The Smart Consumer’s Guide to a Sane & Cheap Vacation

Ways to Travel Smarter, Cheaper and More Often

Do not wait to get rich so that you can see the world. Travel for cheap by prioritizing what is essential to you- and scrimp on everything else.

Can you manage to travel? It is not a trick question, even though people often approach it that way. There is no big secret to affording travel, other than to make it a priority. The actual question should be, do you want to travel?

Since you are reading this post, we will assume your answer is yes.

Now that you have recognized travel as one of your priorities, we will walk you through the best tips for saving money on your next vacation. Even if you have a lot to spend, there is no reason to break your bank on unnecessary travel expenses. The thing is you can afford to travel. Everyone can afford to travel cheaply.

Get a job overseas

If you are not making enough money at your job, you can get a job abroad. There are many opportunities in the world as far as you are not picky. Besides, this is not a career you are starting; it is just a way to make money for travel.

Below are some jobs you can get when you travel:

  • Bartender: It is always five o’clock somewhere, so if you have skills, then this is a simple job to move overseas. It is also a simple job to get under the table if you decide to go that route.
  • Au pair: An au pair is a live-in caregiver who assists a host family by looking after their kids and doing some basic housekeeping. In turn, you get a free room and a small salary. This is an excellent route if you are looking to learn a new language.
  • Hostel worker: hostel workers rarely stay around for long, which indicates there is always a demand for further assistance. It is an excellent way to meet other travelers while adjusting to a new location. You can also start as a volunteer in exchange for s free room to avoid visa complications. HelpX, Workaway, and Worldpackers can help you find hostels to volunteer at.
  • Waiter/Waitress: Many seasonal restaurants around the world require help during the busy tourist months. If you have the experience, this is a simple job to find abroad.
  • Farmworker: Whereas this job is hardly glamorous, if you do not mind the hard work, this is a great way to make a lot of money in a short period (since you will not have to spend your money as you will be farming out in the middle of nowhere). This job is popular in New Zealand and Australia.
  • Dive instructor (some certification needed!): If you have your certification, this is a simple job to travel with since dive instructors are required everywhere. Best of all, these jobs are often in picturesque tropical locations.

Working overseas often gets discounted as an alternative since it appears hard to do. Just be open. These jobs do not need advanced degrees or a lot of work experience either.

Teach English overseas

One of the best methods for making money on travel is to teach English overseas. You can generate a lot of money teaching. All you have to do is have the ability to speak English fluently and maybe a TEFL degree, based on the country you work in. The globe is yearning for teachers, and this is a job in high demand; most companies in Asia will even provide your flight over.

Besides, there are many services and websites out there that enable you to teach virtually. As far as you have an excellent Wi-Fi connection, you can help people learn English from anywhere in the world.

Do WWOFing and work on a farm

WWOOF means World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms. It is a service that enables you to work on a farm in exchange for free room and board. It is an excellent way to see a destination in-depth while allowing you to commune with great outdoors. You have to pay for the farm; however, once you are there, everything else is covered. It definitely will assist you to travel cheap and have a unique experience and meet lots of new people.

Use the sharing economy

Use the sharing economy to look for cheaper accommodation, rideshare options, quirky tour guides, and home-cooked meals with local chefs. You can bypass the traditional travel market with sharing economy websites and get access to locals utilizing their own assets and skills to become small tourism organizations with lower prices. Besides, locals know where to get deals. They know which supermarket is cheapest and which stores offer the best sales and where you can get bars and restaurants with the tastiest food at the lowest prices. Talking directly to them offers you access to that knowledge. The following websites have changed the travel game and made travel more accessible for everyone.

  • EatWith-Meals
  • BlaBlaCar- ridesharing
  • Airbnb- accommodation

Cook your own meals

The best way to save money on travel is to cook all your meals. If you are Couchsurfing, your host will possibly have a kitchen, as do most guesthouses, campsites, and hostels. If there is no kitchen, you can pack your own container and make some salads and sandwiches. Remember, not every meal requires a stove, and just because you are traveling, it does not mean you have to eat out all the meals. You will not ruin your trip just because you decided not to eat one or two days. There is simply no reason to be spending lots of money on food on your vacation.

Get rail passes

Rail passes such as Eurail are a good way to save money when it comes to training travel. If you are traveling around the region for a while, rail passes will possibly be much cheaper than just booking individual trips. If you are booking personal trips, booking ahead of time can save you about fifty percent of the cost of a train ticket. Nonetheless, that fixes you a set timeline. If you do not want to be tied into a fixed schedule, rail passes can save you money while offering you the flexibility required.

Sleep in large dorms

Large hostel dorms are the cheapest paid accommodation out there. If Couchsurfing is not your thing, this is your next best way to save money on a place to sleep. Note that the bigger the dorm, the cheaper it will be. Whereas a 4 to 6 dorm might give you more privacy, a 12 to the 18-bed dorm is going to be a bit inexpensive. In the long run, this will add up. As far as you have got earplugs, opt for the bigger door to keep your budget intact.

Use student and other discount cards

If you are under 26, a teacher or a student, there are fifty-percent off attractions and a plethora of discounts. Or you have to get a youth/teacher/student card and save big. Even though you have recently graduated, you can still get by with your expired ID card (as far as it does not have an expiry date). Always ask if there are discounts accessible for students or youth, as this is a simple way to save money as you travel around.

Sell your services

If you need some cash, use Gumtree, Upwork, TaskRabbit, or Craigslist to find people who require some things done around the house and get paid to assist them. It is a way to make money when you travel without committing to a long-term job. Besides, if you have a skill, you can sell it. Provide haircuts to other travelers, busk for cash, and offer online services such as consulting and editing. You can also assist people in learning your native language through applications such as Duolingo.

Get city tourist cards

If you intend to view a lot of sights in a city, you should get a city tourism card. This will provide you with discounted and free access to the major museums and attractions and public transportation. This is a fantastic way to save money on attractions that not most people use. Check with the local tourism office to find out what credit cards are accessible. They can assist you in answering questions and ensure you save as much money as possible.

Travel hack and get free flights

Today it is easy to afford to fly. There are so many ways to earn flights. Simply sign up for a few travel credit cards, then collect miles, and fly for free. Most credit cards offer sign-up bonuses of 50,000 points, and if you sign up for both an airline card (for example, United airlines card) and a general rewards card such as Chase Sapphire, you can mix the two point balances and get a cheap flight faster.

By collecting miles and points through bonuses, credit card bonuses, online surveys, smart everyday spending, and other methods, you will accumulate a ton of miles even before you have justify for your trip.

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