Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 Leasing

Combi Oven - Restaurant Equipment Leasing and Financing

Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 combi oven leasing can free up a business’ cash flow and provide an easy route to expanding and upgrading equipment. It also lowers risks of ownership for restaurants and end-of-term asset disposal risk. Leasing your restaurant combi oven can be a fantastic option for commercial equipment acquisitions, even though it does help to be informed on the subject of leasing before you actually finalize or make official any equipment leasing contracts.

Because all leasing companies are not created equal, it helps to be able to find the absolute best one. If you were not interested in finding the best company to fund your Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3, then surely you would not be here reading this article. To provide prospective leasing clients with important information about successfully leasing a combi oven, some key points to look for will be shared.

Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 Combi Oven Overview

Standard features of the Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 combi oven

C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 is a combi oven from Convotherm. This electric unit features a steam generator, (6) 18″ x 26″ full-size sheet pan or (12) 12″ x 20″ x 1 hotel pan volume, 9″ easyTouch control panel, 20 stages each, and 399 cooking recipes storage. It also has (4) cooking modes: hot air, steam, combi-steam, and retherm, multi-point core temperature probe, five-speed auto-reversing fan, and pull-out spray hose. This unit includes (three) wire racks, a dispersing door, an anti-microbial hygienic door handle, a hands-free auto clean, and Convo + fully automatic hands-free cleaning system. Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 is cULus, NSF, ENERGY STAR® certified.

Standard features of the Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 combi oven

  • ACS+ (Advanced Closed System +) operating modes:
    • Steam (86-266°F) with guaranteed steam saturation
    • Hot air (86-482°F) with optimized heat transfer
    • Combi-steam (86-482°F) with automatic humidity adjustment
  • HygienicCare – food safety offered by antibacterial surfaces:
    • Recoil hand shower and door handle
    • easyTouch control panel
  • easyTouch user interface:
    • TrayTimer – oven-load management for various products at the same time
    • Regenerate+ – flexible multi-mode retherm function
    • Press and Go – automatic cooking with quick-select buttons
    • On-screen help with topic-based video function
    • Low-temperature cooking / Delta-T cooking
    • eco cooking – energy-save function
    • Cook and Hold – cook and hold in one process
    • 9″ full-touch screen
    • 399 cooking profiles, each containing up to twenty steps
  • Start-time preset
  • Multi-point core temperature probe
  • Door handle with safety latch and slam function
  • Data storage for HACCP and pasteurization figures
  • Cooldown and preheat function

Key features of the C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 combi oven

  • ACS+ extra functions:
    • HumidityPro – five humidity settings
    • Crisp and Tasty – five moisture-removal settings
    • Controllable fan – five-speed settings
    • BakePro – five levels of traditional baking
  • USB port integrated into the control panel
  • TriColor indicator ring – shows the current operating status
  • Steam generated by high-performance boiler outside the cooking chamber
  • Right-hinged door
  • KNLZ listed for ventless operation, local codes prevail as in NFPA 96-1994
  • HygienicCare
  • Ethernet interface (LAN)
  • easyTouch 9″ full-touch screen
  • ConvoClean+ fully automatic cleaning system with regular, eco, and express modes – with optional single-dose dispensing
  • ACS+ operating modes: Hot air, steam, combi-steam

Options of the Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 combi oven

  • Steam and vapor removal – built-in condenser
  • Sous-vide probe, external connection
  • Marine version
  • Disappearing door – more space and added safety
  • Core temperature probe, external connection
  • ConvoSmoke – built-in food-smoking
  • ConvoGrill with a grease management function 
  • Available in various voltages

Accessories of the Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 combi oven

  • Stacking kits
  • Signal tower – portrays the operating status from a distance
  • Racks for baking and cooking 
  • Equipment stands in various designs and sizes 
  • ConvoLink HACCP and cooking-profile management PC application
  • Cleaning products for the fully automatic the semi-automatic cleaning system and ConvoClean+ cleaning system and 
  • Banquet system (optionally or individually as a package or individually): Mobile shelf rack, plate rack, transport trolley, thermal cover

Types of Combi Oven Leasing

Combi oven leasing is treated as a loan, whereby the lender purchases and owns the oven and then leases it to a restaurant at a flat monthly rate for some specified period. At the end of the equipment lease, the restaurant may choose to buy the equipment at its fair market value, continue leasing the equipment, or return the combi oven. Combi oven leasing will depend on the leasing and finance company or financial institution your restaurant contracts with. Combi oven finance products include commercial loans, finance lease, and commercial purchase options.

