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Bad credit scores usually negatively affect certain business activities, like trying to acquire new machinery or equipment. Nonetheless, a bad credit score does not mean that a business will not be able to finance essential business items or needs. Here we explain how to finance Garland U36-G36S commercial gas range if your restaurant has a bad credit rating.

Garland U36-G36S Commercial Gas Range Overview

Standard features of the Garland U36-G36S commercial gas range

U36-G36S is a U series restaurant range from Garland. This unit features a griddle, 5/ 8″ thick, smooth steel plate, storage base, stainless steel front, sides, and plate rail. It also comes with a two-piece back guard and shelf, 6″ stainless steel legs, adjustable feet, and 54, 000 BTU. Garland U36-G36S is CSA Flame, CSA Star, and cCSAus, NSF categorized.

Standard features of the Garland U36-G36S commercial gas range

  • 12″ segment stamped drip trays w/ dimpled bottom
  • 6″ adjacent stainless steel legs
  • Gas regulator
  • Large 27″ worktop surface
  • Large easy-to-use control knobs
  • Stainless steel 5″ plate rail
  • Stainless steel backguard that have removable stainless steel shelf
  • Stainless steel front and sides

Standard on applicable models

  • Has 18,000 Btuh/5.27 kW cast iron “H” style griddle burner for every 12″ width of the griddle
  • Comes with 38,000 Btuh/ 11.13 kW cast iron “H” style oven burner
  • 4-1/4″ wide grease trough
  • 5/8″ thick steel griddle plate w/ manual hi/lo valve control, 23″ working depth surface, optional on justify, standard on the right, 
  • Convection oven w/3 nickel-plated oven racks and removable rack guides instead of standard oven w/ 1/3HP 120v 60 Hz single section fan motor; change suffix R to C
  • Ergonomic split cast iron top ring grates
  • Large porcelain ribbed oven bottom and door, aluminized steel sides, top, and back; an oven that fits standard sheet pans in both directions for the standard ovens
  • Nickel-plated oven rack and three-position removable oven rack guide
  • Open storage base instead of an oven, suffix S
  • Powerful 32,000 Btuh/ 9.37 kW 2 piece cast iron geometric open top burner
  • Snap action adjusting oven thermostat low to 500° F
  • Strong, keep-cool oven door handle

Optional features of the Garland U36-G36S commercial gas range

  • 6″ leveling swivel casters (four), w/front locking
  • Celsius temperature dials
  • Convection oven motor 240v 50/60HZ on a single phase
  • Extra oven racks
  • Flanged deck mount legs
  • Hot top 12″ plate instead of two oven burners manual valve managed w/18,000 Btuh/5.27 kW cast iron burner standard on the justify side
  • Low profile 9-3/8″backguard stainless steel front and sides
  • Piezo spark ignition for pilots on griddles
  • Snap action modulating griddle control 175°F to 425° F

What is a bad credit commercial gas range loan?

How to get restaurant equipment financing with bad credit?

Almost all business owners, at some point or another, require commercial kitchen equipment to possibly upgrade their equipment so they can keep on growing and improving their service quality. Do any of these cases sound familiar?

  • You have been in the restaurant business for several years and are looking to upgrade your commercial gas range. Maybe the gas range you have right now is old and does not work well anymore. Perhaps you just need something that is more cost-efficient and has more features. Either way, you want your restaurant to grow, and a machinery upgrade is what you need to make it happen, but you are unable to get approved for the commercial gas range your business needs to grow.
  • You want to bid on a new agreement but require additional equipment to fulfill the needs of this job. You have tried to finance the gas range at a few dealers and cannot get approved as a result of your credit score, and leasing the equipment would cost too much and cut into your revenue.

If either of those cases sounds like your business, then Top Financial Resources is here to help. Our bad credit commercial gas range finance programs do just that, give bad credit restaurant business owners another chance to re-establish their business credit and get the machinery you need. Like traditional commercial equipment loans, bad credit commercial gas range loans supply restaurants with funds for equipment. Nonetheless, unlike other loans, they might also be available for restaurant business owners who have been denied elsewhere because of reasons like credit defaults, bankruptcy, part IX debt agreements, and other potential credit issues.

