What Kind Of Services Can You Sell Best On The Internet?

Best Services To Sell Online
What services can I sell online?

Having something to sell online, whether a product or service, is not always simple to figure out for your business model. The best part is, even if you are a coach, consultant or designer, or if you run a digital agency, landscaping service, restaurant, or other service business, you can sell online with a shopping cart. All you have to do is to think outside the box and package up your services into something you can outline clearly and apply a set price to. Below are some of the items you can sell as a service provider, even when you do not have a physical product to sell.

Gift certificates and vouchers

Provide clients with digital vouchers to redeem for your services. Vouchers can work, such as online gift cards, without all the fuss of actually offering plastic credit cards like gift cards. Below are some examples to enhance your creativity.

  • A restaurant can develop special vouchers for discounted meal packages
  • Digital publishers and agencies are vouchers to offer turnkey service offerings like Pinterest marketing services
  • A dance studio can provide vouchers for 4-week dance classes
  • Offer virtual wardrobe styling services through vouchers.

Some eCommerce platforms, like BigCartel.com and Meylah.com, make it simple to create vouchers. You can also develop vouchers using a WordPress plugin like Voucherpress.


If you have a skill or an art that can be illustrated, high chances are someone somewhere in the globe will want to learn it too. Today, YouTube has made it easier for people to make money. You can develop original videos and monetize them via ads, which YouTube splits with the video creator.

However, ad revenue is not the only way to monetize your videos. You can create an ongoing subscription that offers access to monthly videos. Alternatively, you can create a pay-per-view type model. For instance, Digital Marketer provides videos for a flat fee as part of its courses. Also, Extreme Seal Videos offers some free videos and charges a membership fee to see the complete version of others. You can also use a platform like Vimeo on Demand, where you charge a fee for your video. Vimeo will get ten percent of the revenue, and you keep the remaining ninety percent.

Code editing and checking services

A code written by one programmer very frequently contains some errors or has some neglect in style. The code editing and checking services are something that most IT professionals would undoubtedly require. A good reputation and high standards must characterize the company providing such a service so that no code creator has to be afraid that his code or his intellectual property will be robbed. It is good to take into contemplation the massive acceleration in the importance of programming; that is why this kind of business is a very forward-thinking idea.

Facebook Ads Agency

You can start this business yourself or with a number of friends. If you feel free in digital media and have some experience in creating high-quality content, you can easily find most customers who are eager to pay serious money for Facebook ads campaigns.

Language learning online

There are numerous ways to teach language online. One of them is offering facetime classes in which the student talks to the teacher via the camera and performs language tasks, conducts conversations, and learns to read. Using the internet, students can also write essays and receive teaching aids from teachers. Besides, there are also several alternatives for creating language courses for people who want to learn a foreign language.

Traveling consulting and support agency

Most people want to see as many valuable and great attractions as possible while traveling and want to feel safe. The tourist support service comprises advising where to go, what attractions to see, and what to watch out for. Such an organization would advise and help in case of issues. For instance, if a customer breaks down a car while traveling, the organization looks for the nearest car dealership and orders a mechanic. Besides, such an agency should offer: trip guides, communication plans, road trip plans, suggested best hotels, a list of essential things to pack and take on the trip, something to be aware of.

Templates and themes

There is a high demand for website themes and templates built on popular content management systems such as WordPress and Drupal. The good thing is you do not require to be a developer or a web designer to sell templates. A management consultant, for instance, can sell business templates. Below are some examples of templates that service providers sell for add-on revenue streams.

  • Event planning in a kit
  • Employee vacation tracker template by Vertex
  • Resume templates by Inkpower
  • Website templates via ThemeForest.net

Digital goods

Digital goods are another method to package up what you know or do best and sell it. Digital goods could be anything from application to ebooks to designs. Any digital file when creativity packaged can be sold online. Here is some kind to consider:

  • Recipes
  • Kindle ebooks
  • Specialty clip art
  • Patterns for crafts and clothing
  • Fonts
  • Photographs
  • Whitepapers

In the application realm, there are Yoast’s premium WordPress plugins. Yoast has packed up his organization’s techniques into the software in one too many formulas. Also, he has taken a step further and offers free plugins as well as paid plugins that provide extra functionalities. Free plugins are a great marketing tool, while the paid plugins are revenue-generating products.


Assessments begin with questionnaires and engage customized evaluations. Whereas short initial assessments are frequently given free by service providers as part of their promotion, you can organize it so that more in-depth assessments come with a price tag. In that situation, the assessment becomes a product offering, not a marketing technique. Just carefully outline what is incorporated and not included in the evaluation, and set a flat price for it. In that situation, the assessment becomes a product offering, not a marketing technique. For instance, Sports and Physical Therapy and Performance Centers sell golf swing assessments.

Elderly Online Helper and Organizer

Older people frequently need care; they require someone to remind them to have their medication or someone to illustrate to them how to order a Tv repair specialist or a plumber. This advice and assistance can be offered remotely through the internet.

Animations making

Animation making is one of the most profitable services to sell online. An experienced animation creator can make huge money in this way, and the whole animation company has a chance to make millions of dollars yearly. 

Private data protection agency

Online privacy protection is a novel and very forward-looking field among the business services to sell online. Companies and individuals can pay a lot of money to protect their privacy, which is so frequently online today.

Subscriptions to your service

If you transfer your offering into a subscription service, you can earn each month and be assured of a regular ongoing revenue stream. To change your services into a subscription, think outside the box. For example, instead of offering one-on-one consulting service, you may provide a private online forum where you answer questions for members. You may also create a series of members-only materials for subscribers. Simply put, instead of giving one-to-one services, you change it into a one-to-many type of offering. One sample is the Freelance Writers Den, a membership platform that teaches freelance writers how to avoid starving and make a better living, using two levels of monthly subscriptions.

Influencer services

As an influencer, you will run campaigns and influence people. Besides, you can also collaborate with various influencers and run large influencer campaigns. Most of the business ideas discussed in this article do not need a lot of money to start them and can be perfect even for beginners.

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