Garland X36-6R Leasing

The right equipment can help your restaurant keep running smoothly. Our specialists can help you navigate financing the Garland X36-6R gas range and other restaurant gas ranges. Secure gas range financing lease today to acquire and install Garland X36-6R that might provide tax deduction incentives. With our pre-approval, you will be the equipment in no time.

Description Of Garland X36-6R

Garland X36-6R is a restaurant gas range. It features 30,000 BTU open burners, cast iron top and ring grates, a standard oven, and one oven rack. It has two-position rack guides, stainless steel front, sides, backguard, plate rail, and high shelf. The unit lies on 6″ steel core legs to give it stability, and it is NSF, CSA certified.

Standard Features Of Garland X36-6R

  • 305mm (12″) segment stamped drip trays w/ dimpled bottom
  • Durable easy to read control knobs
  • Large 27″ (686mm) worworktoprface
  • Pressure regulator, 3/4″ NPT
  • Simple to clean 6″ (152mm) steel core, injection-molded legs
  • Stainless steel 4″ (102mm) plate rail
  • Stainless steel backguard w/ removable stainless steel shelf
  • Stainless steel sides and front 

Standard on Applicable Models

  • 108mm wide grease trough
  • 18,000 Btuh/5.27 kW cast iron “H” style griddle burner for every 305mm width of the griddle
  • 30,000 Btuh/ 8.79 kW 2 piece cast iron “Q” style donut open burner
  • 5mm thick steel griddle plate w/manual hi/lo valve control
  • Ergonomic split cast iron top ring grates
  • Griddle plates only accessible on the right side of the range
  • Heavy-duty oven door with keep-cool handle
  • Nickel-plated oven rack with two fixed position oven rack guides
  • Open storages a base instead of the oven
  • Oven thermostat w/ Low to 500° F (260° C)
  • Standard size Sunfire oven w/ ribbed porcelain oven bottom and door interior, aluminized top, back and sides
  • Straight steel tube oven burner 33,000 Btuh/9.67 kW

Optional Features Of Garland X36-6R

  • 152m) swivel casters (four), w/ front locking
  • Celsius temperature dials
  • Extra oven racks
  • Hot top 305mm plate, 15mm thick instead of two open burners, manual valve controlled w/ 18,000 Btuh/5.27 kW cast iron burner; standard on justify side
  • Low profile 238mm backguard stainless steel sides and front 

About Gas Range Leasing For Restaurants

If you do not want a piece of equipment for long, it is better to lease it. Restaurant equipment leasing is generally a loan in which the lender buys and owns the gas range and then rents it to a business at a flat monthly rate for a particular number of months. Many restaurants prefer leasing over purchasing due to its cash flow advantages, tax-deductibility, efficiency, protection against obsolescence, and more. These restaurants also understand the principle of investing in appreciating or at the very least stable assets instead of investing precious working capital in depreciating equipment.

Following the Equipment Leasing and Financing Association (ELFA) study, eight out of ten United States companies lease some or all of their appliances, while nine out of ten say that they will utilize equipment leasing or business equipment financing programs again. Of all the ways to obtain equipment, leasing is the method most often used for all equipment types. In fact, almost any kind of appliance can be leased.

What Is Garland X36-6R Leasing?

Garland X36-6R leasing is an arrangement where Top Financial Resources purchases the gas range for you and then rents it to you at a flat monthly rate for a particular number of months. Any restaurant can use a lease at any stage of development.

Gas Range Leasing Process At Top Financial Resources

Step 1: You choose the gas range you want, and provide invoices from the equipment vendor, ensure you include all shipping, setup, and installation fees.  

Step 2: You fill a simple lease application with Top Financial Resources, specifying the term and kind of lease that you want.

Step 3: After the restaurant equipment lease is approved. Top Financial Resources will buy the equipment and have it delivered and installed at the time that is specified by you.

Step 4: You make fixed monthly payments for the term you have selected, enjoying the advantages of the appliance as though you own it.

