Southbend SE36T-HHB Financing

Do you need to buy the Southbend SE36T-HHB commercial electric range? We can help. Let the experts at Top Financial Resources work for you? Restaurant equipment financing is a kind of asset-based lending. Generally, we advance money to you for the purpose of obtaining the commercial electric range for use in your business. Based on the equipment you are obtaining, whether used or new, it can be used to secure your funding at a favorable rate.

We provide flexible terms of up to seventy-two months for an equipment financing to be repaid. This is available for both used and new commercial electric ranges to be placed into your restaurant service. With flexible options, you can use the financing for one-time acquisitions or as a business line of credit when you are obtaining a number of pieces of equipment over time. Whether you are looking for flexible commercial electric range leasing or loans for straight acquisition, we have the solutions you need.

Southbend SE36T-HHB Description

Southbend SE36T-HHB is a heavy-duty electric duty. It features 36″, (two) rounded hotplates, (two) 12″ hot tops, thermostatic controls, and (one) TruVection Oven. It also includes (three) racks, stainless steel front, sides, top, and oven lining. This unit is cETLus, ETL-Sanitation certified.

Southbend SE36T-HHB Overview

  •  (1) TruVection oven
  • (2) 12″ hot tops
  • (2) round hotplates
  • 36″
  • cETLus
  • electric
  • ETL-Sanitation (Note: Qualifies for Southbend’s Service First™ Program
  • Heavy Duty Range
  • includes (three) racks
  • Selling Units Per Case: 1 ea
  • sides
  • stainless steel front
  • thermostatic controls
  • top and oven lining

3 Ways Top Financial Resources Help With Southbend SE36T-HHB Financing

  • Get a decision in one day: Our team works fast to fund you. If we get documents fast enough, we can fund in as little as one day.
  • Equipment funding of nearly any size project: For small business financing for food service, we can manage almost any project funding. How much do you need? Apply today and let us fund you.
  • Flexible terms 12-72 months: With short term funds for growing restaurants, we can work within the terms you need.

How Our Commercial Electric Ranges Financing Programs Work?

At Top Financial Resources, we offer you as many options as possible to obtain the equipment you need. Some clients are looking for a business loan to purchase, while others are looking to lease the commercial electric range. No matter which route you prefer, the financing professionals at Top Financial Resources can help you secure the funding you need. It starts with a simple application process. We have to understand the commercial electric range you are looking to obtain, the method of that acquisition (lease or a purchase), the ability of that equipment to secure the financing, in your desired timetable to satisfy your obligations. If you opt for a lease, you will have the following options:

  • $ 1 Buyout: Accessible as a lease or an Equipment Financing Agreement (EFA)
  • Net Terms: Buy the equipment now and pay later with financing 90, 60, 30 days
  • Fair Market Value: Obtain a lower lease payment. At the end of the term, buy the equipment, or return it.

Why Do Business Owners Apply For Restaurant Equipment Financing?

In order to succeed and stay competitive, restaurants need to grow. Some of the main reasons why restaurants owners consider equipment financing include:

  • Investing in new equipment
  • Improving their restaurant’s feel
  • Investing in new back-of-house equipment
  • Expanding their business

If you are interested in applying for restaurant equipment financing, it is a smart choice to outline your plan for using the funds early on in your search for funding and start looking up some of the financial statements you will need during your application process. Now that your wheels are turning, thinking through methods you can improve your restaurant equipment or expand your restaurant with a little extra cash, let us dive into how you can finance the equipment. As well as how to apply, where to get financing and qualifications.

Commercial Electric Ranges Financing Process At Top Financial Resources

Our financing process is a straightforward three-step procedure:

Step One: Apply For Equipment Financing

Apply online for a lease or finance of Southbend SE36T-HHB using our straightforward application or speak to one of our loan specialists. To be considered, your restaurant must have already been in operation for a minimum of six months with gross monthly sales revenues that is at least $8 500. There must also be ample equity in the assets used to secure the financing. We also finance startups as long as you meet other qualifications such as 650 credit score plus.

