Think you can’t afford to save on groceries? These apps and tips will get you on track

A list of ways to save on groceries and other shopping 

Grocery stores are expensive. It is all too simple to go in for a couple of items, only to leave your wallet empty. Since we all have to eat, there is really no way around this- despite the high cost, purchasing groceries and making homemade meals is still the inexpensive, smartest way to get fed.

We have good news, sort of Possibilities are we are throwing down way more money than we should. Whereas it would be hard to cut grocery spending in half, there are many tricks to avoid overspending at groceries -including using apps. Using all the tips together might add up to big savings.

Share what is in your fridge with Nielsen Consumer Panel

You are possibly familiar with Nielsen. It is a company that tracks TV ratings. Now, it wants to track what is in your fridge.

Simply join the Nielsen Consumer Panel, then use your smartphone to scan items’ barcodes after your next grocery run. Once the data is sent off to Nielsen, you will earn gift points, which can be used to redeem for free electronics, household toys, and items.

Stay away from inner aisles

Generally, grocery stores are strategically designed to place essential ingredients, like dairy and produce, on opposite ends of the store. This forces most shoppers to pass via all the aisles, frequently picking items they do not need. Try to avoid the middle aisles of the stores and stick to only the items you require.

Get a $150 bonus with Chase Freedom Unlimited

If you are not using a rewards credit card for daily purchases, you are missing out on free money. You just have to ensure you do not get too carried away with those purchases- and that the credit card is paid off at the end of each billing period.

With Chase Freedom, you will earn an unlimited 1% cashback on all your purchases. Besides, if you spend $500 in your first three months of opening the card, you will pocket a $150 bonus. The card also provides five-percent back on select rotating categories. For instance, in one quarter, you can earn five-percent back on gas. The categories keep on rotating all through the year. Besides, there is no annual fee, and the cashback rewards do not expire.

Do not be afraid of coupons

Coupons can save you some serious cash—lookout sites such as for great deals. And then double savings by combining coupons that are on sale at your local store. The store’s circular is the perfect way to know what is being promoted. Make it an appointment to read it weekly; it will save you lots of money. Other sites that have coupons include Pillsbury, Kellogg’s Family Rewards portal, and Betty Croker.

Find freebies and snag $20 with Ibotta

Ibotta will pay you cash for taking photos of your grocery store receipts. This is how it works: before you go to the store, look for items on your grocery shopping list within the ibotta app. Once you get home, take a photo of your receipt and scan the items’ barcodes. Then you will get free cash. Besides, Ibotta is free to download, and you will get a $20 sign-up after redeeming your first ten offers within two weeks.

Do not go to the store hungry

Most people go to the grocery store after work and before dinner when we start to feel hungry. If you purchase groceries when hungry, you will buy more than you need—Shopy on the weekends, when you can make purchases on a full stomach.

Obtain a free $10 Walmart Gift Card Plus Cashback on all purchases with Ebates. Sign up for Rakuten, a cashback site that rewards you almost every time you make an online purchase. When you give the site a try, you will earn a $10 Walmart gift card.

Simply sign up for Rakuten then use the online portal next time you make an online purchase from a famous retailer such as Target, Amazon, and Walmart. Make this purchase within ninety days of signing up, and use at least $25. If you do so, your Ebates account will be credited with points that you can cash out for a $10 Walmart gift card.

Check your groceries’ barcodes for free gift cards

After you sign up to be on the Nielsen Consumer Panel, you will gain access to the NCPMobile app. If you do not have a smartphone, Neilsen will send you a scanner. As you unload your commodities after your next grocery shopping trip, just use the app to scan items; barcodes.

Nielsen app will reward you with points that you can redeem for free gift cards, household items, and electronics. The more time you stay on the panel, the more chances you have to earn. Besides, applying to become a panel member is easy. You will answer some basic questions about you and your household, then Nielsen reviews your application and will contact you when you are eligible to join.

Do not forget about the pantry

If you are about to plan your meals, do not forget to check out your pantry. There are many ingredients you can use, and you are not aware of it. Dedicate a day in the month for an inventory of your fridge and pantry- you will be surprised how much you already have.

Receive to $30 off your next prescription through Phil

If you are running to the local grocery store pharmacy since you forgot to buy your refill, the next month, you can save money and time with Phil. Phil is a service that delivers your prescription at your doorstep.

It even talks to your insurance provider to manage payment issues and renew refills, so you do not have to. Besides, as a new client, you will get up to $30 off your first prescription.

Shop at supermarkets you know

Many of us are not that lucky to have the cheapest option right next to us. Basically, the bigger store, the cheaper it gets. So if you have the time, weekly shopping is worth a short trip. Try sticking to your favorite inexpensive supermarket; you will know their regular layout and prices. Nothing is less effective than being lost while searching for each ingredient.

Get $5 Cash for shopping online with Swagbucks

Here is a simple, smart move to snag a $5 gift card for your next grocery shopping. Utilize the Swagbucks extension on Google Chrome on your laptop or computer, and save even more on your shopping at some of your favorite sites such as Target and Amazon. You will get a $5 Swagbucks bonus when you make 2,500 SB within your first sixty days of signing up. Cash the bonus out through PayPal.

Use sales wisely

The human brain often cannot resist all the juicy offers. How does it sound to purchase a 2+1 free chocolate pack if you came into the store to purchase the ingredients for pasta? Note that it is not free; you still paid for two of them. Use sales as your friend, not your enemy. Make a list of essential goods each household should have, such as olive oil and stock them up when you are on sale. Educate yourself on issues regarding sales.

Check unit prices

Sure, it is tempting to think purchasing in bulk is better, but that is not always the case. That modest two-pack of paper towels may be more affordable than the sixteen instances. Calculating the unit price is simple; divide an item’s price by its quantity. Consider how much you will be saving (if anything- and not shelf space) by purchasing the bulk item.

Make a grocery shopping list

This might seem obvious; however, meal planning for the week, and creating a grocery list can assist you in staying on task, not waste food and avoid frivolous purchases such as cheese wedges.

Store your food properly

You purchase containers of spinach or a bundle of avocados; however, before you can devour all the green goes bad. Do not waste money at grocery stores. Store your groceries properly, so that it lasts longer.

Have your groceries delivered

Certainly, you will have to pay for a grocery delivery service if somebody drops off your groceries to you; however, opting to get your groceries brought to you can save you both time and money since you will be forced to plan out your meals. Besides, you will not be tempted by the snack aisle.

Buy less processed foods

Do not even think of touching that pre-washed, grated cheese, and pre-cut hum, and even salad in the box. Next time you are shopping for cheese, compare the grated cheese versus block cheese at a price per gram. That will change your mind.

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