Garland M47-23S Financing

Garland M47-23S Commercial Gas Range Financing For Your Business

Do you need a Garland M47-23S commercial gas range financing for your business? We can help you finance up to 100-percent of the equipment you need for your business. Our aim is to help you come up with the smartest equipment solution. A shorter-term may have you stressing to make payments, and a longer-term will have you paying off the commercial equipment even after you stop using it. Based on the equipment, funding terms could extend from five, three, or even ten years. At Top Financial Resources, we provide quick approval and financing. Our team will work with you to secure fast loan processing and larger fund amounts for your commercial gas range needs.

Garland M47-23S Commercial Gas Range Description

Garland M47-23S Commercial Gas Range Standard Features 

Garland M47-23S is a master series heavy duty range. It features (two) 24,000 BTU open burners, (one) 23″ griddle, manual controls, storage base, stainless steel front and sides. Garland M47-23S rests on 6″ adjustable legs for stability.

Garland M47-23S commercial gas range standard features

  • 152mm chrome steel adjacent legs 
  • 191mm stainless steel front rail 
  • It has a 40,000 BTU natural, 35,000 BTU propane cast iron oven burner 
  • 591mm H welded steel splash guards, sides, and back 
  • Clip-on stainless steel backsplash 
  • Fully porcelainized oven interior 
  • One-piece stainless steel drip tray 
  • Piezo spark ignition for oven 
  • Removable front-mounted stainless steel grease receptacle 
  • Removable ring grates over each burner 
  • Stainless steel side and front 
  • Two 24,000 BTU natural, 20,000BTU propane Starfire burners for every section. 
  • Valve controlled griddle on the justify with 1″ thick steel griddle plate and two 33,000 BTU “H” burners. 

Optional features of Garland M47-23S commercial gas range

  • 152mm stainless steel adjacent legs
  • 230 volt, 50 cycle elements, RC motor (export) 
  • Celsius dial for oven thermostat
  • Convection oven base, add C to model #, such as. M47-23RC 
  • Dais base (not for utilization with “RC” oven) 
  • End caps and cover 
  • Extra oven rack 
  • Fully grooved griddle (or grooved sections) 
  • Gas flex hose and quick disconnect (3/4″, 1″ or 1-1/4″ NPT x 5′) with restraining device
  • Gas regulator 1-1/4″ or 3/ 4.”
  • Gas shut off valve; 3/4″, 1-1/4″ or 1″ NPT 
  • Rear gas connection, or 1″ or 3/4″ NPT 
  • Set of (four) Polyurethane non-marking swivel casters with front brakes 
  • Stainless steel backguard: 10″ , 17″ or 33″ 
  • Comes with stainless steel common front rail up to 102″ wide (multiple units in a battery) 
  • Stainless steel main back 
  • Stainless steel oven interior 
  • Stainless steel tubular high shelf, double or single deck 
  • Storage base shelf of stainless or aluminized steel 

Commercial Gas Range Financing Process At Top Financial Resources

Top Financial Resources Commercial Gas Range Financing

Top Financial Resources is perfect for large or small restaurants looking to expand quickly but do not have the means for immediate commercial equipment acquisition. Our equipment offering spans many types, and we have a wide range of programs to meet your specific restaurant business needs. We provide flexible plans, some of which involve using the commercial gas range itself as financial collateral, leases, and business short term loans. Top Financial Resources can offer new and innovative ways to expand your company more quickly with quick approval and funding than you might have previously thought possible.

You might be wondering, do I qualify for Top Financial Resources’ commercial gas range financing? Most probably yes, the answer is that most restaurants can be eligible for our loans, regardless of previous bankruptcy or bad credit history. The amount you are eligible for and the interest rate you will be paying on your flexible financing loans are based on the value of your restaurant’s gas range, your restaurant financial portfolio, and your credit score. Moreover, even if your small restaurant finances do not have a pristine history, we are willing to take larger risks. Interest rates and other factors vary depending on the value, age, and aim of the machinery required.

Our commercial gas range loans feature a straight-forward and simple loan application and are quickly processed within 24 to 48 hours. Equipment leases and loan applications usually require the aforementioned business records, credit score, financial portfolio, bank statements, and tax returns, all showing the restaurant’s financial stability and revenue stream.  Documents you will need for Garland M47-23S financing include a bank statement, driver’s license, business tax returns, and a quote on the equipment you would like to borrow.

