Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 Financing

When you have a bad credit score, getting approved for the Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 combi oven financing might seem impossible. Even though qualifying for traditional equipment financing when you have a bad credit score can be challenging, there are options. Most restaurants need equipment to run their operations at full capacity. What they might not have at any given time is the ability to purchase all the equipment they need out of pocket. Equipment leases and loans can fill the gap, but borrowers with bad credit might worry that they will be locked out of the financing they need. We will look at some of the challenges restaurant owners with bad credit might face in trying to get commercial combi oven financing- and how we can help you get around them.

Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 oven details

C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 is a combi oven modeled by Convotherm. It features ConvoSmoke, boilerless, (six) 18″ x 26″ full-size sheet pan or (12) 12″ x 20″ x 1″ hotel pan capacity, 9″ easy Touch control panel and 20 stages each and 399 cooking recipes storage. This electric unit also features 9four) cooking modes: steam, hot air, combi-steam, and retherm, multi-point core temperature probe. It also comes with a 5-speed auto-reversing fan that includes (three) wire racks, anti-microbial hygienic door handle disappearing door, hands-free auto clean, stainless steel construction, and UL-Listed ventless.

Standard features of the Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 oven

  • ACS+ (Advanced Closed System +) operating modes:
    • Combi-steam (86°F-482°F) with automatic humidity adjustment
    • Hot air (86 2°F-482°F) with optimized heat transfer
    • Steam (86°F-266°F) with guaranteed steam saturation
  • HygienicCare – food safety offered by antibacterial surfaces:
    • Door handle and recoil hand shower
    • easyTouch control panel
  • easyTouch user interface:
    •  399 cooking profiles each profile contains up to 20 steps
    • 9″ full-touch screen
    • Cook and Hold – cook and hold in one process
    • Eco Cooking – energy-save function
    • Low-temperature cooking / Delta-T cooking
    • On-screen help with topic-based video function
    • Press and Go – automatic cooking with fast-select buttons
    • Regenerate+ – flexible multi-mode retherm function
    • Start-time preset
    • TrayTimer – oven-load management for various products at the same time
  • Data storage for HACCP and pasteurization figures
  • Door handle with slam function and safety latch 
  • Multi-point core temperature probe
  • Preheat and Cooldown function

Key features of the Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 oven

  • ACS+ extra functions:
    • BakePro – Five levels of traditional baking
    • Controllable fan – Five-speed settings
    • Crisp&Tasty – Five moisture-removal settings
    • HumidityPro – Five humidity settings
  •  ACS+ operating modes: Hot air, steam, and combi-steam
  • ConvoClean+ fully automatic cleaning system that is eco, regular and express modes – with optional single-dose dispensing
  • easyTouch 9″ full-touch screen
  • Ethernet interface (LAN)
  • HygienicCare
  • KNLZ listed for ventless operation
  • Right-hinged door
  • Steam produced by injecting water into the cooking chamber
  • TriColor indicator ring – shows the current operating status
  • USB port integrated into the control panel

Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 options

Available in various voltages

  • ConvoGrill with grease management function (upon request)
  • ConvoSmoke – built-in food-smoking
  • Core temperature probe, external connection
  • Disappearing door – adds more space safety 
  • Marine version (see separate datasheet)
  • Sous-vide probe, external connection
  • Vapor and steam removal – built-in condenser (upon request)

Accessories Of Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3

  • Banquet system (optionally as individuals or as a package): Mobile shelf rack, plate rack, transport trolley, thermal cover
  • Cleaning products for the semi-automatic cleaning system and fully automatic ConvoClean+ cleaning system
  • ConvoLink HACCP and cooking-profile management PC application
  • Equipment stands in various designs and sizes 
  • Racks for baking and cooking 
  • Signal tower – shows the operating status from a distance
  • Stacking kits

Is it possible to get a commercial combi oven loan or lease with bad credit?

The simple answer is yes. Restaurant equipment loans are an interesting case. As secured business loans, you might presume they would be less risky for the lenders than most unsecured loans provided to businesses with poor credit. Whereas it’s true, the longer-term lengths of restaurant equipment loans still indicate it will be a while before your financing partner recoups their investment. As a result of this, you will see many restaurant equipment loans with minimum credit requirements in the mid-to-high 600s. That makes them out of the reach of someone who has currently endured financial hardship. As is often the case when it comes to lending, there are exceptions, however. Restaurant equipment leases cover a much larger spectrum of contracts, even though many of them are even more credit-contingent than those of loans. The amount of leeway you are cut will be based on the kind of lease you are applying for and your lessor’s business model.