Step 2: Get A Funding Decision Faster

In contrast to traditional financial institutions, we can approve financing faster. Most of the approvals are made within one day. The better prepared you are when you reach us, the faster we can get through the process.

Step 3: Get Approved For Southbend SE36T-HHB Funding

All funding requires an application and proof of your restaurant’s income using the most current three months of bank statements. We will need information related to the Southbend SE36T-HHB being financed. When all of the information is received and accepted, you could get your restaurant equipment financing in place in as little as one day.

6 Great Reasons To Work With Top Financial Resources

Our team is frequently asked why business owners need to use Top Finacial Resources as their trusted source of small business loans. Importantly, why do our customers keep coming back? Here are some of the reasons:

  • Fast restaurant equipment funding approvals: Our underwriters do not need weeks or months to make a decision. The majority of our customers receive a decision within twenty-four hours, and they are financed rapidly after all of the necessary paperwork is supplied.
  • Fast delivery of funding for commercial equipment acquisition: It is one thing to receive approval. It is a different thing to obtain the funds. We work with you to assist you in getting funded as soon as possible so you can get the appliance you need.
  • We are trusted by thousands of clients across the United States: Our company helps restaurants nationwide with the funding they will need to obtain the expansion they want.
  • Easy lease and finance application process: We understand how difficult it might be to work with large banks. Thus our resources make restaurant equipment financing easy.
  • Honest terms: Avoid restaurant equipment financing with hidden and unjust terms and conditions in their contracts. All of our agreements are extremely simple, and they are intended to be reasonable for all parties.
  • Long term business relationships: Most of our customers are repeat customers. We assist clients with the project after project to enable them to make excessive use of our loans to win the projects they need. We love financing for on-going growth and success.

Can I Get Commercial Electric Ranges Financing With Bad Credit?

If you ask a bank this question, the answer is frequently not merely “no.” Generally, the banks are reluctant to approve small business loans for restaurants in the first place, given how volatile the industry can be (for instance, complex supply chain, tenuous profit margins, high overhead) and also since they make more money by going upstream and serving big companies. If you are eligible, it can take several months to go through the loan application and underwriting process before you actually receive the money. Because restaurants are high risk in banks’ eyes, you are likely to be required to offer more detailed financial documentation than restaurant owners in industries seen as more stable.

When you are looking to grow or need funding to fund expenses in an emergency, you do not have months to wait. By the time you get the bank loan, you could be justify behind as business opportunities pass you by or find yourself running in the red and facing the probability of closing your doors. Alternative lenders such as Top Financial Resources do not make you jump through hoops or collect big piles of financial paperwork to be eligible for a loan, even when you have bad credit. Starting the loan application process only takes a couple of minutes, and funding is available in days, not weeks or months. In some cases, you could get your loan in as little as twenty-four hours.

Top Financial Resources sees funding small businesses with low credit scores as providing an opportunity for business owners that would not have gotten the financing they required to grow otherwise. So go ahead, discover how simple it is to get a loan when a restaurant business owner with anything less than a stellar credit score requests us for restaurant business loans.

Apply For Other Southbend SE36T Heavy Duty Ranges At Top Financial Resources

Our team is here to help you. We work hard to assist you in getting the financing you need. We will help you with your loan application and ensure we have all of the documentation required to get you approved. You can also apply for other Southbend SE36T heavy-duty ranges, including:

  • Southbend SE36T-TTB Heavy Duty Range
  • Southbend SE36T-HHH Heavy Duty Range
  • Southbend SE36T-TTH Heavy Duty Range 
  • SouthbendSE36T-TTT Heavy Duty Range

And remember, we are able to provide lease and financing for both new and used commercial equipment. This is very useful to let you draw cash out of the equipment you already own or obtain used equipment at a fantastic price. You can reach us at 1-(800)-260-5126 or apply through our website. If you are not ready to apply, you can email us at [email protected] and get a quote.

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