Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 Leasing

Why waste time with bank business loan paperwork or use your expensive credit credits? Finance your Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 electric range with Top Financial Resources. You might never have thought of leasing an electric restaurant range before, but it is an excellent option for many restaurant business owners. Following the CBNBC, 60-percent of restaurants fall in their first year, and if you have invested a lot of capital into equipment for that vision, you could be in a bind if you do not see the type of foot traffic you are expecting. However, if you bought your next electric range, you would use the equipment and spread the payment over 12 to 60 months. And that is just but one benefit; read on to learn more and discover which is the right option for your restaurant.

Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 restaurant electric range overview

Cook pan after pan of your signature side dishes, entrees, and appetizers with this Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 Endurance series 36″ electric range with two french plates, an oven base, and a 24″ griddle. Thanks to the two french plates, your restaurant chef can cook two fry pans or stock pots full of product at the same time. Every smooth, 2 kW heating region is made of durable cast iron to assist retain heat while also making it much simpler to clean than conventional ranges with coil-style burners.

A 24″, 7 /8 thick griddle evenly and allows you to prepare large batches of scrambled eggs, pancakes, burgers, sausage, or cheesesteak in a quick, productive manner. The smooth surface is simple to maintain, and one thermostat for every 12″ of griddle width offers the operator with precise temperature control to accommodate various foods’ cooking temperatures.

This model also features an oversized standard oven base for your low volume warming and baking needs. The oven has a 5 kW output with an adjustable temperature range of 200 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and cool touch control knobs that allow your staff to operate the unit more safely and precisely. Inside, this oven has top borrowing control and a single oven rack with three-position options.

A fully welded, aluminum steel frame with stainless steel front, back riser, sides, and legs provide outstanding durability in your busy, commercial establishment. And with compact 36″ and 6″ adjustable legs, you will have no trouble finding the ideal spot for this unit among the rest of your commercial kitchen equipment. A 240V, 3 phase electric connection is needed; the unit is field convertible to one phase.

Overall dimensions of the Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 electric range

  • Front to Back: 34″
  • justify to Right: 36″
  • Height: 58″

Oven Interior Dimensions Of Front to Back: 34″

  • Front to Back: 26 3/8″
  • justify to Right: 26 1/2″
  • Height: 14″

What is restaurant electric range leasing?

Put simply, if you have a restaurant or a commercial kitchen, you need a heavy range (or several). Not only is the grease and smoke from cooking unpleasant, but it can also bring unhealthy contaminants to the kitchen. And buying the Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 or any other electric range for that matter can be a little pricey. Whether you need one Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 or a whole kitchen, it is good to know that Top Financial Resources can help you with restaurant electric range leasing.

Restaurant electric range leasing provides a flexible, creative alternative to buying as a way of acquiring the necessary machinery to run a cash-short business. In the typical restaurant electric range-leasing arrangement, a restaurant leasing and financing company (the lessor) buys equipment or other fixed assets. It then executes an agreement with the entity (the lessee) that will use the equipment. In return for the asset’s use, the lessee makes fixed payments to the lessor for a specified duration.

Top Financial Resources has been able to assist restaurants with their electric range financing needs. Whatever your restaurant equipment leasing needs are, or the budget size, we can help you get that needed electric range financing- usually, in the time it takes to prepare a meal. Our restaurant electric range leasing application is just one-page long, and we have some of the best rates in the market. Let Top Financial Resources tailor something up for you today through our restaurant electric range leasing. Contact us for more information at [email protected].

Types of restaurant equipment leasing

The two basic types of restaurant equipment leases that you can employ to lease Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 

  • Operating lease
  • Finance lease

Operating lease

In an operating lease, the lessee can generally return the equipment to the lessor any time after proper notice. The equipment lease payments are treated as operating expenses, subtracted immediately from operating revenues for accounting and tax purposes.

Finance lease

In contrast, a lessee cannot cancel a finance lease (usually known as a closed-end or full-payout lease). The lease payments recover most of the asset cost for the lessor together with interest on the investment. Financial leases should be capitalized as a liability on the lessee’s balance sheet.