Bad credit problems you might encounter when financing the Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 oven

Before we look at the solutions, let us take a look at some of the problems you might encounter when you get a commercial combi oven with bad credit:

Higher rates

Even the lenders who do not use credit scores to rule out borrowers usually still utilize it to segment borrowers into different grades. The better your credit score, the lower your rates will possibly be. Similarly, the worse your rating, the higher your interest rates will possibly be. However, bear in mind that not every financer gauges credit score the same. The extent to which the funder depends on credit will vary depending on how many other sources of information they have on you concerning your fitness as a buyer. Repeat clients, for instance, are often given leeway that new clients are not.

Fewer options

It might not be fair, but restaurants with better credit will always have more financing options than businesses that do not—your search changes from the best possible deal to the best deal available for my credit score. That does not necessarily indicate there will not be a lot of options for you, however. Many online lenders specialize in financing clients with a bad credit score. Just anticipate to do your due diligence and ensure you are dealing with a reputable lender that will not needlessly gouge you.

Unsatisfactory terms

Credit rating issues might constrain the type of contract you qualify for. For instance, you might have to settle for a lease with a higher or lower residual than you might have intended. Alternately, you might end up with a term length that does not fit your business needs.

Bigger down payments

In some situations, reluctant lenders can be soothed by providing them with more money at the beginning of your term. In cases of commercial combi oven loans, this might come in the form of a larger down payment. In the case of leasing, they might request an additional month’s payment upfront. Based on how much cash you have on hand, this might or might not create unnecessary strain on your bottom line.


You also have a higher risk of your Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 financing application being rejected. Filling out applications takes time- time that you could be spending on any other business-related activity. Moreover, too many pulls of your credit- mainly hard credit pulls- can actually hurt your credit score. The fewer financing applications you have to fill out and subject your credit to, the better.

Bad credit shouldn’t stop you from getting restaurant equipment financing

Bad credit makes obtaining most types of financing more difficult, but it does not necessarily have to stop you. With the right strategy and the right financier, you can get the Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 financing you need to keep your restaurant humming. If you ask an alternative small business financing company like Top Financial Resources if you can get commercial combi oven loans with bad credit, the answer is categorically different from banks: yes, you can.

What is more, you can get approved for your restaurant financing even if you have a past discharged bankruptcy (either personal or linked with your restaurant) or an active tax lien. Well, given that restaurant owners are savvy- which indicates they possess a healthy dose of skepticism, this begs the question: Why does Top Financial Resources offer restaurant leases and loans for borrowers with bad credit when banks and other equipment financing and leasing companies will not even review an application if business and personal credit scores don’t meet a high threshold?

In simple words: Isn’t Top Financial Resources taking a risk? The short answer here is no, and here is why: Every loan- regardless of to whom it is provided, and if they have good credit, impaired credit, stellar credit, or outright poor credit- is a risk, and it should be. Lenders who are not comfortable with risks have no business being in the financing industry. Generally, if it were not for certain subsidized benefits, most banks are subject to the same “free market dynamics” as restaurants would have been out of business many years ago.

At Top Financial Resources, we do not believe that credit ratings reflect a borrower’s total creditworthiness. Yes, the credit score is a factor; but it is undoubtedly not the only one. Believing otherwise is not just unfair, but it is also unjustified.

How to apply for Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 financing?

If you are in the market to fund Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 with bad credit, fill out our one-minute application. Or, call 1-(800)-260-5126 to speak with an expert business financing advisor and ask which program is right for you. Not only is it fast and simple to complete, but you will get a funding decision within 24 hours.

Do we fund Other c4et6 combi ovens: Top c4et6 combi oven options?

At Top Financial Resources, we want to see you succeed. Thus we do not limit you on the equipment you should lease or fund. If you are considering financing a commercial combi oven, you might want to consider:

  • Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD 440-480/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven 
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD 208-240/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven 
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven 
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD SMK 208/60/3 Half Size Electric Combi Oven 
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 440-480/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven 
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD SMK 208-240/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven 
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20GS RH 120/60/1 Full-Size Natural Gas Combi Oven 
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20GS DD 120/60/1 Full-Size Natural Gas Combi Oven.
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