million, Thousand Oaks

Queen of pop Britney Spears owns an Italian-style estate that is worth about $9 million. Apparently, she calls the suburb of Thousand Oaks in California home. The property rests on over 13,000 square feet and has a villa that features media and gaming rooms, among other features. The most notable feature on the estate is its outdoors, with a gorgeous garden, tennis court, golf course, and swimming pools. We would not mind trading in our homes for this palace. This year Britney was supposed to go on a tour titled Britney: Domination; however, it was postponed. 

Dick Van Dyke: ~ $9 million, Los Angeles

Dick Van Dyke, a comedian, and an actor, once owned the famed Encino Estate, which also housed actor Harrison Ford at some point in time. The Italian styled mansion rests on 2,015 square feet and has 6 bedrooms and 8 and a half bathrooms. It also has an outdoor kitchen, gardens, tennis course, swimming pool, and spa. Dick started his career in 1947 and is still on.

Bruce Willis: ~ $9 million, Bedford

The action star and family man Bruce Willis chose the somewhat low-profile and obscure Bedford area in New York to build his home. The $9-million residence is huge enough for five bedrooms and an extensive wine cellar that can accommodate 1,500 bottles. The mansion also comes with a cabana, heated pool, and tennis court. At 8,400 square feet, there is no doubt that the electricity bills and gas would be a hefty one. Bruce has been married to Emma Heming since 2009, and they have 5 kids. The star was seen in Motherless Brooklyn in 2019.

Jillian Michaels: ~ $8.77 million, Malibu

Celebrity personal trainer Jilian Michaels has built a fortune in fitness. And we can all agree that she had spent it accordingly when she shelled out almost $7 million for a three-bedroom Malibu estate right on the oceanfront. The 3,157 square feet is listed for 8.7 million, which is a great return on this investment. Audiences might recognize Jilian from shows such as The Doctors, The Biggest Loser, and Just Jilian.

Halle Berry: ~ $8 million, Malibu

For the past 13 years, Halle Berry has lived in the same Malibu beach house. This is a real feat considering that most celebrities change their properties as often as they can. The 5,000-square-foot estate includes a private spa to boot and access to the exclusive beach. Indeed, it is a luxurious palace, and we can’t blame the actress for holding onto this estate for all those years. Halle was recently seen in John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum, while he was also seen in Kingsman: Kidnap, Kings and The Golden Circle, and others.

Keira Knightley: ~ $6 million, Tribeca

Actress Keira Knightley’s homeland is England; however, she actually calls New York her home. She lives in a two-storey flat in trendy Tribeca that rests on 3,830 square feet. The space is very Bohemian with a private patio and high ceilings, making it fit Kira’s personality. It is worth $6 million; however, Keira does not need a loan or mortgage to afford the mansion.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka: ~ $5.5 million, East Hampton

Actors David Burtka and Patrick are the images of marital bliss and, of course, have the mansion to show for it. The property spreads across ultra-chic East Hampton, has four bedrooms, wine cellars, chef’s kitchen, swimming pool, gorgeous gardens, tennis court, and library. The multi-story house is 5,250 square feet, and possibly the insurance is equally large.

Vince Vaughn: ~ $5.3 million, Southern California

Another notable actor who has chosen the Southern California region as a suitable place to build his home is Vince Vaughn. In 2013, Vaughn acquired the 5,500 square foot property for $3.9 million. However, the house has increased in value and is reported to be worth $5.3 million today. If he ever considers moving to another city in the future, he will undoubtedly make a killing sale for this house.

Lady Gaga: ~ $5.25 million, Hollywood Hills

Leave to superstar Lady Gaga to acquire a truly legendary home with a formidable history. Previously owned by musical legend Frank Zappa, the property is about 7,000 square feet and includes the main house, a pool, two guest houses, a recording studio, a greenhouse, and a tennis court. It is reported that the singer will not be trading this estate anytime soon. In 2020, Gaga’s own personal fortune grew to $320M. The star co-wrote and co-produced most of the songs for A Star is Born with Bradley Cooper, and the movie won Oscar for it.

Lauren Conrad: ~ $5.2 million, Pacific Palisades

Reality star Lauren Conrad lived in sprawling California estate, at the height of her career. The property spreads across 5900 square feet of floor space. When she got pregnant with her first child, she soon sold it off at a little less than her $5.5M asking price. But she was trading in all that space to start a family, so it was still a good decision any mother can make.

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson: ~ $4.5 million, Florida

You can think of Rock as a bankable actor with a huge fortune of $320M. He was selected to invest heavily in real estate, and this is just one such case, Rock’s $4.5 million Florida retreat. It includes a swimming pool, private theater, and has his most essential asset, a place where the Rock can train. Recently Dwayne was seen in Central Intelligence, Moana, Rampage, Skyscraper, and others. The rock has definitely retired after returning to pro wrestling several times over in 2019. He justify as one of the most bought and headlined performers in pay-per-view.

