Southbend S60DD-2GL Financing

Whether you are opening a new restaurant, renovating within your existing four-walls, or expanding your concept, you are going to need capital to make it all happen. In this guide, we will walk you through financing the Southbend S60DD-2GL restaurant range. So much is happening behind the scenes to present quality services in the restaurant industry, and commercial restaurant equipment financing plays a significant role in it. Successful restaurants have fair pricing, quality service, and palatable food as necessary ingredients.

Top Financial Resources dedicates its sources to assist people in the restaurant business; we provide quick and affordable commercial restaurant equipment financing and leasing for startups with flexible terms. We exist to fill the gap between your dream business and financial insecurities. Top Financial Resources is familiar with the cruel realities- streamline and consistent working capital; a small business owner goes through. Therefore, it provides the needed necessities at an affordable price.

Southbend S60DD-2GL Features

Southbend S60DD-2GL is an S-Series restaurant gas range. It features 60″, (six) 28,000 BTU open burners, (one) 24″ griddle justify, manual controls, and (two) standard ovens. This unit also comes with a snap action thermostat, removable cast-iron grates, (two) crumb drawers, and shelf and hinged lower valve panel.  Southbend S60DD-2GL includes (one) rack for every oven, stainless steel front, sides, shelf, 4″ front rail, and 286,00 BTU. It rests on 6″ adjustable legs to provide stability, and it is cCAus, CSA Flame, CSA Star, NSF certified.

Southbend S60DD-2GL Details 

  •  175-550 degrees F range on the snap action thermostat
  • 221⁄2-in. stainless steel flue riser with a single shelf
  • 4-in. stainless steel front rail protects arms from burns and offers a place to rest plates and pans 
  • Four sides and top of the oven interior are insulated with self-supporting rock wool.
  • Grease drawers are removable.
  • Heated by natural gas
  • Lower valve panels are hinged and enable easy access to gas valves.
  • Metal knobs with red stripes assist operators in controlling burners.
  • One manual 24-in. 48,000 BTU justify-sided griddle
  • One-piece crumb drawer rests under the burners for no-hassle cleanup is removable.
  • The oven burner is U-shaped so that heat will spread evenly for perfect dishes all the time.
  • Oven Interior Dimensions are 26 in. W x 261⁄2 in. Dx 14 in. H
  • Overall Dimensions are 603⁄4 in. W x 34 in. Dx 591⁄2 in. H
  • The factory installs a pressure regulator.
  • Quadrant spring doors on the oven come with chrome handles.
  • The removable rack has two-position rack guides.
  • Six open, non-clog 28,000 BTU burners
  • Six removable, one-piece cast iron grate tops
  • Six-in. stainless steel, adjustable legs
  • Stainless steel sides, front, and shelf that is removable
  • Two standard 35,000 BTU ovens

Southbend S60DD-2GL Overview

The Southbend S60DD-2G-S-Series restaurant range features six 28,000 BTU open burners, one 48,000 BTU manual griddle, six removable one-piece cast iron grate tops two 35,000 BTU standard ovens. The griddle rests on the unit’s justify side and has a 1/2-inch steel griddle late and raised sides. There is a four-inch-wide front rail at the front of the unit that enables plating food and setting pans down. Above the six open burners, there are removable cast iron grate tops that spread heat evenly. Two crumb drawers rest under the burners to catch drippings for no-hassle cleanup.

The snap action thermostat comes on the 35,000 BTU oven with a temperature range from 175 to 550 degrees Fahrenheit. The burner is in U shape and evenly spreads heat for perfectly cooked dishes. If the pilot light goes out, a flame failure safety device shuts off the gas flow. Self-supporting block type rock wool insulates the four sides and top of the oven. The model is heated with natural gas and has a removable rack with two-position rack guides inside the oven.

What Is Commercial Gas Range Financing?

Restaurant gas range financing is the type of business loan that provides adequate funds to restaurant owners so they can buy commercial gas ranges, and that equipment can act as collateral. Generally, restaurant gas range financing for startups is suitable for startup restaurants: it’s no -security policy allows business owners to lease equipment without facing any difficulties. Do not be discouraged by looking at the skyrocketing price of the commercial restaurant range. Do not give up on your dream just yet. With restaurant gas range financing, you can buy all the needed gas ranges without distorting your cash flow. You can even finance with a bad credit rating.