The majority of restaurant equipment financing and leasing companies want to lend borrowers with personal credit scores of 650 and more. However, Top Financial Resources can help borrowers in many situations. We have helped restaurant startups, borrowers with credit scores as low as 500, and special issues such as tax liens and recent bankruptcies get financed for commercial equipment. At Top Financial Resources, we specialize in giving United States businesses a second chance with great value equipment loans and lease solutions, tailored to individual business circumstances. We offer:

  • Fast and easy application
  • Tailored loan solutions
  • Free finance assessments
  • Bad credit loans and lease for business

How to get restaurant equipment financing with bad credit?

If your credit ranking is holding you back, remember you are not alone. An estimated a third of Americans and restaurant business owners have a credit score below 600. Maybe you have tried to get commercial gas range financed through other companies in the past, but they have turned you away once they realized your credit rating is bad. You are frustrated and feeling helpless. Do not worry- that is where Top Financial Resources comes in. Even if you have a bad credit ranking, we can get you Garland U36-G36S financing with bad credit. That is right; your credit score- no matter how terrible- will not disqualify you at Top Financial Resources.

Our solutions for commercial gas range financing with bad credit

This is an asset-based program, which denotes one of two things; either there needs to be additional collateral that can be used to cross collateralize with the financing that is being provided, or there needs to be a bigger down payment made. Typically both of these options will lower the chances of default by a credit-risked client. Another option is if you have been in business for at least six months and generate $8,500 per month, we will finance you in most cases.

I have no credit, or I have bad credit- not a problem

Having challenged credit or no credit is no longer an issue when it comes to our aggressive equipment financing programs. These solutions are specifically tailored for credit-challenged restaurant business owners. This would incorporate:

  • Previous repossessions
  • Collections
  • Judgments
  • Tax liens
  • Recent bankruptcy

If your restaurant has experienced any of the above, that is not a problem with Top Financial Resources. You can still get commercial gas range financing with no credit or challenged credit.

I have not been in business for a very long-no problem

Most restaurant equipment financing programs require you to have been in business for at least two or three years to qualify. With Top Financial Resources funding, we only require that you have been in business for at least six months. So if you’re a newer restaurant but you are generating good money, and the restaurant is cash flowing, then we can still have you qualified.

I do not have a lot of money down

We want to help you get the commercial gas range you need, but that does involve us taking all the risk with these bad credit loans or leases. We try to reduce that risk by either requiring a 20 to 30 percent down payment. These programs are crafted to help restaurant owners get commercial equipment financing with bad credit.

I do not want to fill out tons of paperwork- you do not have to!

You only need three months of business bank statements, a loan application, and the commercial gas range you want to purchase. One of the most dreaded parts of equipment financing is filling out paperwork. But do not worry- you do not have to fill out mountains of paperwork when you apply for commercial gas range financing with Top Financial Resources. Very simple: no income statements, no tax returns, no P&L statements, absolutely no mountains of paperwork. All that is needed to get a credit approval is the loan application, the last three months of business bank statements, and an invoice or quote on the equipment you need to buy.

What commercial gas ranges are eligible for financing with bad credit?

Your credit rating should not limit your options, which is why at Top Financial Resources, we offer commercial gas range financing with bad credit or no credit for all U Garland Series, whether used or new, including:

  • Garland U36-6S Restaurant Gas Range
  • Garland U36-6R Restaurant Gas Range
  • Garland U36-4G12S Restaurant Gas Range
  • Garland U36-2G24S Restaurant Gas Range
  • Garland U36-4G12R Restaurant Gas Range
  • Garland U36-2G24R Restaurant Gas Range
  • Garland U36-G36R Restaurant Gas Range

Note that this by no means an exhaustive list, so ensure you speak with one of our loan specialists about what we finance by call at 1-(800)-260-5126 today.

Final thoughts: Garland U36-G36S for restaurants with bad credit

Have you been declined for an equipment loan or lease? No problems; do not let past difficulties stand in the way of your growing your restaurant. Top Financial Resources is here to help. For quite some time, we have been providing great value restaurant equipment financing solutions, regardless of your history:

  • Credit card defaults
  • Self-employed or no financials
  • Defaults/ repossessions
  • Discharged bankruptcies

Do not lose another minute; call us or just apply for a Garland U36-G36S loan and get approved today.

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