Southbend S36C-1G Leasing

No restaurant pays its staff in advance: they pay as they contribute. It is no different with Southbend S36C-1G gas leasing. Gas range leasing enables you to make affordable monthly payments as you use the restaurant equipment. The restaurant equipment lease is like your restaurant employees.

The commercial kitchen equipment can accumulate positive cash flow to respond to new business startup opportunities. The revenue accumulated from the productivity of the appliance purchase is often greater than the lease payments. Generally, handling finances is one of the hardest things you will do as a business owner, juggling all of your expenses while trying to make enough money to pay off those expenses and still have some justifyover to serve as revenue. Thus when the idea of credit comes into play, it is simple to overextend your limits and misspend your money, putting your restaurant in a bad position.

When you make mistakes and mismanage credit-related situations, your credit rating can go down, giving you problems in the future, mainly if you are intending to run a new business. Many restaurants will try to get equipment financing, only to get rejected or get saddled with a high-interest rate or ridiculous terms, all because of a bad score. That is why restaurant owners like yours examine alternative lenders like us, Top Financial Resources, to be able to lease equipment with bad credit and still get a good deal. Actually, based on your situation, leasing might be a good option compared to purchasing.

Description Of Southbend S36C-1G

Southbend S36C-1G is an S-Series restaurant range. It features 36″, (four) 28,000 BTU open burners, (one) 12″ griddle justify, removable cast iron gate tops and crumb drawer, manual controls, and (1) cabinet base. This unit also features a hinged lower valve panel, shelf, stainless steel front, sides, 4″ front rail, and 6″ adjustable legs. Southbend S36C-1G. CSA Star, cSAus, NSF certified.

Features Of Southbend S36C-1G

  • (Four) Gas Burners with removable cast iron grates (Rear can hold up to a 14″ stock pot)
  • 12″ Wide 1/2″ Thick polished manual griddle plate with raised sides (justify side only)
  • 35,000 BTU standard oven
  • 4″ Stainless front rail
  • 6″ Adjustable stainless legs
  • Crated weight: 535 lbs.
  • Factory-installed pressure regulator included
  • Flame failure safety device
  • The four sides and top of the oven is insulated with heavy, self-supporting rock wool with oven baffle assembly
  • Gas type: LP or Natural
  • Hinged, lower valve panel
  • Large 26″ wide x 26 1/2″ deep enameled oven
  • Metal knobs with a red stripe
  • NSF, CSA approved
  • One removable rack with two-position rack guides
  • Removable one-piece crumb drawer
  • Snap adjustable action thermostat: 175°F to 550°F
  • S-Series
  • Stainless sides and front, and removable shelf
  • U-shaped heavy-duty oven burner

Why Gas Range Lease?

Small and medium-sized restaurant business owners face the constant issue of managing cash flow while investing in operations improvements. Today’s successful restaurants are able to obtain new equipment, including gas range, to keep their new companies competitive while preserving working capital and credit score. Top Financial resources offer multiple funding sources that provide restaurant owners with flexible financing solutions and repayment terms to lease the gas range they need without collateral or down payment.

Leasing Southbend S36C-1G Advantages


Gas range leasing financing options provide the restaurant industry an alternative source of capital.

Generally, Southbend S36C-1G financing frees working capital for productive use (because the money is not tied up in restaurant equipment). For a successful food truck, bar, restaurant, coffee shop, or restaurant chef that wants to expand, create that dream restaurant but have limited funds for capital to take their company to the next level, leasing restaurant equipment might be the best option to shield and preserve the restaurant’s capital. Leasing might be the best option for an under-capitalized wanting to upgrade a gas range or even open new locations.

Commercial gas range leasing provides a hedge against inflation.

The leasing payment terms might provide a hedge against inflation because the monthly payments will be made with cheaper dollars, saving your restaurant a lot of money. The China-United States trade war has been contributing to the rise of price in equipment. Restaurant equipment leasing might act as a hedge against inflation; inflation offers the basis for strong arguments supporting ownership.

Leasing and gas range finance provides the exact amount of financing.

Contrary to some kinds of debt financing that vary in cost as a function of the prime interest rate, equipment lease payments for equipment finance are almost always uniform over the period of the lease.

Financing gas ranges with warranties extend the length of financing the equipment.

