Kolpak QS7-0812-FT financing

When you are purchasing restaurant equipment like the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT freezer, your budget is top of mind. Your challenge is to purchase or lease high-quality equipment without breaking the bank. That is a challenge, in need. Purchasing restaurant equipment is an art and a science: there are various equipment you can buy new versus used, you will have your must-haves and your nice-to-haves, and there are various ways you can finance the equipment.

Not sure if you need commercial refrigeration equipment?

You will walk away from this post, knowing:

  • How to determine your commercial refrigeration needs
  • Whether you should buy new versus used
  • The cons and pros of buying and leasing Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Walk-In Freezer
  • Kolpak QS7-0812-FT financing
  • Where to buy and lease Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Top Mount Walk-In Freezer

If you are just looking for a checklist, look no further: here is your buying Kolpak QS7-0812-FT checklist for all your refrigeration and restaurant needs. However, if you need a little more guidance, read on to know exactly how to navigate the vast world of obtaining restaurant equipment.

How to determine your commercial refrigeration equipment needs?

Commercial refrigeration is a vital part of any foodservice operation since it protects customers from foodborne illness caused by improper storage while keeping beverages and food at proper serving temperatures. Since the number of processes and applications in a commercial kitchen that need refrigeration- from food prep to beverage service to specialty items- there are more than two dozen types of commercial refrigeration equipment available. Thus, you really need to decide if the Kolpak Freezer is essential for your restaurant, deli, bar, cafeteria, or other commercial food service concept.

We recommend involving your chef in this procedure. Your chef will be the person working with the freezer, after all- and they will have the expertise to determine if it is ideal for your kitchen. Here is what you can expect from the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Walk-In Freezer: This unit is ideal for use in restaurants, supermarkets, and c-stores. Perfect for storing vegetables and frozen meat.

Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Walk-In Freezer features

  • 100 Smooth aluminum floor
  • 26 Gauge embossed galvalume interior and exterior finish
  • 4″ Thick foamed-in-place polyurethane insulation
  • Actual size: 7’9″ wide x 11’7″ deep
  • Air-cooled condensing units
  • Auto condensate evaporator
  • Capacity: 432 Cu.ft
  • Compressor: 2 HP
  • Defrost timer
  • Door heater
  • Door size: 26″ x 78″
  • Electrical: 208-230v/60hz/1-phase
  • Expansion valve system
  • Exterior height: 7′ -6 1/4″
  • Foamed-in-place panel gaskets
  • High-pressure safety control
  • Holding only refrigeration systems
  • Interior height: 6′-10 5/8″
  • Interior safety release
  • Keyed door locks
  • Low temp: -10°F
  • Magnetic door gaskets
  • Modular
  • NSF panels
  • Polar-Pak
  • Self-closing door
  • Self-Contained
  • Shipping weight: 1762 lbs
  • Thermometer: 2 1/2″ dial
  • Top-mounted refrigeration
  • UL door section
  • UL panels
  • Vapor proof interior light


  • Ten-year panel
  • One year parts and labor

Buying new vs used restaurant equipment 

Full stop, restaurant equipment is costly. Costs compound faster. To help you allay costs and contain your operating capital, you have the option to purchase your refrigerator used instead of new; however, you have to be strategic about it. Here are some of the drawbacks and benefits of buying Kolpak QS7-0812-FT used and new.

Buying used Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Walk-In Freezer 

Advantages of buying used equipment

  • Low cost: Refrigerators depreciate in value as soon as they are out of the kitchen showroom- so it is simple to find a steal. And if you choose to purchase from an independent seller, you can negotiate prices or get other kitchen items for free.
  • Easy to find gently used refrigerators: Since most restaurants do not make it beyond their first couple of years, it is relatively simple to find gently used refrigerators for a low cost. Most official second-hand dealers offer certifications that show they have inspected the equipment for repair and safety (also called certified used). If you are speaking with independent sellers who do not offer certifications, inspect the freezer, ask to test it, and look for signs of irreparable damage. Ask the seller how they bought the asset and if it is still under warranty.
  • Warranties might still apply: It is possible to acquire used restaurant equipment that is still under warranty. When an appliance is under warranty, the manufacturer is still accountable for the repair cost, regardless of who is the current owner.

Pro tip: Whereas buying used Kolpak QS7-0812-FT is a great way to reduce financial burdens, you should always buy used equipment with caution, do some research about the seller, their restaurant, and how long they were in business before you make a final purchasing decision.

Disadvantages of buying old equipment

  • Expired warranty: Remember you are on your own. If the commercial freezer breaks, you would be accountable for the cost of damages.
  • Unforeseen damages: A malfunctioning freezer could end up costing more in repairs and replacements than it is worth.
  • Minimal selection and scarcity: Whereas the vast world of online shopping adds a bit of diversity; you might find slim chances of getting the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT. When purchasing used, you might have to sacrifice the brand and features you desire for the sake of the deal. 

Buying new Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Walk-In freezer 

We recommend the budget-conscious restaurateur to look at used options; however, the general rule is if you can afford to buy new, then do. When it comes to purchasing a new Kolpak QS7-0812-FT freezer, here are the cons and pros:

Pros of buying new Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Freezer

  • Warranty: With new appliances, you get a warranty, which covers particular repairs for a duration.
  • Full lifecycle of equipment: Because you have bought the equipment new, it is unlikely that you will have to endure costly repairs early on.
  • Equipment history: You know what your equipment has been through and that the equipment is up to health codes without extra inspection.

