Hatco TQ-400-120-QS Leasing

If your restaurant is not in a position to buy Hatco TQ-400-120-QS commercial toaster, it needs to operate outright- either because of insufficient cash flow, a need to conserve working capital, or because you are just starting a new restaurant- restaurant equipment leasing is an attractive option. The benefits of leasing a commercial toaster include the ability to make lower monthly payments than with an equipment loan, certain tax advantages, a fixed interest rate, avoiding down payments, conserving working capital, and gaining access to the most up-to-date commercial toaster. One shortcoming with leasing, though, is that it commits the restaurant to retain the machine for a specific duration, which can be an issue if circumstances change.

Hatco TQ-400-120-QS Description

Hatco TQ-400-120-QS is a toast-Qwik® conveyor toaster. This horizontal conveyor features a countertop design, 2″ opening height, Colorguard sensing system, and electric controls. Hatco TQ-400-120-QS is an all bread type toaster, which slices approximately six slices per minute. The appliance is made in the U.S.A. and is cULus, UL EPH certified.

Standard Features Of Hatco TQ-400-120-QS

The Hatco Toast-Qwik® is an economical commercial toaster with fast, dependable, and versatile bread toasting. These toasters use conveyor speed and not temperature to determine the toasting color.

  • B.A. models toast one side only and are for bagels and buns only, cut side up
  •  Hatco’s ColorGuard sensing system enables the toast uniformity. (excludes TQ-10)
  •  Comes with an optional power save mode with an indicator light saves energy and money during slow periods.
  • The efficient design of rear or front discharge allows Toast-Qwik to be placed where it is most convenient – for sending a product to the operator side or customer/server.
  • Insulation and an interior fan offer cool surface temperatures
  • Opening height is 2″ (5 mm), and for H models are 3″ (8 mm)
  • Permanently lubricated ball bearing heating and motor elements guaranteed against burnout and breakage for two years
  • Toast storage area keeps bread dry and warm. 
  • TQ-10 has an aluminized steel construction and durable painted steel top 

Accessories Of Hatco TQ-400-120-QS:

  • Extra extended feed guide (Add 3″ (76 mm))
  • Security Package

Specifications Hatco TQ-400-120-QS:

The electric-TQ-400-120-QS conveyor toaster with Color Guard sensing system (excludes TQ-10) is a Hatco model manufactured by the Hatco Corporation, Milwaukee, WI 53234 U.S.A. This commercial toaster can toast up to six pieces per minute. The toaster has a stainless steel design and includes a variable speed control knob, front-mounted control panel with a toast selector knob, and an aluminum toast collector pan (excluding TQ-10). The toaster has multiple metals sheathed heating elements and an impedance protected motor. It is completed with a factory attached U.L. listed 4′ (1219 mm) cord and plug. It comes with 24/7 parts and service assistance (the United States and Canada only).

How Does Commercial Toasters Leasing Work?

There is a range of restaurant leasing options. An operating lease lets a restaurant utilize the toaster but does not offer any machine ownership rights. Ownership usually lies with the financial institution or the equipment leasing company. Nonetheless, an operating lease arrangement is an off-balance sheet financing of assets. Leased equipment and associated liabilities of future rent payments are not incorporated on the balance sheet of a restaurant.

Another type of commercial toaster lease agreement is a lease-purchase agreement, in which the restaurant leasing the toaster commits to buying the equipment at the end of the leasing term. The lease-purchase contract is the lease option, in which the restaurant can purchase the commercial toaster during or at the end of the lease period. There are also open-end and closed-end leasing arrangements. The latter means there is no money owed at the end of the lease period. The Hatco TQ-400-120-QS can be returned with no further cost.

With an open-end lease, small monthly payments are followed by a huge payment at the end of the lease called ‘the balloon payment.’ Whereas this enables your restaurant to conserve cash flow, the last payment can be more than the equipment is worth. If an open-end lease is the only option, it is prudent to make sure that you are not liable for extra charges, like wear and tear. Restaurant equipment leasing is suitable for startups that can have a hard time obtaining equipment since they have no or little credit history. In this situation, some restaurant equipment leasing companies like To Financial Resources will consider a personal credit report during the approval process.

