7 Ways to Improve Your Credit Score with Tradelines

A good credit score offers you so many benefits, like suitable insurance policies, faster loan approvals, reasonable interest rates, and reasonable interest rates. Almost seventy million Americans are suffering from bad credit since repairing your credit needs a lot of self-control and a lot of time. So, what is the best way to increase your credit score in no time- the answer is straightforward: buy a tradeline.

However, to understand how to improve your credit score by using a tradeline, you must first understand the term tradeline.

What are tradelines?

A tradeline is any account appearing on your credit report. It keeps a record of the creditor’s information to calculate the credit report. You can mutually benefit from a person with a positive credit history and increase your credit score if he or she includes you as an authorized user.

Most people request their friends and family to add them as their authorized user; however, if you want a fast improvement to your credit score, you can add users with exceptional credit history as an authorized user. These authorized users offer positive data concerning:

  • Length of history
  • Amount owed
  • Payment History

FICO places a credit score in five different grades.

  • 350 to 579 – poor
  • 580 to 619 Below Average
  • 620 to 659 Average
  • 660 to 719 Good
  • 720 to 850 Excellent

Purchasing two to three seasoned tradelines can help you move to a 720-850 credit score in a month.

What will you achieve with a tradeline?

A tradeline assists you improve your credit score to reap all the benefits of a good credit score. With a bad credit score, you will have limited services and access to your credit card, a higher rate of mortgages, and loan plans. Simply put, you will have to end up paying more money than usual.

However, good tradelines on your account will help you attain a 750 or higher credit score in a short time. When purchasing an authorized tradeline from somebody such as Personal Tradelines, you are included as an authorized user to one of their credit card accounts. It takes only 25 to 30 days to get your credit up to a good score.

How to improve your credit score with tradelines?

Here are a few tips that are required to improve your credit score with tradeline accounts.

Pay on time

The internal credit bureaus create a report of all the payments and the activity of the account. Thus, paying bills on time makes this report favorable to you. The same way of designing a convenient installment strategy for returning a loan is another great choice since it can make your way easier for returning the debt on time.

Therefore, paying bills on time or returning debt in a given period is essential to improve your credit score with a tradeline.

Low debit balance

To resolve the issue of low credit score, one should have a clear image of the debt report to the lower ends. The simplest way to do this is by paying on time and clearing all the debt in the given duration.

Accurate data

You cannot fake the identity for too long, and factually incorrect information can ruin your image. Note that the internal credit bureaus look after all the accounts very carefully, so try to put every report accurately with the correct data of yours.

Try new accounts

Since clearing the debit report from one account can be hard, you should use and close an account as per your needs and requirements. Try multiple tradelines to make a clear and fresh report of your credit score.

Add other users to the account

This is another legal way to push up your credit score while adding users to it; it is also very simple. Besides, one can add family and friends to the account as a joint account since you can collaborate with others who have excellent credit reports. 

Turn your monthly rent payments into tradeline

Rent is for many people, the single most significant monthly payment. Since you can not directly report rent payments to credit bureaus and most landlords have not authorized reporters, you can work with a certified credit reporting agency such as RentTrack to report and rent payments to all three credit bureaus.

Get credit for positive items that are not listed on your credit report

From the time you first opened an account (and remember, the longer you have held accounts in a good position, the better) to positive monthly payments, ensure you are getting credit where it is due to you. Since not all creditors will report your account, you should consider contacting to request that positive items are reported on your behalf. For instance, if you were a co-signer on a loan that was paid as agreed or if you are co-owner of a joint account that is in good standing and is not listed on your credit report but it is on your partner’s, you should contact the creditor to be sure that type of information is recorded to all three credit bureaus.

Common mistakes people make when buying tradelines

Here are some of the common mistakes that you should avoid if you want to increase your credit score with tradelines.

Having no idea of how tradelines work

The most common mistake people do is purchase a tradeline without having the slightest idea of how it works. It is essential to read all about tradelines and their kinds before you commit yourself to buy one. You can also get assistance and information from tradelines vendors.

Purchasing tradelines in hopes that it will unfreeze your accounts

Tradelines work by adding positive data to your account. If you have credit freezes or fraud alerts on your account, purchasing a tradeline will not work since new data can not be posted on your credit report.

Not understanding the age element of tradelines

The success of a tradeline is always going to be comparative to what is in your credit report and how old your own account is. For instance, if you have a ten-year-old account, an eight-year-old tradeline would not have much effect. Nonetheless, if the account is only one to two years old, an eight-year-old tradeline would do wonders in improving your credit score.

Not understanding how credit score works

Before purchasing tradelines, it is essential to know how a credit score impacts your general lifestyle. Since even though you are successful at getting a good credit score after purchasing tradelines, you will have to observe a certain set of principles to maintain it.

Going cheap

Some people go for four to five cheap tradelines instead of purchasing two to three seasoned tradelines. It costs you more money, and you are better off purchasing seasoned or authorized tradelines instead of a lot of cheap tradelines.

Besides, a cheap tradeline will not have that much positive impact on your credit report as they do not have a good age. This works against the aim of increasing your credit score exponentially.

Purchasing tradelines for shady companies

Many companies are selling tradelines, and it is difficult to trust someone random. It is vital to do a background check on an organization that incorporates customer reviews, rankings, and some money-back guarantee to ensure that you are getting the best service.

Not purchasing your tradeline far enough in advance before the reporting date

Once you place an order for a tradeline, there is a processing time for the tradeline company to receive the money. For instance, it might take five business days to receive the funds.

Then, the credit partners have up to two days to add the authorized user. The credit card organization might then have their own processing time for upgrading their records internally. After that, the banks update the credit bureaus, and lastly, the credit bureaus publish their reports.

Thus it is wise to buy tradelines around eleven days before the beginning of the reporting period. So as far as you buy the tradeline by the Purchase by Date, your tradeline will post in the next reporting cycle.

Purchasing tradelines instead of paying down your debt

Having credit cards with high utilization is a negative factor in your credit report. This negative element will always play a part in your overall credit image as long as it exists. 

The only real method for solving this issue is to pay down your credit cards. You should do the match using Tradeline Calculator to check where your money is better spent; however, in general, paying down your debt is often the best advice.

Judging the effect of a tradeline strictly by price

When purchasing tradelines, putting price first is not wise. It is simple to presume that the more expensive a tradeline is, the more powerful it is; however, this is not always the situation.

For instance, someone with a very established credit report profile might look at a $1,000 tradeline and presume that it is needed. Nonetheless, if that $1,000 tradeline does not significantly increase their current average age of accounts or lower their low utilization ratios, it might not have very much of an effect or even destroy their credit.

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