Disadvantages of buying new Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Freezer

  • Expensive: New equipment is expensive
  • It will depreciate in value: As soon as the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT is out of its packaging, its value depreciates. If you were to re-sell it later, do not expect to make your money back.

Whether you are dealing with a thin budget or not, it is wise to buy a new Top Mount Walk-In Freezer because:

  • You get the maximum life of the equipment.
  • You have the assurance that your freezer is up to health code.
  • Repairs to refrigeration equipment are very costly. You want to avoid malfunctions since the cost of repair can supersede the cost of the Kolpak commercial freezer

Leasing Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Top Mount Walk-In Freezer

If buying Kolpak QS7-0812-FT does not sit well with you, you do have another option: leasing. However, just like a car, you only have the freezer for a contracted amount of time, and there are benefits and drawbacks to this arrangement.

Advantages of leasing restaurant equipment

  •  No lump sum costs: Monthly or weekly lease payments can be cost-effective for just starting restaurants.
  • Preserve working capital: Rather than paying for the entire cost of the freezer upfront, save those precious start-up pennies from the operations that really need it.
  • Leasing enables easy upgrades: If you intend to upgrade to a more sophisticated freezer or fridge after your revenues get rolling, it is much easier to swap out a leased freezer than to sell a purchased one.
  • No repair costs: If leased equipment breaks, you are not accountable for the cost of fixing it. The leasing company will cover the repair costs.
  • Option to purchase: Many leasing companies offer you the option to purchase the top mount freezer for subsidized cost at the end of your lease.

Cons of leasing the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT Freezer

  • No equity: When you buy the commercial freezer, you build equity. If times get tight, you can sell it and make some of your money back. With equipment leasing, that money just goes out the door.
  • Fine print: Leasing equipment comes with interest rates and early termination fees.

Where to lease the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT?

The majority of equipment companies will have an equipment lease program. The most common type of lease program is lease-to-own. Note that every equipment company provides different terms for their leases. Ensure you read the fine print and understand the contract’s full scope before you sign the dotted line. At Top Financial Resources, we pride ourselves on being one of the leading restaurant equipment financing and leasing companies. We understand that no two businesses are the same. Let us help your restaurant reach its unique potential with expert knowledge on financing restaurant and kitchen equipment.

Where to buy the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT?

Online suppliers

The digital world provides a multiverse of selection. The benefits of online shopping are that you can easily compare and contrast different brands, compare vendor pricing, and find various styles. However, the drawbacks are that you do not get to see or test the equipment in real life. Moreover, shipping can be hefty because of the item’s size and weight, even though some online suppliers cover the shipping costs. If you are in the US, here are some of the online suppliers to check out.

  • Zanduco Restaurant Equipment and Supplies
  • Restaurant Supply.com
  • Webstaurant Store

Retail suppliers

Shopping for the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT freezer at a brick and mortar store allows you to see the equipment and visualize how it will fit in your kitchen. Moreover, you can speak with the salesperson to check for the options that fit your needs. However, with a retail supplier, you might find limited selections.

Private sale/independent seller

It is just you and the person on the other side of the sales ad. Private sales can result in the best deal. You can negotiate the price and request to test out the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT before buying, unlike purchasing from commercial sellers. However, there is certification, so you will have to investigate the warranty and look out for problems on your lonesome without any guarantees.


Commercial auction houses are home for purchasing restaurant equipment at discount prices when a restaurant has closed and is seeking to liquidate their equipment assets as fast as possible. As with all used appliances, you will have to perform an evaluation, inquire about the warranty, and research how long the previous owner was open.

Restaurant equipment financing

Restaurant equipment financing is an equipment loan that enables you to finance the value of the equipment you need. With traditional loans, you must have a collateral source that the bank can redeem, such as a mortgage. Collateral shields the bank in case you can not pay back your loan with cash. With restaurant equipment financing, the Kolpak QS7-0812-FT will act as collateral for the loan.

What this means is that:

  • You can still seek other lending options since your collateral is not tied up
  • You do not need to put other sources of capital on the line

Restaurant equipment financing also offers you the ability to negotiate financing on your own terms instead of vendors.

Advantages of financing  Kolpak QS7-0812-FT

  • Does not limit financing options. As we discussed, since the equipment itself acts as collateral, you do not need to tie in other sources of collateral.
  • Flexible payment options: You can negotiate payments that work for you
  • Better equipment upfront: Get a freezer sooner using your loan, and reserve the rest of your cash and sources of financing for other operational needs.
  • Tax savings: For the United States restaurants, equipment acquisition has special tax deductions under IRS 179.

Cons of financing Kolpak QS7-0812-FT

Minimum time in business. Most financing companies will require that your restaurant has its doors open for a minimum amount of time to qualify. Because this generally ranges from one month to one year, many newcomers can not get an equipment loan out of the gate.

Also, ensure you understand the limitations of the restaurant equipment financing terms. Some will not let you use the loan on used equipment. Others will limit you to specific brands and vendors. Others come with additional fees, late charges, unexpected taxes, early payoff penalties, and any other unwanted clauses. Make sure the terms of your agreement are flexible enough to meet needs and that you understand all the fine print. You can seek equipment financing from your local traditional bank and alternative lenders like us.

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