Types of Restaurant Equipment Leases

  • Fair market value: You can buy the gas range for its fair market value. This means you only pay for the value of the appliance during the duration you use it. This option is regarded as an operating lease or a tax lease, and your payments will be eligible as an operating expense.
  • 10-percent purchase upon termination: This leasing structure can give you a lower monthly payment as you are accepting a ten-percent (of original cost) payment at the end of your lease.
  • Purchase or renew option aka PRO lease: the IRS treats pro leases as an operating lease. The lesser takes the depreciation dedicated but passes that deduction to you as a lower payment rate. When the term ends, you have the capability to buy the gas range for a predetermined sum or renew the lease depending on a predetermined percentage of the initial cost.
  • $1.00 Buyout: Generally, a $1.00 buyout is like a finance agreement similar to a bank loan. You depreciate the asset over the leasing term. There is no trade-in option at the end of the equipment leasing term, and you own the appliance for $1.00.

What Options Do You Have At The End Of Garland X36-6R Leasing?

At the end of the gas range lease, as written in the lease agreement, you have few options:

  1. Turn the Garland X36-6R in and lease a new gas range
  2. Extend the lease or make a month-to-month payment to keep the same equipment
  3. Buy the gas range from Top Financial Resources at a price predetermined in the lease agreement.

Gas Range Leasing or Gas Range Financing Advantages

Here are some of the pros of financing restaurant equipment:

  • You can retain your working capital, enabling you to use that cash to grow and develop your restaurant.
  • You can acquire the gas range your restaurant demands today instead of waiting until you can budget for the large cash expenditure.
  • Your gas range ever becomes out-dated since you can get the newest technology when your lease expires.
  • When appropriately structured, leases might not be disclosed as a liability on your balance sheet.
  • Restaurant equipment leases might be tax-deductible (check the tax advantages of leasing with section 179 rule).
  • You can have access to a gas range with no down payment.
  • The leasing application process is easy and fast
  • Under a properly structured tax lease, lease payments are typically deductible for Federal tax purposes since the lease is regarded as a rental expense.
  • You will have a fixed rate payment, and you are not subject to interest rate fluctuations.
  • Leasing keeps your business lines of credit open to use for inventory, emergencies, or marketing.

Is Gas Range Financing or Gas Range Leasing Right For You?

If you are wondering if leasing is the right solution for acquiring Garland X36-6R for your restaurant, ask yourself the following questions. “Will depleting your accessible cash put your restaurant in a defensive position?

  • Will the equipment be in line with the industry three to five years from now?
  • Would you like to get a more costly piece of equipment, but you are concerned about spending extra cash to do so?
  • Do you intend to apply for any financing where your balance sheet will be scrutinized?
  • Is your company seasonal where you require a custom payment structure to manage your cash flow properly?
  • Have you been rejected for a business line of credit or had your bank close your present credit line?

If the answer to one or more of these questions is yes, and your restaurant is receivables-based, then you definitely are a candidate for gas range leasing. We offer restaurant equipment leasing and financing options for both small and large businesses. Whether you need $5k for a new gas range or $200k fo0r multiple gas ranges, our equipment leasing options are always accessible whenever you need them.

Why Choose Top Financial Resources? 

As an entrepreneur, you make many decisions every day that impact the profitability of your restaurant. At some point, one of those choices will inevitably be concerning the sore of your equipment financing or additional working capital. With many restaurant equipment financing and leasing companies at your disposal, why choose Top Financial Resources? At Top Financial Resources, we believe we know at least two things better than our competition. First is our business, and second is that the success of our business depends on mutually beneficial relationships with our customers. We believe this concern is often talked about, but rarely does a business follow through the way we do. So how do we do it? Our desire at Top Financial Resources is not to be merely a lender to you but to truly partner with you and assist you in growing your restaurant. Our account executives usually take time to learn and understand your restaurant so they can customize a solution, specially for your needs.

Can I Finance Other Garland X Series 36″ Gas Ranges With Top Financial Resources?

Restaurant and heavy-duty gas ranges are absolute must-have equipment for commercial kitchens. That is why at To Financial Resources, we offer all the top brands in commercial restaurant gas ranges. Among other brands, here are other Garland X Series 36″ gas ranges that you can finance at Top Financial Resources.

  • Garland X36-6R Restaurant Gas Range
  • Garland X36-2G24S Restaurant Gas Range
  • Garland X36-2G24R Restaurant Gas Range
  • Garland X36-6S Restaurant Gas Range
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