10 Home Business Ideas That Really Pay

What business can I do from home?
What business can I do from home?

Just because you are staying at home, it does not mean that you cannot make some full-time cash out of it. Staying at home can actually be a fantastic way to earn a living, particularly if you find the right business idea. Below are businesses that you can start from home with very little money. All you require is willingness, motivation to work hard, and a desire to be financially successful.

Selling on eBay

Believe it or not, eBay is currently more than two decades old; however, it is yet the most viable site for setting up a home-based business online. Great success stories have been around for years, but there is tough competition on the site.

This is not a business for the lazy. eBay sellers have to respond to clients faster and politely, and ship products instantly. Your success is in eBay users’ hands after all. Thus a negative seller rating can sink an eBay business before it even gets started. Sellers also require to familiarize themselves with eBay’s return policies, which tend to center on making the overall experience better for customers but not necessarily for sellers.

Maybe most importantly, though, would-be eBay moguls require to specialize. Just throwing products online will not work. Sellers have to know what they want to sell and how they are going to market it to their audiences. Again, competition is stiff, so do your homework, research, strategy, preparation are vital.


The popular misconception these days is that anyone with a smartphone can be a photographer. However, the truth is that professional photography can be translated into business with demanding clients. Just like on eBay, there is stiff competition in this industry. Nonetheless, that does not mean it is not worth doing as a profession for those who have a passion for it.

Photography can take many forms, from portrait photography to photojournalism to basic-interest stock photography. You will most possibly go for either setting up a studio in your home or take photos for use as stock photos. It is true photojournalism needs years of experience and rarely engages actually working from home. Bear in mind that stock-photo sites work on a revenue-sharing model, so simply selling photographs to one is unusual.

Even the general-interest options and portrait, though, are not really for beginners. Typically photography business can be sophisticated operations, with a lot of equipment needed and years of a portfolio. Relationship building is also vital to get steady income flowing. Yet, if you are a hobbyist already, venturing in a photography business as a side business is an excellent way to earn some extra cash and even possibly start a career change.

Earn up with survey junkie

Did you know that you could earn from surveys? The most popular is the Survey Junkie. They are very reputable. Based on your demographics, you can earn anywhere from $2 per hour to $5 per hour by completing surveys on Survey Junkie. Nonetheless, filling out surveys is not the only way you can earn money on Survey Junkie. You will also become a candidate for focus groups, invited to watch videos and review, and even make money by playing games. You can be earning money not just from Survey Junkie, but from other websites as well just from the comfort of your home. Below are a few:

  • Swag bucks
  • Inbox dollars
  • My points
  • Pinecoin Research
  • Isurvey World

Invest in real estate

Real estate investing might appear more like a side business, than a right at-home business. Over time, though, making money as a landlord from the comfort of your home is a great deal to start on your road to self-employment. Do you want to venture in, but you do not have the experience or time? Why don’t you try estate crowdfunding? Real estate crowdfunding is when investors pool their money together to purchase investment properties. Every crowdfunding platform is different; some center on commercial, while others focus on flipping homes, and others purchase with the intent of gathering rent over the long term.

Financial aid planning consultant/ college application

A financial aid planner assists parents get the lowest possible price for their children’s college education, thus helping them save money. Venturing in financial aid resources is not just about being smart, but it is also about being aware of accessible resources. This service involves advising high school students and parents on choosing a college, filling out the application, and financial aid forms. You will also provide tips for writing the college essay and advise parents about tax implications on college savings plans. Moreover, you can also negotiate on the best financial aid package when a college offer is received.

Extensive knowledge about higher education institutions and a thorough understanding of financial aid alternatives are vital. Market your services in libraries, high 2schools, universities, and tutorial centers. Typically, have a good understanding of various financial programs such as Stafford loans, Bryd Scholarships, federal and private grants, and PLUS loans. Also be updated on college savings plans inclusive of 529 plans, the Uniform Gift to Minors Act, Coverdell Education Savings Accounts, and Charitable Remainder Unitrusts.

Freelance writing

Freelance writers can write articles and essays on any topic, from buying an RV to horse training. An excellent way to begin is by writing about topics in which you are already an expert. Also, Ghostwriting is a good pursuit for freelancers seeking to generate money and inclined to forgo a byline. Websites are often on the lookout for quality freelancers, too. Create a website to market your freelance writing business. Note that your initial queries are likely to get rejected many times, so cultivate a stoic resilience to rejection.

Home bakery

Home baking is an accessible business idea in that it engages doing what you are possibly doing a lot of, anyway, if you have a passion for baking. You probably have all the expertise and equipment you require to get started. But be wary. Foodservice, including a delivery service, which is the most likely case for home bakers, as opposed to setting up a storefront- comes with risks. Prepare yourself for this business and read up on your local insurance requirements. And do not be afraid to kick off by making just one or two really great treats. Consistency is much better than variety in the baking service.

Graphic design

There are many graphic designers out there. However, there are far more Websites, organizations, and companies in need of design work than there are designers. That is good news. The hard part is that graphic design does need a certain level of expertise and possibly some costly software. Even though designers can get by without necessarily having the most expensive software on the market. However, for those in a position to do it, beginning a graphic-design business offers many opportunities- just remember to be creative with your business model and do something nobody else is doing.

Be a publicist

Being a publicist involves getting customers mentioned in the press in as positive a light as possible. A subset of public relations, publicity, works because it lends a sense of credibility that paid advertising can’t. As you can imagine, publicists are required to network heavily, both in reaching out to potential customers and in getting to know members of the media. You will need a reasonable pricing structure, Website, and a thick skin- reporters can be famously surly; however, publicity is typically a low-overhead business that can generate quick and impressive returns.

Voice over talent

We have all seen Netflix shows or YouTube videos where a narrator is describing the event or scene but is never seen. This person is known as a voice over actor. And business is booming. If you want to get in on the action, there are various ways you can get started. Consider the sites below:

  • Mandy.com: This site lists voiceover work, musicians, TV crew jobs, and film
  • Kidscasting.com: If you have a kid, kidscasting.com lists jobs every day for jobs around the country requiring kids.
  • Backstage: This is the most extensive listing of entertainment jobs in the country for singers, actors, and dancers.

When you work from home, you can set your standards and even pursue your professional passions at your own speed. Businesses that you can do from home are many, which opens the door for you to do what you love in the comfort of your home.

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