The value of the related equipment is capitalized as an asset and depreciated over the lease term. Generally, financial and tax accounting for a financial lease is sophisticated and not necessarily the same. Consult qualified advice with an experienced accountant for lease before you sign the agreement. 

Note that commercial electric range is almost always more costly than borrowing and buying. Nonetheless, it offers other benefits that might justify its use. You do not have to raise the cash through a loan or equity offering to buy the needed electric range. And your restaurant’s taxes are generally reduced more in the short run than if the equipment was bought and depreciated over time.

Pros of leasing the Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 

Leasing Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 is a great way to outfit your kitchen faster and get up and running. However, that is not the only benefit; check out the following reasons:

Quick access to the electric range with little capital

When you have the dream to start a restaurant, you will most probably want to open as fast as possible to start making an income.

But before you can get to that point, you will have to secure loans to finance your new restaurant’s purchases. One way to reduce expenses at the beginning and make it a little bit easier running a restaurant is leasing essential equipment like an electric range. That way, instead of having to go through the procedure of getting financing or credit for the pieces you need, you can sign a contract, and everything will be delivered directly to your business’ door.

Potential for tax deductions

The IRS generally categorizes lease payments for equipment as a business operating expense. That indicates that it is tax-deductible, unlike when you pay sales taxes on a large piece of equipment. However, if you choose to buy, you can still save money on your taxes by subtracting their depreciation over time.

You can add on the option to buy

Many leasing agreements also offer the option to purchase at the end of them. Look for a leasing policy with this option if you intend to keep the equipment.

Useful to temporary kitchens and pop-up restaurants

If you are not certain how an area will respond to a risky concert, then you might want to over-invest in equipment for your commercial kitchen. Leasing provides you the opportunity to get what you need without having to worry about what you will do if things, not really work out.

You can upgrade the commercial electric range

Many lease contracts offer you the ability to update your equipment as new things become accessible. This is useful as it enables you to keep up with trends and quickly try new things in the kitchen.

You don’t have to worry about paying for major repairs

Repairing restaurant equipment can wipe out a business owner’s savings. When you lease your equipment, if something goes wrong, you can just ask the leasing company for a replacement. When you own the restaurant electric range, you will have to deal with repairs yourself, not unless you have a warranty.

How to lease the Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 range?

Leasing EV36S-2FP24G240 electric range will be different if you are a startup or if you are already established as a restaurant business. If you are a new restaurant, you need to have a good personal credit score since you will not already have established credit for your restaurant.

Your personal credit is the main factor when considering restaurant equipment leasing for a startup. This is because they will be making decisions about the business’ payments. If your credit score is not good enough to get a lease on your own, then you can consider paying a bigger down payment, cosign with someone, or offering collateral with other equipment. This can boost your odds but is not always sufficient to overcome personal credit. You can also get your finances together before you take on the challenge of getting all the equipment.

At Top Financial Resources, we provide leasing for restaurants with bad credit, which have been operating for six months and generate $8 500 per month. We also tailor leasing programs based on your business needs. Whereas if you have been in business for a long time, you will be able to lease on your business credit alone, or cash flow is presuming your restaurant is doing well. Other things that matter when applying for leasing is how successful your restaurant is and what your business plan looks like.

Can I get a leasing program for other Vulcan EV36S Series Restaurant Range?

Yes, Top Financial Resources makes restaurant equipment easy. We have no restrictions; as long as the equipment is in good shape, we will work with you. Here are more Vulcan EV36S Series electric ranges you can lease with us:

  • Vulcan EV36S-4FP1HT480 Restaurant Range
  • Vulcan EV36S-4FP1HT208 Restaurant Range
  • Vulcan EV36S-4FP1HT240 Restaurant Range
  • Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G208 Restaurant Range
  • Vulcan EV36S-2FP24G240 Restaurant Range
  • Vulcan EV36S-2FP2HT208 Restaurant Range
  • Vulcan EV36S-2FP2HT240 Restaurant Range
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