Jason Momoa & Lisa Bonet: ~ $4 Million, California

Momoa, the now King of Atlantis, rose to fame when he first appeared in Games of Thrones as Khal Drogo. He later became a global icon when he played the role of a superhero in Aquaman for the SCEU franchise. Ever since Jason saw Lisa on TV, he had a huge crush on her. By then, he was only 8, and after a long time and many struggles, he finally married her back in 2017. After tying the knot, they both decided to settle in a $4M fabulous mansion in California. The mansion is very spacious and beautiful enough to match their star truly and has a big enough pool for Momoa to live Aquaman in real life.

Eva Longoria: ~ $3.80 million, Los Angeles

Probably, the Desperate Housewives star Eva Longoria felt that her longtime LA property with 6 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms was a little space for her growing family. The 8,603 square feet mansion, which had been built according to Eva’s taste and with the latest facilities, was purchased in 2006 at a whopping $3.80 million. She did pay close attention to the 5 guest rooms; however, her master bedroom is more breathtaking by far. With its 2 walk-in closets, extended sitting area and fireplace, this room is just the place to unwind. And the attached glass steam shower does not stand a chance with the outdoor jetted garden tub being Eva’s favorite amenity.

Chris Evans: ~ $3.5 million, Hollywood Hills

Actor Chris Evans shares his time in a house in Hollywood Hills and his native Boston. The Hollywood Hills is a true testament to his success as an actor. The villa spans 4,500 square feet and features an outdoor fire pit, steam room, open-concept kitchen, among other facilities. Valued at 3.5M, no loan or mortgage is required here since his Captain America earnings alone can very much foot the bill.

Kanye West: ~ $3.3 million, Hollywood Hills

It goes without saying that Kanye West and his wife, Kim Kardashian, are stylish in every way. Their home in Hollywood Hills definitely proves how fashionable the duo really is. Dubbed as a modern masterpiece, the mansion has a huge floor area and has three bedrooms. The house is a prime real estate valued at $3.3 and possibly has a hefty home insurance premium to go with it.

Bryce Dallas Howard: ~ $2.9 million, Hollywood Hills

There is no doubt that Bryce Dallas didn’t need a loan to purchase her Hollywood Hills Estate, being a successful actress and a daughter of acclaimed filmmaker and sometime actor, Ron Howard. The house, which is a Mediterranean-style villa, is both private and luxurious. Apart from the security gates, it is reported to have a sauna, media room, and lots of beautiful outdoor spaces, making its $2.92 million price tag very appropriate.

Naya Rivera: ~ $2.6 million, Loz Feliz

Naya Rivera is one of the rare stars who eschewed living in a sprawling estate, opting to reside in ab L.A complex instead. This provides her with various facilities and great security, so it is not difficult to understand why she chose to settle here. The house rests on 4.158 square, giving the actress plenty of space for leisure and comfort.

Miley Cyrus: ~ $2.5 million, Malibu

She sang a song about it, so it is not surprising that Malibu is one of the places that Miley Cyrus calls home. The home is worth $2.5 million property and rests a little over 2 acres of land. It has a main house with a square footage of 1,384 and an outdoor gazebo and jacuzzi.  The singer and actress owns many other luxurious properties, and it is said that the total worth of it is around $20 million. So hosting a few guests is certainly not a problem.

Michael Phelps: ~ $2.5 million, Scottsdale

After winning many gold medal Olympics for many years, Michael Phelps has long gone into his hard-earned retirement. And he chose to settle in Landlocked Scottsdale. This fantastic pool is the central fixture of the property. Of course, the fastest swimmer in the world cannot be away from water for long. The rest of the estate is not too shabby either with the main house of 5 bedrooms, hot tub, and barbecue area.

Katherine Heigl: ~ $2.66 million, California

Katherine Heigl resides in the Loz Feliz area of L.A with her husband and daughters, where she lives a typical California life. The house features a huge outdoor living space to be featured the most out of the climate. It also has a cabana and pool. At 3, 690 square feet, the house is a great place for retirement, even though that is still a long way off for Katherine.

Jared Leto: ~ $2 million, Hollywood Hills

Actor Jared Leto lives like the rock star and movie star that he is, in a $2 million mansion in the Hollywood Hills. Sitting on 4,000 square feet of land, his bachelor pad has two storeys, a recording studio, four bedrooms, and a full bar. It also has a swimming pool nestled in lush gardens, which gives him a great degree of privacy. Leto was last seen in a movie known as The Outsider.

Jermon Bushrod: ~ $1.8 million, Davie

Given his fame and on-field performance, the former Miami Dolphins lineman has built a great housing situation. It is more sensible for him to have moved his family into this fabulous mansion in Davie while he played in Miami. Just before Bushrod bought this foreclosed 8,000 square foot estate, it was remodeled in 2017. The mansion features 6 bedrooms, a loft with balcony, 7 bathrooms, a pool with jacuzzi, a huge backyard, and a tiki bar. We can all agree that this place was just perfect for the sportsman and his growing family. Bushrod and his wife, Jessica, live with their two kids.