Contrary to a bank loan, term loan, working capital loan, and restaurant equipment loans, which are typically available only for a period that is significantly less than the life of the commercial gas range, leases might be obtained for almost the total length of the gas range warranty. This results in a reduced cash flow during the restaurant equipment’s initial period, with the cost spread over a longer lease contract. The advantage is two-fold. First, costs tend to be almost correlated with profits over the whole life of the appliance. Second, a discounted cash flow analysis will often show a higher return on investment when cash payments are spread out over the whole asset life.

Other benefits of leasing commercial gas range include:

  • Leasing cost less than other methods of obtaining restaurant equipment
  • Leasing provides total financing of the equipment
  • Leaves normal business lines like a credit card undisturbed
  • It does not appear as a liability on the lessee balance sheet
  • Leasing offers fast and flexible financing

Why The Bank Says No To Restaurant Financing With Bad Credit?

Banks can be hesitant (to put it simply) to invest in a field that they do not understand- or fear will not offer them significant profits. This is mainly true if you have got bad credit. But do not fret. To understand why you might need to pursue other options than the bank, it is essential to understand why they usually decline restaurateurs in the first place. For one, most banks consider the restaurant industry too risky to give loans to in the first place, even if this is a myth on their part. Besides, banks are hamstrung by the idea that they place an inordinate value on a loanee’s credit. Whereas banks are fixated on the past, we focus on what you and your restaurant can achieve.

Difference Between Gas Range Financing And Leasing

Top Financial Resources provides commercial gas range financing and commercial gas range leasing. These terms are used synonymously on various platforms, but there is a slight difference between them. If you apply for commercial gas range financing, you will be the Southbend S36C-1G official owner. On the other hand, with gas range leasing, the lender will be accountable for the equipment.

Both of these financing options have some benefits and drawbacks. If you continue with commercial gas range financing, the financed equipment will become a section of your business’s assets. After you make the payment in full, the appliance is yours to keep! So if you are not happy with Southbend S36C-1G, you do not have the option to change it. On the other hand, if you choose commercial gas range leasing, changing the appliance, and not buying the product is alive. Finally, if you want to keep your gas range up-to-date, equipment leasing would be a nice pick for you.

Finding The Ideal Solution For Restaurant Equipment Financing With Bad Credit

The restaurant business can be a stressful enterprise; however, you need to improve your restaurant without the capital, which will not lead to long-term success. Luckily, there are alternative lenders like Top Financial Resources, who will help you finance your dream. Remember, you took a dream to follow your dream, and that is why we are inclined to put faith in your business because of it.

When looking for a restaurant equipment financing company, you want to know that the company has experience working with companies in the service industry. As a restaurant owner, your business needs are unique from other kinds of business. Top Financial Resources has assisted many businesses, including, get the restaurant equipment financing they need to keep operations moving. Let our loan specialists create a customized equipment financing solution for all of your restaurant and commercial kitchen needs.

How To Get Southbend S36C-1G Leasing For Bad Credit?

Are you ready to secure the funds you need to get your restaurant off the ground? Contact the Top Financial Resources team today at 1-(800)-260-5126 to get started, or fill out our simple one-minute application online to get your restaurant loan for bad credit in as little as twenty-four hours.

Can Restaurants Lease Other Southbend S-Series 36 Gas Ranges With Bad Credit? With The Rates Being Decent?

There is no denying that a restaurant gas range is powerful cooking equipment that brings measurable advantages to your foodservice operation. Compared to their electric counterpart, restaurant gas kitchen ranges help you absolutely control the amount of heat dispensed, leading to more precise cooking.

Another reason why restaurant gas ranges are usually preferred in the commercial kitchen is that they are much faster to heat up, saving you time when you are in the middle of a busy lunch rush. At Top Financial Resources, we know this, which is why we provide you with a lease for other gas ranges. Some of the Southbend S-Series 36 gas ranges that we offer a lease with bad credit include:

  • Southbend S36C Restaurant Gas Range
  • Southbend S36C-2GR Restaurant Gas Range
  • Southbend S36C-2GL Restaurant Gas Range
  • Southbend S36C-3G Restaurant Gas Range
  • Southbend S36C-2TR Restaurant Gas Range
  • Southbend S36C-2TL Restaurant Gas Range
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