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Get Southbend SE36A-TTT Commercial Electric Range Financing

When it is time to get Southbend SE36A-TTT commercial electric range financing, a bad credit score can be an impediment. Traditionally, bad credit restaurant equipment financing has been a dream of entrepreneurs who have seen the doors closed in their faces as a result of the past problem. The good news for those business owners is that this trend is changing. An error in the past no longer has to lock you out of reasonable opportunities for growth. Restaurant equipment loans with bad credit have been created by leaders who understand that there is some value to reaching out to those restaurants that might want to grow despite their shaky credit reports. Below explains how to finance Southbend SE36A-TTT if your restaurant has a bad credit score.

Southbend SE36A-TTT Overview

Southbend SE36A-TTT Features

SE36A-TTT is a heavy-duty range from Southbend. This electric unit features a 36″ griddle, thermostatic controls, (one) convection oven, sides, top, and oven lining. It includes (three) oven racks and is cETLus, ETL-Sanitation certified.

Southbend SE36A-TTT Features Include:

  • (one) convection oven
  • 1″ thick plate
  • 141,000 BTU
  • 36″
  • battery spark ignition
  • CSA
  • exterior bottom and 6″ adjustable legs
  • gas
  • griddle
  • includes (three) racks
  • NSF
  • Platinum Heavy Duty Range
  • rear
  • sides
  • stainless steel front
  • thermostatic controls

Commercial Electric Range Loans For Bad Credit Applicants

Restaurant Equipment Financing And Leasing Packages For Restaurants With Bad Credit

Commercial electric range financing for bad credit is available for those restaurants that have some aspect that makes them attractive to today’s financing company. Typically traditional lenders look to a very narrow bundle of criteria to figure out whether a restaurant should receive a loan. If a business or its owner has run into a credit issue in the past, or if the restaurant does not have ample collateral, the loan might decline.

Today, things have changed, though, and non-traditional lenders like Top Financial Resources are more inclined to look at more than just credit rating. Commercial electric range loans take into account other aspects of the restaurant’s profile and future. With these types of finance solutions, bad credit just causes the restaurant equipment lending company to look at other potential strengths of the restaurant.

For example, does that restaurant have an emerging market need to fill? Restaurant equipment financing companies that offer capital to restaurants with a negative credit rating recognize that the future of a business can look very different from its past. These kinds of loan products take into account the fact that a restaurant owner has made great strides in the not-distant past in rectifying whatever situation resulted in the poor credit outcome.

Restaurant Equipment Financing And Leasing Packages For Restaurants With Bad Credit

Top Financial Resources does not take advantage of applicants with bad credit; we instead listen to their requests and guide them accordingly. Every bad credit commercial electric range leasing candidate is unique. We do not generalize our restaurant equipment leasing solutions; instead, we try to develop a package designed for an individual lease or finance applicant. Contact us and find out the best accessible solution for your Southbend SE36A-TTT financing.

Southbend SE36A-TTT Financing For Restaurants With Bad Credit At Top Financial Resources

When you have a bad credit ranking, it might appear impossible to get financing for your business’s commercial electric range. At Top Financial Resources, we believe that hard-working business owners should be supported notwithstanding their previous credit rating. We look at the amount of cash flow in your restaurant to determine how much we can finance. The purpose of restaurant equipment financing is to help restaurant business owners, regardless of their credit score, to get the appliance they need to spur growth in their restaurant and regain financial muscle.

Top Financial Resources has assisted many restaurants from small to large size finance equipment. Established restaurants, startups, and those with challenged credit scores are some of those that have benefited from our restaurant equipment financing programs. Many companies that partner with us have since turned profitable and improved their credit rating.

We aim to help restaurants access superior financing solutions that include approving bad credit restaurant equipment leasing and financing. Restaurants in the United States are increasingly turning to us. Contact us via 1-(800)-260-5126 and let us work together in uplifting your restaurant. You deserve a trustworthy, experienced, and caring financial partner to be successful. Top Financial Resources provides that and much more. Partner with us and stand to be counted in the industry. Simply complete our online credit form to get a no-obligation quote in less than twenty-four hours.

Let us prove to you we are the best financing partner with the best rates in the industry. If you have any questions about the financing solutions we offer, you can call us or email us directly at [email protected].