Commercial Toasters leasing providers include equipment dealers and distributors, banks, captive leasing companies (subsidiaries of equipment manufacturers), independent leasing companies, and brokers. There are advantages and drawbacks to all of these options. Typically, the lessee needs to provide a current set of business accounts and standard identification documents.

What Are Costs Of Hatco TQ-400-120-QS Leasing?

The final cost of the Hatco TQ-400-120-QS might be higher than if it had been bought outright. If it is a lease option, there will probably be a premium to have the option to purchase the equipment. This premium is not refundable if your restaurant does not exercise that option. As with any finance, it is essential to study a lease agreement before you commit to it. For instance, you should compare the costs of leasing the commercial toaster to the current interest rate to see if the terms are favorable. You should also compare the costs of buying the Hatco TQ-400-120-QS outright since it might turn out that it is better to take the immediate financial hit.

How Long Does It Take To Arrange Restaurant Equipment Leasing?

Based on the kind of leasing and amount of capital involved, To Financial Resources can respond to an application in as little as 24 hours. Of course, you have to make sure your lease application has all the required information.

What Type Of Security Do I Need For Commercial Toaster Leasing?

Little security is required since the lease agreement is secured by the Hatco TQ-400-120-QS. Restaurants that already own assets but are struggling financially can also borrow against those appliances using asset refinancing while continuing to utilize them.

Hatco TQ-400-120-QS Leasing At Top Financial Resources

As new opportunities arise, the need for additional equipment becomes urgent. Whether a small family restaurant enterprise or an international restaurant, Top Financial Resources can provide you with no-hassle equipment financing and leasing. 

So why does commercial toaster leasing from Top Financial Resources make sense? Even for restaurants with large cash reserves, financing restaurant equipment acquisitions makes business sense by matching the benefit’s cost, so cash flow is justifiable and predictable. Rather than tying up precious working capital or business credit lines, smart restaurants let the equipment benefits pay for the equipment acquisition while their cash reserves and borrowing power to finance their future success. And that is just the beginning of equipment leasing benefits with Top Financial Resources.

When your restaurant needs Hatco TQ-400-120-QS or any other restaurant equipment, we are happy to provide you with a restaurant equipment lease or restaurant equipment financing agreement. Besides, we do it with less paperwork and fast approvals (just one quick and straightforward application- leave your financial statements and tax returns at home).

Top Financial Resources Commercial Toaster Leasing Process

Our leasing process is fast and simple. With a few clicks, you will have Hatco TQ-400-120-QS leasing you need, at terms and a rate that will make you smile. Here is an overview of the financing process:

  1. Select the commercial toaster you need
  2. Complete the quick and easy lease application (online or print/fax)
  3. Receive a credit decision from Top Financial Resources within a few hours (in most cases)
  4. We will send you our lease agreement. Simply review and sign, and then return the agreement (in most cases, this will be done on the same day of lease application).
  5. Top Financial Resources caters to delivery, setup, and tax. You get to enjoy your new commercial toaster and put it to profitable use.

Do I Qualify For Commercial Toasters Leasing?

Top Financial Resources works with established, medium, successful businesses, and restaurants with challenged credit to help them grow and become more successful. In most cases, you will need to have good credit (600 plus), and you should be able to demonstrate the capability to service your commercial toaster lease. Do not worry if your credit score is less than 600; contact us at 1-(800)-260-5126. Our friendly loan specialist will work with you to help us tailor a program that is right for your restaurant and financial needs.

Final Thoughts: Hatco TQ-400-120-QS Leasing

Typically, leasing equipment is a good financing option for restaurants. Remember, restaurant equipment leasing is more than a way to rent your toaster. It is also a way to finance and buy equipment without paying for it all at once. Besides, you might qualify for the exact same tax benefits as if you had purchased the equipment outright, utilizing the 179 deductions. But remember, you are not limited to restaurant leasing either- restaurant equipment financing, business lines of credit, and invoice factoring are other popular programs at Top Financial Resources that you can use to finance necessary equipment if you can not afford to pay out of pocket.

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