Many restaurants at some point in their lifetime run into the problem of requiring one last piece of equipment to finalize production, expanding your client offerings, improving your services and products, but are unable to accrue the funds necessary to make that last final step to success. That is where Top Financial Resources comes in and helps those business owners who do not have the immediate cash-on-hand to buy that piece of equipment up-front. Many restaurant owners are not aware that restaurant equipment loans are some of the least risky and simplest to be approved because the equipment you are borrowing serves as collateral insurance for the restaurant equipment financing company.

You can use the proceeds of the Garland M47-23S financing loan to buy all kinds of equipment for a commercial kitchen, from freezers to the electric gas range to vehicles and server rooms; there is no restriction to what you can invest in. The item and equipment itself, nonetheless, does affect certain aspects of the loan. Financing amounts, interest rates, and payment plans are all impacted by the value of the equipment and if the item is used or new. If the equipment loan terms were broken and payment could not be made, the financing company can seize the machinery and liquidate it for its value, thus recouping their losses made on the loan. This is why commercial gas range loans are so agreeable when it comes to the lender and why the risk to both parties is minimized and works in both parties’ favor.

Why choose Top Financial Resources?

We are here to provide you with restaurant equipment financing. Here are some of the reasons businesses love us:

  • Reliable and transparent: At Top Financial Resources, we are clear and concise about our financing programs. Unlike specific lenders, we make our fees visible and take the time to ensure that all loan and lease terms are presented to you in a clear and easy to understand format. There are no hidden fees and obligations, only loans at the lowest cost possible.
  • We get you the equipment you need fast: In business, timing is everything. Our experience and proprietary algorithm get you the best equipment loan rates available. With Top Financial Resources, you will get decisions faster as we work around the clock to get you the item you want when you need it.
  • Simple and Intuitive: Let us do the work for you. After you apply using our easy-to-use online application, our team of loan specialists will work with you to tailor a suitable financing program for your business and get you the best rate possible.
  • We are here for you: You can trust our immediate response team to take care of you from the inquiry stage all the way to the funding stage. We value your restaurant needs and look forward to any questions you might have along the way.

We exist to help you grow your restaurant with the commercial equipment it needs. We have worked hard to understand the particular needs of the foodservice industry. Most restaurants that enquire about restaurant equipment finance or lease are accepted.

Rates and terms of commercial gas range financing

As far as rates are concerned, 6 to 30 percent is expected for commercial gas range financing; however, the rate does vary based on the loan type, business profile, and credit score. The length of your term also depends on the kind of equipment and the item’s expected useful life. The majority of loans will be set at a maximum of ten years repayment; however, others might be shorter if the machinery’s life expectancy is less, especially when it comes to used machines. Thus, you will want to consider the possibility of loan extensions; it is essential to the lender the equipment is still useful after the period of the loan in the case that liquidation is necessary- besides, the loan aims to provide you with a piece of useful equipment. If the commercial gas range is no longer functioning, both parties are at a loss.

Restaurant equipment leasing or financing?

Leasing might seem like an appealing option for some restaurants; however, very few contracts from equipment vendors are leased to buy. It might be beneficial to lease Garland M47-23S if you only have the equipment for a short time; however, restaurant business owners looking for long-term investment will find an equipment financing structure more sustainable. Equipment loan payments are put towards the purchase of the asset, and some financing solutions allow for bigger payment installments so that you can own the machinery faster were your revenue to accelerate because of the growth on by said item.

After the equipment loan is paid off, the item is yours for life, and you can decide to liquidate the asset yourself if you choose, therefore generating funds for an equipment upgrade or reducing the interest rate paid on the equipment over time.

Can I still apply for Garland M47-23S financing if I have bad credit?

Growing a restaurant from scratch is a challenge. Maintaining that growth for the next few years could prove to be even harder. Working with a lender like Top Financial Resources that offers bad credit restaurant equipment financing can be the make-or-break difference in your business’s success. We understand that getting a bad credit business loan is ideal for businesses in operation for just a few years; that is why we offer commercial gas range financing to these businesses to replace or buy new equipment.

What gas ranges are eligible for equipment financing?

When providing gas range financing, we consider all commercial gas ranges regardless of brand or series. Apart from Garland M47-23S, we can also help you purchase (note that the list is not exhaustive):

  • Garland M47S Master Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland M47S Master Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland M47T Master Series Heavy Duty Range
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