Garland C1836-7 Financing

Whether your restaurant is product or service-based, obtaining Garland C1836-7 gas range can put a pinch on your cash flow, but with the right restaurant equipment financing, you can get the things your restaurant needs without making a substantial dent in the bottom line. Restaurant equipment financing can take several forms, and what is appropriate for one business might not be for another. In this post, we’ll go over the options you can use to finance Garland C1836-7.

Description of the Garland C1836-7 commercial gas range

Garland C1836-7 is a Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range. It features an 18″, Add-A-Unit, 1″ thick steel plate, thermostatic controls, stainless steel front, sides and backguard, and cabinet base. It rests on 6″ adjustable legs and is CSA Star, NSF certified.

Standard features of the Garland C1836-7 commercial gas range: 

  •  1-1/4″ NPT front gas manifold 
  • 152mm(6″)chrome steel adj. legs Griddle Top (C1836-1) 
  • 18′ (457mm) wide 
  • 25mm(1″) thick steel plate 
  • 30,000 BTU burners Open Burners (C1836-7) 
  • 30,000 BTUs for every burner 
  • 457mm (18″) Hot top – one 32,500 BTU burner per plate Front Fired Hot Top (C1836-10) 
  • 6″ (152mm) H stainless steel stub back 
  • Cabinet modular or base (suffix M) 
  • Can be installed in a battery or individually 
  • Full-range valve control (-1) 
  • Griddle control Low to 500°F (260°C) (-1-1) 
  • One piece cast iron top grates 
  • Removable drip pan Hot Top (C1836-9) 
  • Removable rings and lids 
  • Stainless steel front rail w/ position adjustable bar 
  • Stainless steel sides and front 
  • Three (three) 12,500 BTU Burners 
  • Two per 457mm(18″) width

Optional features of the Garland C1836-7 commercial gas range: 

  • Casters w/ polyurethane wheels – non-marking 
  • Double or single deck high shelf or back riser 
  • Flanged feet set of four 
  • Gas flex hose w/ quick disconnect 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″ (Specify) 
  • Gas regulator: 3/4″- 1 1/4″ NPT (Specify) 
  • Gas shut-off valves – 3/4″, 1″, 1 1/4″ NPT (Specify) 
  • Grooved griddle – (12″W sections) 
  • Modular model (suffix M) (Stand w/ shelf or for counter mount) 
  • Modular model for Refrigerated Base (change suffix M to PC) 
  • Rear Gas Connection:, 3/4″ NPT (max 250,000 BTU’s) (not accessible on model C1836-10) 
  • Stainless steel back 
  • Stainless steel burner box top interior
  • Stainless steel door for cabinet base units 
  • Stainless steel intermediate shelf for cabinet base 
  • Swivel casters (four) w/ front locking 

How does commercial gas ranges financing for businesses work?

With commercial gas range financing, the gas range itself is regarded as the collateral, which indicates you do not have to pledge your own collateral to secure the loan. You will be provided with a huge sum of money to pay for the gas range, which then you promise to pay back in addition to a set interest rate. This fixed-term length indicates your monthly payments will always be the same.

The loan term’s length will be based on the kind of equipment you need (used or new), how much it costs, and its expected lifespan. With commercial range financing, you own the equipment after you have paid off your loan. You can compare this to equipment leasing, in which you do not own the equipment after the term has ended. With commercial gas range financing for restaurant businesses, you will never have to pay the appliance’s full cost upfront. Instead, you can spread out the machine’s cost over a certain period, making payments much more manageable.

Why use Garland C1836-7 financing?

Garland C1836-7 financing can be used for both repairs and purchases. They provide several advantages that make the financing process simpler:

  • Tax benefits
  • Often bad credit-friendly
  • Simple collateral requirements
  • Less paperwork
  • Improve cash projection- fixed monthly payments help with budgeting so you can better plan for the future.
  • Flexibility- many available terms and programs to suit your budget and business

Factors to keep in mind when financing commercial gas range

Restaurant equipment loans usually require a down payment. These down payments are generally about 20-percent, so your purchase will still take a toll on your working capital. It is vital to consider the total cost of borrowing. Typically, a low interest might be appealing, but you also have to look at if you will pay a loan origination fee or an annual maintenance fee, which could raise the overall cost, which is the reason it is better to center on the APR, which is inclusive of all fees associated with commercial gas range financing.