Operating lease

Also called rental finance or off-balance sheet borrowing, this is the most common lease method for business equipment. This method will eliminate cash restraints when making that vital purchasing decision by not having to pay the total amount of the items upfront. The finance contract term can be from one to five years and must be following the ATO guidelines. Deposits are not necessary. The full purchase price must be financed.

Hire purchase lease

A commercial hire purchase contract is a legal obligation between the finance provider and the hirer where the amount of money repayable is calculated on a fixed term. The hirer has possession of the goods at the beginning of the term. The term of the finance arrangement contract can be from one to five years. Notably, the amount of money financed is inclusive of GST. Nonetheless, monthly repayments are not subject to GST.

Frequently asked questions about combi oven leasing 

What are the common types of combi oven leasing?

What are the common types of combi oven leasing?

Combi oven leasing can include any combi oven from any brand, old or new. Apart from Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3, you can also consider leasing:

  • Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD SMK 208/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 440-480/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD SMK 208/60/3 Half Size Electric Combi Oven
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20EB RH 208-240/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven 
  • Convotherm C4ET6.10ES DD 208-240/60/3 Half Size Electric Combi Oven
  • Convotherm C4ET6.10EB RH 440-480/60/3 Half Size Electric Combi Oven 
  • Convotherm C4ET6.10EB DD 208-240/60/3 Half Size Electric Combi Oven
  • Convotherm C4ET6.10ES DD SMK 208/60/3 Half Size Electric Combi Oven
  • Convotherm C4ET6.10EB DD SMK GRILL 208/60/3 Half Size Electric Combi Oven
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20ES RH 208-240/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven
  • Convotherm C4ET6.20ES DD 208-240/60/3 Full-Size Electric Combi Oven

What is the fair market value?

Fair market value is the approximate amount of which Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 should exchange between an inclined buyer and willing seller in an arm’s length transaction after proper marketing and reasonable time.

What is the difference between a finance lease and an operating lease?

Typically an operating lease allows you to pay just for the use of the combi oven. A finance lease enables lets you to pay a pre-determined residual amount at the end of the combi oven lease term, so you own the combi-oven outright. The finance lease is owned by the finance company until the residual payment is made, and then ownership is converted.

What happens at the end of Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 lease?

At the end of the combi oven lease, the oven is either sold to the restaurant owner (lessee) at a nominal fee, discarded or returned to the lessor (equipment leasing company), or sold to a third party.

What things should I consider when choosing a restaurant equipment leasing company?

As a lessee, it’s your duty to look for the right restaurant leasing company that will provide the best lease terms for your restaurant. These independents can often arrange better prices, especially in cases of leasing. However, today many dealers are attached to a manufacturer or a leasing company and are quite expensive.

How can Top Financial Resources help me?

We have helped many restaurant business owners with commercial equipment leasing, and it would be our pleasure to help you acquire Convotherm C4ET6.20EB DD 208-240/60/3 or any other combi oven. We provide fixed prices for your certainty and peace of mind. Call Top Financial Resources today at 1-(800)-260-5126. Top Financial Resources is an independent leasing and financing company that is able to approve a wide range of clients from large restaurants to small restaurants, including startups. Top Financial Resources programs are designed to meet the needs of various businesses with competitive finance programs for equipment of all types and support to every business credit profile.

Here are some of the benefits of working with us:

  • We are the experts: Many restaurant business owners have gotten their start with us. We know how to get you the equipment you need. Moreover, we can get you the funds you need to buy or repair your combi oven.
  • We have got options: Our full suite of lease funding gives you a choice when it comes to leasing commercial equipment for your business. We will help you find the best option for you and your business needs- or even combine multiple solutions.
  • We are with you: We do not stop supporting you after you get funded and acquire your equipment. We are here for the life of your restaurant. With our robust business service, we are with you for the long-haul.
  • You will get affordable terms and variable rates: Top Financial Resources equipment leasing programs often range from two-five year terms with fixed payments. Our interest rates vary based on your restaurant profile, your credit history, and the type of equipment (its condition, whether old or new, will also impact your interest rates), but the interest rate ranges from 6 percent to 30-percent.
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