Sean Connery: ~ $1.7 Million, County Wicklow

Sean Connery is mostly remembered for being the first guy who played James Bond on the big screen. Connery managed to purchase a beautiful estate in County Wicklow, Ireland, back in the 1970s. The six-bedroom house served as the perfect place, Connery would go to when he wanted to get away from Hollywood madness. He eventually sold the mansion in the late 1970s. Currently, the new owners are selling the place with an estimated price of $1.7 million. In 2006, Connery officially retired, but he did have a voice role in Sir Billi back in 2012.

Meghan Markle: ~ $1.6 million, Toronto, Canada

Before Meghan Markle became the Duchess of Sussex, she was an actress on the TV show Suits. She chose to reside in Toronto, where the series was being filmed. The beautiful mansion where she used to live has 3 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and has since been listed in the market. The estate is beautifully done up in white and neutral colors and has landscaped garden, eat-in-kitchen, and a two-car garage.

Owen Wilson: ~ $1,524,000, Pacific Palisades

When you are a long time Hollywood A-lister like Owen Wilson, you can afford to build your own house just the way you like it. But Owen’s home is quite modest (not exactly cheap). It is a home in the posh Pacific Palisades area of California. The extremely private property is spread across a mere 1,522 square feet with 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms. Based on the showbiz standards, this is tiny! However, the actor does not intend to stay here and thus will not be able to enjoy the grassy backyard, shaded deck, hardwood floors, or the 2-car garage. The interiors are earth-toned and practical than they are over-the-top or for show.

Tyson Fury: ~ Price Undisclosed, Marbellaing 

Tyson Fury, a British professional boxer, shared an interesting Instagram post in 2018. The post began with photos of Fury standing in front of a majestic mansion. Besides, there were pictures of him in what appeared to be the inside, and Fury was giving a handshake as though he was closing a deal. In the caption, it read that he had treated himself with a new house. Allegedly, the property is located in the tourist area of Marbella, Spain. The same year, the boxer came back to the ring after two years of inactivity and challenged Deontay Wilder. This was the fight that earned him Comeback of The Year and other awards.

Jennifer Aniston: Undisclosed Value, California

Friends star Jennifer Aniston bought this estate in California in 2011 to keep away the paparazzi. Later, actor Justin Theroux moved in with her when the couple got married. With the divorce finally settled between the two, Jennifer is trying to start anew, and even though she travels a lot, she is said to reside here. The place is huge, with several rooms, a pool, and beautiful landscaping. To give the mansion a classy look, Aniston has done up the interiors with liberal use of metals, woods, and leathers.

Doris Day: Undisclosed Amount, Carmel, California

Popular actress Doris Day was once shooting for the movie Julie in Carmel, California, and just fell in love with the place. She then built her house there in three years and moved in by the late ’80s. The estate rests on about 11 acres of land, with tall oak trees hiding it from pesky paparazzi. The main house where Doris resided has many crystals, antique pieces, silver displays, and oversized sofas and chairs. She even inducted the spiral staircase from The Dorris Day Show in her house.

Kate Middleton: Undisclosed Value, Kensington Palace, England

When Kate married Prince William, she realized that being married to a member of the British Royal Family, who is also an heir to the throne, comes with its perks. Kate’s growing family lives in Apartment 1A, located within Kensington Palace grounds, and is mainly a 4 storey building with 2 nurseries, 3 kitchen, and many rooms. The reception room contains Persian rugs, plenty of priceless pieces of art, and 19th-century lamps.

Prince Harry of Britain: Undisclosed Amount, Kensington Palace, England

Actress Meghan Markle realized her dream of living in a palace and moved into Prince Harry’s house known as Nottingham Cottage after the two tied the knot in May 2018. The cottage is part of Kensington Palace and rests on its grounds. This fabulous little house includes two bedrooms, a dining room, a small living, and two modern bathrooms. We are sure that Meghan loved the impressive design of the house.

Burt Reynolds: Undisclosed Value, Florida

Burt Reynolds, an actor famous for his Western movies, has multiple homes in Florida. We only got to know the value of his numerous estate properties since they were almost foreclosed when he was facing some financial constraints. However, Reynold’s asset managers were able to help him out, and he managed to keep his estate for 30 years, which he calls Valhalla. The actor is very private about his house; however, he did share that his game room was his own space and that it comes complete with a 7ft 9in stuffed bear. Reynolds once acted with a TV show known as Hawk.

Rush Limbaugh: Undisclosed Amount, Palm Beach

Rush Limbaugh is so committed to his talk show host career that he had his radio studio built inside his villa. The house which spreads across 34,000 sq. Ft. has 7 bedrooms, 12 bathrooms, and an elevator too. When Hurricane Irma hit, Limbaugh had to vacate his house, but he was back to his beloved home in no time.