The next factor to consider is the repayment terms. A shorter-term indicates the debt is repaid faster, but it might entail a higher monthly payment. Opting for a longer-term would reduce the payments, leading to less strain on your monthly cash flow, but it can increase the interest total after you have paid for the gas range in full. Bear in mind that restaurant equipment loans are not risk-free. All loans come with risks, but not all of them need collateral. Your security with a restaurant equipment loan can cost you if you fail to make payments. You can end up losing money from expensive equipment purchases and repairs. As always, take caution and ensure you have a strong plan to pay back your loan.

What are the next restaurant equipment financing options?

Finding restaurant equipment financing online can be challenging. However, you can often use a non-specific business loan to obtain the gas range that you want. These loans provide different rates and terms than specifies commercial gas range loans. However, they are just as usable.

Business term loans

Generally, a business term loan is a more open-ended option than a restaurant equipment loan. You can use the Top Financial Resources’ loan for almost any business purpose. Also, if your credit rating is high, you can avoid collateral payments altogether.

A business term loan is a simple huge sum of cash paid back in installments. In most ways, they are the same as restaurant equipment loans; they are less specific in their intention. Another advantage of choosing a business term loan to fund Garland C1836-7 is that they are simpler to find. It is incredibly simple to get a business term loan. You can obtain it with us, and you can be accepted for one in less than a day in most cases.

Business lines of credit

Generally, business lines of credit are great tools for financing ongoing expenses. If you need to finance many equipment purposes or repairs, a business line of credit can be the answer. A business line of credit can provide you the ongoing access to credit. If you want to spread your gas range purchases out, you can take a business line of credit and draw funds every few weeks or months to pay for a new appliance. Luckily, you can also get business lines of credit very fast at Top Financial Resources; in fact, in a matter of days or just a matter of minutes.

Merchant cash advance

A Merchant Cash Advance is a considerable sum payment to a borrower. The borrower utilizes a percentage of debit/ credit card sales to repay the debt. These are not business loans but are a popular form of finance. Since they are not loans, they are not regulated and usually charge more to clients, so proceed with caution. Not unless MCAs do have their benefits. Note that borrowing money for equipment is a big step for restaurant owners. Assessing your goals and specific needs can help you decide if commercial gas range financing, term loan, line of credit, or MCA is right for your restaurant.

Where and how to find Garland C1836-7 financing?

Just about any restaurant can qualify for commercial gas range financing. You do not have to have a perfect credit score, nor any collateral. The financing application process is fast and easy, and approval is generally given within one to two business days. Within a matter of two days, you can have access to the funds you need to buy Garland C1836-7 to keep your restaurant in operation.  The need to keep up with replacing, adding, and repairing your equipment can be really costly. At Top Financial Resources, our restaurant financing solutions give you the ability to purchase the equipment you require with payback options you can afford. Apply today at our website or call us at 1-(800)-260-5126 to find out just how simple it is.

What other C1836-Cusine Series can I consider for financing?

You can also finance the following C1836-Cusine Series series heavy duty range and more at Top Financial Resources.

  • Garland C1836-7M Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland C1836-10M Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland C1836-9M Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland C1836-9 Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland C1836-10 Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland C1836-1M Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland C1836-1 Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland C1836-1-1M Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range
  • Garland C1836-1-1 Cuisine Series Heavy Duty Range

Garland C1836-7 financing: Final thoughts

When hunting for a restaurant financing and leasing company for Garland C1836-7 Financing, you want to work with an equipment loan lender who understands your business and financial needs. The equipment financing and leasing company can provide expert financing advice and help you navigate through fast, reliable, and suitable funding options. Top Financial Resources’ financial experts have extensive experience in the restaurant industry, assisting mid-scale, upscale, and casual dining restaurants with restaurant equipment financing and leasing programs. 

We are the restaurant equipment leasing company that understands how to keep your business flame alive. We offer custom-tailored financing options after assessing your restaurant and financial situation. We will only succeed if you do!

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