These People Took Quarantine To Another Level & It’s Hilarious

At Home, But Still In The Public

Some people prefer to stay at home while chilling with friends and family; however, others like going out and exploring nature and new places. It is impossible if you are not allowed to go outside your door; yet, someone has identified a way to meet dear ones without actually meeting them. Feeling confused?

Look at these two meetings in public, while still expertly avoiding physical human contact. Crazy right? They are not in a crowd in a real sense; however, they get to meet up and hang out while you are all quarantined alone and feeling lonely waiting for the quarantine to end. It would be fun to use this futuristic idea and get a friend on board; what do you think?

Having Fun Is Still Possible

Staying indoors for an extended period can be unnerving for anybody, mainly during a pandemic. Germs are everywhere, you can not touch any surface, and we have to protect ourselves somehow. What a better way than wearing a full-fledged costume with wheels (lots of them) and metal coverings.

This man might look borderline paranoid; however, he knows what he is doing- at least we hope so because if he does not, we wouldn’t want to know how he ended up after this stunt. Remember the rule, do not try this at home- it is a fair warning.

When Kids Know How To Be Safe Better Than Grown-Ups

The most vulnerable humans during a pandemic are the children. They do not know how to keep safe from germs and bacteria that are everywhere. A parent must keep their children safe and help them avoid human contact.

We were all surprised to see this kid who has already identified a way to keep himself safe from infected adults and still get to enjoy playing around his neighborhood. Just look at how he is carrying this super-cute outfit, and it will be hard for strangers to steer clear of him.

When You Still Want To Go Swimming

We know it appears bizarre; however, what is a child supposed to do when all their playing and school activities are over for no one knows how long? The public swimming pools are also off-limits, and the children are bored playing the same games over and over again.

An exciting way to enjoy his unexpected holidays without even leaving the house. A spacious area, water pipe, a tarp- and voila! An exclusive fun zone with a view of the neighborhood!

When You Have To Go Out

Visiting someone at the hospital, a meeting in person, an emergency grocery shopping could be some of the reasons for somebody to get out of the house during a quarantine. However, if it is recommended that you protect yourself from physical contact and maintain a 1-meter distance from people, then is it supposed to be done in these circumstances?

Just look at this man who has it all figured out. He has put on a disc-like thing around his body with a shoulder strap, which enhances his freedom to step out while maintaining a safe distance. No one will be close to him with this technique. Why didn’t anybody think of it before?

A Quarantined Wedding – Here Comes The Bride!

The groom is waiting at the altar’s end, wearing a VR headset and tuxed, and the flowers and wedding cake are ready. Huh! What? This is what happens during self-quarantine, but it is your wedding day, and you know you must show up- the virtual attendance going to count, too, right?

Here is a great idea for someone’s big day if you are bulldozed by the stay-home-keep-safe-avoid-people trend going around globally. Holding your wedding ceremony in isolation is also an option to avoid inviting people. We are not sure about others, but this couple went for this one.

Broadcasting The Breaking News Before Anyone!

During an outbreak, and quarantine becomes the normality, people vacate the stores and streets to stay safe inside their homes. Some people, especially newscasters, need to break the news at the first opportunity, so they have to go to the empty roads to report the current situation.

The woman in this picture is all set to break the news to the anxious people waiting in front of their screens, and a selfie stick assists her out in her quest as she is filming and reporting at the same time. A courageous effort on her part; however, she would just have waited for a few days and stayed safe at home, she may not even have to shoot alone!

Social Media Creativity

Look at the picture above and realize that 14 days quarantine can either be enlightening for a person or a very hard period-based on your perspective, of course! To us, it appears like some people had nothing interesting to do ( just like most people these days!), and that is probably the reason they decided to get creative on social media.

If the stress of a long indoor stay is already getting to you and working from home is making your muscles stiff- go ahead and place your fitness bike in front of your computer desk and get to work (no pun intended!.

Who Needs A Barber?

Whereas the personal care regime has been a great concern during the long indoor stay, this out-of-the-box thinker has figured out the best way to cut your hair without the help of a barber. It looks like all you will need apart from a trimmer is a lot of self-confidence, a big screen, and a camera.

Further, we are all stuck at home, and there is no one to look at your new haircut. If the haircut goes wrong, you have some time to grow your hair back before getting out of the quarantine. This man’s invention is worth giving a try!

Sharing Is Caring

Two brothers up inside one home with a single TV screen can get pretty dire. The argument for who gets to play first can go on for the next couple of weeks without getting a clear solution in the end. Fortunately, when children have free time in their hands, they tend to develop innovative ideas just like this one!

What you see here is the ultimate solution for avoiding sibling conflict. All you have to do is split the TV screen, and use a separation; you will not hear anything from the kids for the next couple of hours. It can be an effective way to maintain a tiny amount of peace- quarantine or else still.

Dogs Are Helpful!

When somebody is at home during weekends, it is no more than two days of patience; however, if it gets longer, what happens? Inside a house with a five or six family could be fun if it is a vacation, but not when we are in quarantine- then it becomes the only episode for survival.

Consider this family- the guy requested a phone charger from his mom, and she told him to ask their dog who had it wrapped around this body! Turns out, sometimes, you just do not want to see your son’s face after a long week of isolation.

Isolation Made Innovative

They say breakfast is the most important meal of your day, and having a variety of food on the table can be very encouraging for food lovers; however, still, for some people- a bowl of cereal is all they need. One may think there are not many innovative ways to enjoy cereals, but this trick could be changing minds.

We have heard about a bowl full of cereal and milk, but what about preparing it uniquely? It is very innovative (stuff that can help anyone kill boredom amid a homestay). Even better, doing the dishes is no more a headache anymore!

The Ultimate Umbrella

People will, in due course, step out of their house after a quarantine. Nonetheless, that does not necessarily indicate that the crowds are safe for them. Even though it is not an outbreak, you should always be careful, and the young woman in the picture has already identified a way out.

You may not require a hazmat suit after getting your hands on the giant umbrella dome, which will prevent you from sunlight, dust, rain, toxic people, infections (it works, trust us!). Feel confident after the extended stay at home and step out of your comfort zone with all umbrellas’ mothers to avoid anything you do not want close to you.

Touch-Free Handles During A No-Touching Public Policy

How many doorknobs do you turn in a day? The answer is definite, you can not remember since who does the counting! It is a well-known fact that door handles are the simplest way of getting a transfer, and it is something hard to avoid during the quarantine.

The good news is there is a mastermind out there who has discovered a way of opening a door without touching the handle. Crazy, right? This might appear close to impossible; however, look at the picture and see for yourself how it works. This is a must-try during quarantine, and if you are a germaphobe, this can be a great solution for them.

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