These are the 10 best Apps for helping you save money

The best money-saving apps reviewed (including the free versions)

Saving frequently is the best way to accumulate wealth, as several certified financial planners reported to Business Insider’s sister publication, Personal Finance Insider. But doing so frequently requires budgeting, planning, and cutting back on spending. Fortunately, various apps can assist you with all these things. Here is a look at some of the best personal finance and discount mobile apps that can assist you to save money and keep your finances organized.


If you find it overwhelming to determine how much money you can afford to put away monthly, Digit can do that task for you. Download the app and connect your bank account. The app will pull money from your bank account to go into savings. Then set up your savings goals.

Digit will utilize its smart algorithms to analyze your income and spending behaviors to determine how much you can afford to save. It will automatically pull small amounts of money into FDIC-insured Digit accounts. The app will even send your real-time daily notifications, so your balance never surprises you. Besides, you can pause or tap into your savings at any period. 

Digit is free for the first thirty days, then a monthly fee of $5. It is available via Android and Apple iOS.


Acorn is a micro-investing mobile app that enables you to invest while stockpiling money. Just download the app, then link up your checking accounts, debit cards, and credit cards (this is all protected, and your investment portfolio is insured for up to $500,000).

Then turn on the round-on feature, and the app will perform as a virtual piggy bank, rounding up your money undertakings to the nearest dollar. It will then deposit the spare change into your Acorns account. Acorns will do the heavy lifting for you. Besides, you can earn cashback through Acorns.

For instance, if you sign up for Blue Apron, it will offer you $30 to invest. It costs $1 monthly for account balances under $1 million. It is available both on Android and Apple iOS.


Mint app is maybe one of the most popular personal finance apps. For a good reason, the mobile app comes with features that offer insights on your spending and saving habits, with free credit monitoring, features that make it possible to track bills and account balances, and much more.

Mint also calculates your average spending by category and provides tools for seeing how spending decisions affect the amount of money you will have justifyover at the end of a year or month.


The Twine app might help you if you want to save toward a joint goal with your partner. Say you are saving for a trip with your spouse, or maybe you want to buy a house in several years and you want to save for a down payment, Twine allows you both to work toward that goal.

The app provides two options. You can save your money in a free joint account with a 1.05 percent variable interest rate, and second, both of you can invest your money and potentially make some interest. (The second option costs 25 centers for every $500 invested).

To use the app, you and your partner will each create Twine accounts, and then link your individual bank accounts. This is how you will fund your savings. Then choose your goal (emergency fund, down payment, vacation, you name it) and select your monthly deposit amount. Then you can relax and watch your savings grow together. Twine is free for saving and is available through Apple iOS, desktop, and Android.


Varo is best for those people who need a separate, hands-off account to stow their money and to make excessive use of compound interest. The FDIC reports that the standard savings account pays a paltry 06 percent APY; however, when you open an online checking and saving account with Varo, it will pay you more than twenty-three times that amount on your savings account.

And there are no monthly fees with Varo. Opening a new bank account might not be fun; however, Varo makes it simple. You can create an account with just a penny. Currently, more than 750,000 have already signed up. The app is available via Apple iOS.


If you mostly shop online, Honey will possibly save you a lot of money (and time) by discovering discount codes as you shop. Honey mobile app scours the internet for discount codes valid at popular retailers such as Nordstrom Rack, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, among many others, like the famous Google Chrome extensions of the same name.

However, unlike the Chrome extension, Honey-compatible retailers are found within the app. Simultaneously, the add-on for Google’s browser applies coupon codes during the checkout process when shopping at a retailer’s website.


If you want to invest your savings, all you need is your smartphone and the Stash mobile app. This mobile app offers all the tools you need to turn to invest in a passive activity.

You can decide to round-up your purchases and invest the spare change, then set Stash to withdraw money on a set schedule or depend on its Smart-Stash functionality, which will analyze your expenses income to determine how much you can manage to invest.

Stash your funds into more than 150 EFTs and individual stocks. Since these are micro-investments, you do not have to invest a ton of money to get started. Stash is best for those who want to automate their savings stash-then invest it. The cost of Stash services is $1 per month for accounts with balances below $5,000 and 0.25% per year for balances over $5,000. The app is available through Apple iOS and Android.

Clarity money

Like Mint, the Goldman Sachs- owned Clarity Money is crafted to assist you budget and organize your money matters by packaging all of your transaction information in one platform. Once you have linked your bank account to the app, you can do things such as view and manage your transactions, check your expenses broken down by category, and open a high-yield savings account.

Nonetheless, what makes clarity stand out, is the way it reminds you of recurring fees so that you can be updated on subscriptions you might not be using.


If you want to combine several options on this list into one straightforward to use the app, check Chime. Once you sign up for Chime, you will gain access to an online checking and savings account. Since they are connected, it is simple to transfer money back and forth.

However, more than that, whenever you make a transaction with your Chime debit card, it will round your purchase automatically and put the change into your savings. You can plan automatic transfers into your savings account, too. It will take you about five minutes to create an account with a Chime account.

Typically Chime is best for those who are tired of downloading new apps and want their financial institution to take charge of the whole saving thing for them. Chime is free and is available through Android and Apple iOS.


If ensuing you are always getting the best deal is your top priority when shopping, Yroo can assist you; the price comparison app can track prices over time, helping you figure out the best time to purchase and can set alerts for when items drop in price.

Most of these apps provide incremental changes that add up to large savings over time. Besides, these apps assist in changing your mindset about money and offer valuable ongoing lessons regarding fiscal wellness that can keep you on the road to saving more money and keep out of debt.

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