Features Of Commercial Gas Range Financing

Our services and programs are available to all restaurants, and they come with the following features:

  • No upfront cost
  • Get feedback within seconds
  • Restaurant equipment financing for startups established businesses and those with challenged credit score
  • Get cash up to $ 250,000
  • New and used commercial gas range for bars and cafes, and restaurants
  • Affordable and flexible monthly payments

Our financing and leasing programs are open to all kinds of food hubs- cafes, full-time restaurants, bistro, food trucks, and cafes.

Is It Possible To Finance Southbend S60DD-2GL With Bad Credit?

The problem with a bad credit score always comes up if you are forced to get a bank loan, which is usually the case if you are running a restaurant and need equipment. Restaurant gas ranges are very pricey, and obtaining the funds for it is not easy. Nonetheless, bank loans require a credit check, and they will check your credit rating to see if your restaurant is trustworthy with a loan.

If your restaurant has a lower credit score as a result of past mistakes, nonetheless, that shows up too, and banks become more unlikely to extend a loan to you. Even if they do, they are almost guaranteed to spike the interest rate to the point where the financing is not worth it, and some require hard credit report checks anyway, which just keeps hurting your credit rating. As such, it is good to finance with a lender like Top Financial Resources, who does soft credit checks, mainly with a lower credit score, since we will not hurt your credit any further. Besides, you have a high chance of getting a loan.

Southbend S60DD-2GL Leasing With Bad Credit

There are two main advantages when you lease restaurant gas range with bad credit; however, there are quite a few upsides to leasing generally. Leasing commercial gas range requires soft credit checks, so they do not affect your credit rating, and you get a decent lease deal even though your credit is bad, and there is no high-interest rate to leasing. Leasing restaurant equipment is tailored specifically for companies starting up and trying to get equipment without breaking the bank since they have the freedom to have the appliance without the responsibility of dealing with the total cost of repairing the gas range.

With restaurant equipment leasing, you get the commercial gas range for a low, flat monthly rate, and at the end of the lease, you get to choose if you want to keep the lease and upgrade the gas range, return the appliance or purchase it from the vendor at a negotiable price. Leasing is tailored for new restaurants but is maneuverable enough for any business to handle, even those that have had struggles in their past with credit. To learn more about how you can fund lease Southbend S60DD-2GL with bad credit, contact us at 1-(800)-260-5126.

What Are The Advantages Of Restaurant Equipment Financing?

Here are some of the advantages of leasing or financing a commercial gas range:

  • Generate revenue: Financing gives the option to get a new appliance now and pay for it in small manageable payments. You can begin earning money with your new restaurant gas range before your first payment is due.
  • Low payments: Top Financial Resources offers monthly payments that range from 12 to sixty months and ensures the best fit for your business.
  • 100 percent tax-deductible: Section 179 enables businesses to subtract the full purchase price for the equipment finance. Most restaurants are able to subtract 100-percent of the total equipment costs.
  • You can keep lines of credit open: With commercial gas range financing, you can Keep potential lines of credit open for financial emergencies and utilize our financing to help boost your business credentials with any bank.

Who Qualifies For Southbend S60DD-2GL Financing?

Top Financial Resources strives to get the best solution for your financial situation. Whether you have a low credit score or just starting your restaurant, we have special financing and leasing programs for every situation and will get you manageable low monthly payments.

Here are the restaurants that qualify for financing with us:

  • Startup restaurant
  • Bankruptcy
  • Restaurant with low credit score
  • Small to medium restaurants
  • Established restaurants
  • Businesses with a high credit score

How To Apply For Southbend S60DD-2GL Financing?

Step 1: Apply; start with our simple online form.

Step 2: One of the loan specialists will connect with you and discuss the right financing options

Step 3: You will get a decision within 24-hours

What Other Southbend S-Series S60DD Gas Range Does Top Financial Resources Finance?

You need more than a Southbend S60DD-2GL to run a flawless restaurant. Restaurant equipment financing and leasing for startups come with a hefty price- it is no brainer. Top Financial Resources provides customized leasing and financing to enable the progression and success of your restaurant. We comprehend the workload that goes on running a successful business. So lease or finance Southbend S60DD-2GL or any other Southbend S-Series S60DD gas range from Top Financial Resources including:

  • Southbend S60DD-3GR Restaurant Gas Range
  • Southbend S60DD-3GL Restaurant Gas Range
  • Southbend S60DD-2RR Restaurant Gas Range
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