Garland/US Range SUME-100 financing

Financing commercial ovens is a common way to start your own restaurant. This feature will walk you through the whole process of financing Garland/US Range SUME-100 Single Deck Electric Convection from start to end. It is a great idea to fund any of your restaurant’s equipment when you are first starting your business. The upfront cost of purchasing your complete restaurant varies, but it is a very costly thing to do.

When you finance essential equipment such as the Electric Convection Oven with Manual Controls, 208 Volts, it enables you to be nimble with your business and focus on more significant things like growing, managing and hiring. Getting the restaurant equipment you need should not be a headache. When you settle down on the equipment, you need you can easily start financing restaurant equipment through Top Financial Resources.

Where to get Garland/US Range SUME-100 financing

Restaurant equipment financing is widely available online and via banks; however, the guaranteed lowest price is only available through Top Financial Resources. Top Financial Resources equipment financing is simple and easy to get your restaurant started. It is even more comfortable when you are looking to expand your restaurant and open a second location. You can get Garland/US Range SUME-100 Oven equipment financing from a number of solutions. There are various financing options and programs when it comes to financing restaurant equipment. You should watch out for plans that are a great deal for the restaurant themselves.

Why you should finance restaurant oven?

The government designed a tax program known as Section 179. Section 179 that enables you to write off the full financed equipment cost in the year you purchase it. This indicates that people who opt to finance their equipment will have an additional incentive to do so. Most business owners do not know that this special tax benefit exists. Top Financial Resources equipment financiers can tell you more about it and how you can utilize section 179 to your advantage. This plan can save people thousands of dollars and let you reinvest that capital into other things.

A good restaurant equipment leasing & financing program

A good Garland/US Range SUME-100 financing program will be flexible enough to work around your timeframe. Top Financial Resources financing program has two recommendation options for restaurant owners.

  • Short term: A short term loan will span the course of four to six months. Apart from being a short term loan, it has other advantages. Like no credit check, as low as 1.5 percent interest rate, and being approved in minutes.
  • Long term: For orders over &5,000, a more traditional loan is available. This loan has a simple application that requires minimal information. These more traditional loans have a 24 to 36-month payment duration, and the interest rate is based on your credit. It is suitable if you are financing multiple electric convection ovens.

The loan programs that Top Financial Resources offer are both fair and some examples of the industry’s best. These programs apply to all the products on our website, not only the oven.

A bad restaurant equipment leasing & financing program

There are also many bad restaurant equipment financing programs on the market. That will hinder your restaurant if you decide to take them out when compared to better options. Here is an example of a poor financing plan for Garland/US Range SUME-100. A bad financing program would take days to hear back and charge you credit card interest rate. The loan application process will also take upwards of an hour and require you to write an essay as to why you would require the oven or any other equipment for that matter. The worst part of a bad equipment financing program is that it will take time away from your company and inhibit you from growing at that point in time.

Should I get restaurant equipment financing for Garland/US Range SUME-100?

You might wonder, do I really need financing for the Garland/US Range SUME-100 oven? The right answer would be, does your situation call for it. A restaurant’s needs will always change and vary from one restaurant to another. At the present interest rate, it is almost surely worth it to finance your Garland/US Range SUME-100. Typically, you are paying very little to borrow dollars and any things down at a later date. In theory, this will enable you to pay back the equipment and see great cash on cash return. For instance, if you put $ 200 down on $ 25,0000 and pay it back as soon as the Electric Convection Oven creates that return, then you can inevitably begin your restaurant with as little money as possible and obtain a return on the capital faster as opposed to purchasing it outright.

How to get approved for restaurant financing?

Getting approved for Garland/US Range SUME-100 financing is simple. Most people will be approved right away since the loans have a minimal risk profile because the borrower is using the equipment for their business.

With Top Financial Resources, you will require:

  • FICO Score over 575
  • Six months in business
  • A business bank account
  • Equipment quote from a vendor

The best deal on Garland/US Range SUME-100 financing

The best deal and most viable deal for Garland/US Range SUME-100 financing belong to Top Financial Resources. Top Financial Resources has established itself as the best place to get restaurant equipment financing because of its superior selection and excellent financing. Having both long and short-term options for consumers to make the most of. The interest rate you pay on loan mainly depends on your credit score. Restaurant equipment financing has a high-interest rate as a credit card and will thus be worth it if you intend to use a credit card as a means to pay for your appliance. The only bright side to probably using a credit card to pay for something like this would be to use your credit card rewards and pay the equipment down as soon as possible.

Financing vs. buying Garland/US Range SUME-100 electric oven

The obvious difference in purchasing or financing your restaurant convection oven is the simple fact that the owner would have to put up all of the money themselves if they chose to purchase the equipment outright. If you intend to finance your Garland/US Range SUME-100, you can put as little as nothing down and walk away with equipment. The two value propositions people experience in financing their restaurant equipment is freeing up capital to do something else with their money and the ability to get started right away. Financing your restaurant is not a one size fits all type of solution.

Garland/US Range SUME-100 Electric Convection Oven overview

The SUME-100 is a versatile single-deck electric convection oven from Garland. It features a spacious 29″ x 24″ oven cavity that utilizes easy-to-operate electromechanical controls to adjust the temperature between 150° and 500° F. The solid-state controls enable optimal temperature control for a more energy-efficient operation! 

Standard Features:

  • 60/40 dependent door created with double pane thermal window in the justify-hand door and interior lighting
  • Double-deck models available
  • Five chrome-plated ovens racks on ten-position rack guides
  • Five-year limited door warranty, excluding window (the USA and Canada only)
  • Full length, stainless steel positive door closure
  • One year limited labor and parts warranty (the USA and Canada only)
  • Porcelain-enameled oven interior with coved corners
  • Solid State control with electromechanical timer
  • Stainless steel front, sides, top, and legs
  • Total of 10.4 kW loading per oven cavity
  • Two-speed fan control (high and low) with 3/4 HP fan motor

There is no right/wrong answer to how to finance your restaurant equipment. Top Financial Resources has a terrific selection and the best financing program in the industry. If you are in the market for Garland/US Range SUME-100 Single Deck Half Size Electric Convection Oven financing, or have further questions about buying restaurant equipment with some kind of financing option; you are welcome to give us a call on 1-(800)-260-5126.

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