10 Profitable Business Ideas To Start For 10k Or Less

10 of the Most Profitable Small Businesses

Starting a business can be challenging. Finding the right idea, dealing with the financials, and getting it up and running add up to more than an average full-time gig. Simply understanding how to start a business is just the beginning. Business ventures that are lower in risk, nonetheless, take some of that worrying out of the equation. Thus start looking for the cheapest business to start. 
Luckily, there are plenty of small businesses you can begin that will not break the bank. The key is to find a company you can start with your current scale and skills without a lot of initial investment. Below are low-cost ideas to start a profitable business.

Which kind of business can I start with 10,000?

Which business can you start if you have only 10k?

Online freelancing

Online freelancing can incorporate content writing, consultations, data entry, and even digital marketing. You can take up projects from clients, work on them, and deliver them according to the set timelines. After you start having a certain number of customers, you can outsource it or add more people to your team. Slowly grow your network.

Coffee bar/ Tea Salon

You do not have to go crazy here. We are not discussing a full-brown restaurant, which is likely to be beyond the budget for this post. You can open a little pace that has an excellent selection of teas and coffees, and maybe some snacks and pastries. You can keep it open from early in the morning until just after lunch and catch the commuter and office crowds.

But of course, the location of your business will be incredibly significant. It does not have to take up considerable space. Space could be as small as a cart in case you find a way to store your product and your equipment effectively. Alternatively, you can rent part of a space in an existing store or building. Consider the multitude you want to go after. Food traffic will possibly be critical for your business. Try to locate in or near an office park, or in a part of a city with a lot of pedestrians.

You will have some competition from big corporations like Dunkin’ Donuts or Starbucks to other small independents. You will have to try to find a location that will offer you some distance from them- easier said than done. However, this is where getting into an actual office building instead of just near it can give you an advantage. You will also have to compete on service and product. Rotate your tea and coffee flavors, and consider hand-made snacks and pastries. Also, turn on the charm. Make yourself likable and friendly, and you will have repeat clients coming by to say hello and buy a cup and pastry.

Food business

The food service is highly profitable and comes with low investment. Thus you can think of some genuine ideas like:

  • Homemade chocolates and sweets
  • Homemade spreads, pickles, and jams
  • Breakfast making
  • Cake baking
  • Home-based catering or delivery
  • Front yard coffee shop
  • Online learning or tutoring

You can begin your own online teaching business. All you have to do is get an affordable tool that will host your whole online learning materials and then start selling. Several organizations offer e-learning application platforms at extremely affordable rates. You can create your entire online training modules and provide access to your students as per their requirements.

Outdoor Adventures

Do you love the outdoors? That is great. Are you ready to be responsible for guiding a group of people on an outdoor expedition? In case so, you might be prepared to begin a business providing outdoor adventures.

Simply loving the outdoors is a requirement; however, it is one enough. You need to be able to plan activities and trips, deal with groups and be willing to be both flexible and take risks. Because you will be working outdoors, you will be beholden to the whims of fires, weather, and other elements that can ruin your plans at the last minute. Having contingencies and creating them into your budget is vital, as is having an apparent policy on rescheduling and refunds.

You will need to find a place to have your adventures, so contact owners of local ranches and farms to get started. In case they cannot offer you their own land, they will likely know somebody who can. After you have a venue, decide what your specialty is going to be like. Offering one kind of adventure and sticking with it is the way to go, at least at the outset of your business.

YouTube Channel Partner

It is straightforward to build a channel on YouTube. You just need to create an account. After that, you can start creating content and upload them at your convenience. Creative videos can assist you in earning good revenue. Post creative videos with original content and see how you create a good fan following.

Live streaming

Live streaming can become a large business if you manage it yourself. Today, there are many social media platforms that let you ‘go live’. This means you get to live stream your content to potentially everyone across the globe. The only two challenges are getting a huge enough following and creating content that is captivating enough for the audience to watch you when you live stream. 

Become a blogger

In case you are into writing, start a blog. It can be on anything – finance, food, travel- any topic or topics that you like. And then, you can begin earning money via different affiliations. Do not forget to add push notification. That way, you can keep your readers involved. Integrate the push notification tools for mobile and web browsers at extremely affordable rates.

Search service/ Rare book dealer

This business is straightforward to get into; however, somewhat harder to turn into a full-time gig. Just begin purchasing rare books and then trying to sell, and you are a dealer of rare books. The challenge may be selling enough rare books frequently enough to sustain a full-time business. Nonetheless, for those who are up for it, the occasional book game can be a lot of fun. 

Most of the overhead here will involve acquiring the books and setting up the website to sell them. You will be very likely to work from home. Sourcing books will be significant, specifically in case you are incorporating a search service into your offering. You can do that online, or you can visit local stores that sell used books or even drop by book sales that libraries occasionally have. Of course, working knowledge of what is valuable in the globe of rare books is very significant here, as is having some idea of how to price what you sell. But your customers will frequently request the books they want, so you will not necessarily need a large inventory at any given period.

You can trade your books on eBay and provide your search service via your website. The vast majority of your business will take place online, so do not scrimp on your web presence. You will be able to work globally, so do not be afraid to promote in antiquity periodicals and other published work that reach your audience. In case you can get your business running full time, you can have a profitable and pleasurable vocation. But this type of business I would suggest you slowly ease into unless you already have full-time experience in it.

Digital marketing consultant

Digital marketing is a big umbrella with SEO, social media marketing, content marketing, and email marketing, and so on. You can provide digital marketing services to different companies online.

SEO consultant

Become a Search Engine Optimizer and offer your skills and expertise to various companies online. There are many ideas that you will get when it comes to starting your own business. Nonetheless, you require to know which one is best for you, your budget, and your mental temperament. You must feel passionate about the idea. Just follow your gut feeling, trust your instincts, and do some proper research before you begin.

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