Why Choose Top Financial Resources?

Our team at Top Financial Resources focuses on two things:

  • Working with you to create a personalized leasing or financing plan that will help your restaurant grow.
  • Acquiring a rapid approval for our products with no hassle to you.

Here are more reasons why you should choose Top Financial Resources to lease your Southbend SE36A-TTT.

  • Quick credit approval process: Our customers benefit from our 95-percent approval ratio. We at Top Financial Resources acknowledge that success is not always a straight line. Be assured; our team will devote the proper time and care to make sure you get the best of our service. Top Financial Resources will use our expertise to guide you through commercial equipment financing at the rapid pace of today’s business. We want your business to succeed, and we value your time.
  • Best rates: Customizing the best rates for you to enjoy as our customer is one of our priorities. We will ensure we offer you rates and terms that best fit your needs.
  • Flexible terms: We at Top Financial Resources understand the demands of doing business in today’s fast-changing market. We will work hard to make sure that both the timeline and conditions of any contract you enter into suits your business. As a trusted independent financing company, we want to set your restaurant up for success, and we will devote the proper time to planning your restaurant’s future accordingly.
  • Fixed payments: When you enter into a finance or lease contract, we guarantee your loan payments will never fluctuate. Generally, you have the security of knowing exactly what is needed from you and can plan for your restaurant’s short and long-term future with peace of mind.
  • Startup restaurants are welcome: A company that is establishing itself within the industry requires knowledge assistance from experts to generate positive results. We are experts in dealing with every phase of a business startup. Where other equipment financing entities will stary from a startup’s uncertainty, we as subject matter experts will give you the chance to shine as a new competitor in the market.
  • Multiple commercial equipment financing solutions: When your restaurant acuity requires commercial kitchen equipment, you are faced with four solutions: loan, lease, rental, or purchase. With years of experience, Top Financial Resources will help you choose the best financing method for these kinds of transactions. We will consider your present situation along with your restaurant’s aspirations and help you choose the right product and funding solution to make sure you are getting the best equipment at the best price, within a sustainable budget.
  • Nationwide: Top Financial Resources is proud to be a United States owned and operated business. In our several years in business, To Financial Resources has formed close working relationships with many businesses. We are popular for our exceptional, personalized services, and we offer the best rates available. We understand the US’s dynamic business landscape, and we will make sure you get the best service.

Questions Related To Restaurant Equipment Financing With Bad Credit

Can You Get Commercial Electric Range Financing With Bad Credit?

Can You Get Commercial Electric Range Financing With Bad Credit?

Yes, start by looking into alternative lenders who have a history of financing restaurants with bad credit like Top Financial Resources; they may be more lenient with your situation and the overall outcome of lending you money.

What Commercial Electric Range Can I Finance With Bad Credit?

At Top Financial Resources, we can customize bad credit financing solutions for almost any commercial electric range. Apart from Southbend SE36A-TTT, you can also finance other heavy-duty ranges in the Southbend SE36A series, including:

  • Southbend SE36A-HHB Heavy Duty Range
  • Southbend SE36A-TTB Heavy Duty Range
  • Southbend SE36A-HHH Heavy Duty Range
  • Southbend SE36A-BBB Heavy Duty Range
  • Southbend SE36A-TTH Heavy Duty Range

How Do You Get Commercial Electric Range Financing?

Look for loan packages that suit your situation. Typically, if you or your restaurant has good credit, a loan can be secured for up to 100-percent of the cost in terms of roughly seven years to pay back. In most cases, you will need a 20-percent down payment and will finance the remaining 80-percent while you own the appliance from the start. With these kinds of loans, the collateral is the commercial electric range itself.

Final Thoughts: Southbend SE36A-TTT Financing For Restaurants With Bad Credit

If your credit ranking is holding you back, you are not alone. An approximate ⅓ of Americans and business owners have a credit score of less than 600. Maybe you have tried to get commercial restaurant equipment financed through other lenders in the past, but they have turned you away once they checked your credit rating. You are frustrated and feeling helpless. Do not worry that is where Top Financial Resources funding comes in. Do not let bad credit stop you from getting Southbend SE36A-TTT for your business. Let our experience in financing bad credit help you to get the machinery you need.

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